Find and Replace

Find and Replace

Find and replace values in your column using the replace transform. You can find the value to replace by matching the value using different options available and replace it with your input.

To find and replace column data:

1. Right-click the column name and select Replace from the context menu. 

2. DataPrep offers several advanced matching options to make it easier to find a value from your column data. The options available under Replace options are:
  1. Start and end index
  2. Start index and length
  3. Matching text or pattern
  4. Regex
  5. First ’n’ characters
  6. Last ’n’ characters
3. Based on the selected option, provide your input to find the value and provide the value which should replace what is found.

Let's take a look at the inputs required for some of the options listed above. 

Start and end index: 
Start index - Replace the value starting from the start index. The default start index is 1.
End index - Replace the value till the end index.

Start index and length: 
Start index - Replace the value starting from the start index. The default start index is 1.
Length - Replace the value from the start index to the given length. 

Matching text or pattern: 
Text or pattern to match - Replace the value that matches with the given text or pattern.
Starting text or pattern -  Replace the value starting from the given text or pattern.
Ending text or pattern -  Replace the value ending before the given text or pattern.
Note: If you are not familiar with pattern matching in DataPrep, read about it here.

Regex pattern - Enter the regex of the value which you want to replace.

First 'n' characters: 
Number of characters to replace - Specify the number of characters to replace from the start of the value. 

Last 'n' characters:
Number of characters to replace - Specify the number of characters to replace from the end of the value.

Replace with:
The value you want to replace the matched text or pattern with.

4. You can also choose to Ignore case or Replace all if required.

Ignore case: Ignore case when matching the text or pattern to find the value. 
Replace all: Replace all matching occurrences of the input provided. If unchecked, the transform by default replaces the first matching occurrence as the result.

5. DataPrep shows a live preview of the changes made to the column.

6. You can apply this transform to multiple columns at the same time. Select the columns using the + icon under the Columns to apply section.

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