Import data from cloud databases

Import data from cloud databases

You can import data from the following cloud databases: 
  1. Amazon RDS - MySQL
  2. Amazon RDS - MS SQL Server
  3. Amazon RDS - Oracle
  4. Amazon RDS - PostgreSQL
  5. Amazon RDS - Maria DB
  6. Amazon RDS - Amazon Aurora MySQL
  7. Amazon RDS - Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
  8. Amazon Redshift
  9. Amazon Athena
  10. Microsoft Azure-MySQL
  11. Microsoft Azure - PostgreSQL
  12. Microsoft Azure - Maria DB
  13. Microsoft Azure - SQL Database
  14. Microsoft Azure - SQL Data Warehouse
  15. Google Cloud SQL - MySQL
  16. Google Cloud SQL - PostgreSQL
  17. Snowflake
  18. Oracle Cloud
  19. IBM Cloud - DB2
  20. Heroku PostgreSQL
  21. Rackspace Cloud - MySQL
  22. Rackspace Cloud - Maria DB
  23. Panoply
  24. MySQL
  25. MS SQL Server
  26. Oracle
  27. PostgreSQL
  28. Maria DB
  29. MemSQL
  30. DB2

To import data from a cloud database

1. Click Cloud databases in the Choose a data source box. 


2. Choose your Database service name and Database type

3. Enter your Database server host

4. Enter your Database name, username, and password if authentication is required. 

5. You can also select the Use SSL check box if your database server has been setup to serve encrypted data through SSL.

Note: The Connection name must be unique for each connection. 

6. Click Connect

NoteThe connection configuration will be saved for importing data in the future. Credentials are securely encrypted and stored. 

7. Select the tables that need to be imported. You can also use SQL query to select and import data. 

8. Click Import to begin importing data from your cloud database service. 

9. Once you have completed importing data, you can choose to schedule this import or start preparing data right away. 

To edit the cloud database connection

DataPrep saves your data connections to avoid the hassle of keying in the credentials every time you need to connect to a data source or destination. You can always edit the saved data connection and update them with new parameters or credentials using the Edit connection option. 

1. Click Saved data connections from the Choose a data source box while creating a new dataset. 

2. You can manage your saved data connections right from the data import screen. Click the ellipsis (3 dots) icon to share, edit, view the connection overview, or remove the connection. 

3. Click the Edit connection option to update the saved connection with new parameters or credentials. 


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