Export data to Zoho Analytics

Export data to Zoho Analytics

You can export the refined data to data analytics tools such as Zoho Analytics.

To export data to Zoho Analytics

1. Click the  Export now option from the Export menu in the DataPrep Studio  page.

2. Select Zoho Analytics  in the side pane.

3. You can choose to include columns containing personal data by selecting the  Include columns with personal data checkbox.

4. Choose the Organization and Workspace in Zoho Analytics to which you want to export your data. 

5. If you want to create a new table select the New table option. You can choose the required Organization , Workspace and click Export

6. Choose Existing table if you want to export data to an existing table. Select one from the list of tables available in Zoho Analytics.

7. Choose one of the below options to determine how to handle the data being exported to Zoho Analytics:
  1. Add rows at the end - Using this option, you can add only the newly imported records at the end of your data in Zoho Analytics.
  1. Delete existing rows and add  - This option will delete the existing records in your table and add records newly.
  1. Add rows and replace if  already exists  - Using this option, you can update the records that match the selected column and insert those records that do not match the selected column.

Note: You can select a column to match existing records only when you choose the Add rows and replace rows if already exists option.

8. Click Next .

9. If the target match check fails, you need to fix the errors by completing the target matching steps. If the target match check is passed, you can proceed with exporting your data to Analytics.

Info : Target matching is a useful feature in DataPrep that prevents export failures caused due to errors from the data model mismatch. Learn more about target matching .

10. Click Export .

11. If you want to run the export in the background, click Close. You will be notified if the export is in progress and when the export is completed via notification in the notification panel.

12. Once the export is complete you can also choose to schedule the export by selecting the Schedule this export checkbox.

Target matching during export to Zoho Analytics

Target matching happens before the data is exported to the destination. Target matching is a useful feature in DataPrep that prevents export failures caused due to errors from the data model mismatch. Using target matching, you can set the required Zoho Analytics table as the target and align the source dataset columns to match with your target dataset. This ensures seamless export of high quality data to Zoho Analytics.

Note: Target matching failure is not an export failure. Target matching happens before the data is actually exported to the destination. This way the schema or data model errors that could cause export to fail are caught beforehand preventing export failures. Learn more about target matching .

When target match check fails

1. If the target match check fails during Zoho Analytics export, you can click the  View error details  link from the  Export summary  pane to get an overview of the errors.

2. The  Target match errors  panel shows the different model match errors and the number of columns associated with each error. 

Pro Tip: The default view shows only the error columns, but you can always uncheck the Show only error checkbox to view all the columns.

The errors in target matching are explained below:

  1. Unmatched columns  : This option filters the columns in the source dataset that do not match the columns in the target.
Info  : When using the unmatched columns filter, you can toggle the Show only mandatory columns to verify if there are any mandatory columns required and include them. 
  1. Data type mismatch  : This option filters the columns from the source dataset having data types that do not match the columns in the target.
  2. Data format mismatch  : This option filters columns from the source dataset having data formats that differ from those in the target dataset.
  3. Constraint mismatch  : This option filters the columns that do not match the data type constraints of the columns in the target. To know how to add constraints for a column,  click here .
  4. Mandatory columns mismatch  : This option filters the columns that are mandatorily required in your target.
  5. Data size overflow warnings  : This option filters the columns with data exceeding the maximum size allowed in the target.

3. You can return to your dataset to fix the column-level issues shown in the Target match errors  pane using the Fix errors button.

To make it easier for you to fix the errors, the target dataset in your Zoho Analytics is attached as a target to your dataset. You can view the mapping of your dataset with the Analytics dataset in the DataPrep Studio page along with the errors wherever there is a mismatch. You can hover over the error icons to understand the issue and click on them to resolve each error.

  1. The  Target match errors  section shows the errors and the number of columns associated with each error. 
  2. The section at the top lists the error categories along with the number of errors in each category.
  3. You can click them to filter errors related to each category in the panel.
  4. In the default view, all columns are displayed. However, you can click any error category and get a closer look at the columns or view the error columns alone by selecting the Show only errors checkbox. 
  5. Your filter selection in the  Target match errors  panel will also be applied on the grid in the DataPrep Studio  page. 

4. After fixing the errors you can proceed with exporting your data to Zoho Analytics.

5. Once the export is complete, the export summary widget shows an overview of the Destination, Organization, Workspace, Table and the number of records to be exported.

Note :  Datasets containing invalid data cannot be exported to analytics. Please make sure the dataset does not contain invalid values before scheduling export to Zoho Analytics.


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