Zoho DataPrep's Home Page

Zoho DataPrep's Home page

The home page gives you a brief overview of the workspaces you own, where they are located, and the workspaces that are shared with you. From Zoho DataPrep's home page, you can manage your Zoho DataPrep account, create and manage workspaces.

The following entities are available on the home page: 
  1. System-wide Search Powered by Zia
  2. Notification Panel
  3. Settings
  4. Product Help 
  5. User Profile
  6. Workspaces

System-wide Search Powered by Zia

Click the  icon at the top-right of the home page to access Zia search. You can search for any entities across Zoho DataPrep. You can also apply filters to make the search more accurate. 


Click the  icon to view the notifications, announcements, and alerts. You can also select one of the following options from the  Notifications drop down and view the corresponding notifications:

  1. All - Using this option, you can view the notifications from all the above categories.
  2. Share - Using this option, you can view the notifications of the shared entities.
  3. Alerts - This option helps you view alerts for events such as scheduled imports and exports.
  4. Group - Using this option, you can view the notifications that are from the groups you created and from the groups where you have shared any entity.
  5. Account - You can view the notifications related to your DataPrep account with this option. (option available only to the Account admin and the Organization admin)

If you want to customize the notifications, click the   icon. You can also switch to another organization to view the corresponding  notifications.


In the Settings page, you can manage your organization using the Organization settings and Organization  admins  tabs if you are an Account admin or an Organization admin.

You can also manage your privacy including user and group access using the corresponding tabs. Account admin can manage their subscription plan from the  Manage subscription tab. Click here to know more about settings. 



Click the   icon and choose any of the following help resources from the menu.

  1. Help center - Using this option, you can submit your queries and get help from our support team.
  2. Product demo - You can provide your email ID and phone number to place a demo request and get a personalized demo of DataPrep using this option.
  3. Product tour - This option gives you a product walkthrough and helps you understand the end-to-end procedure in DataPrep.


You can click the profile icon to view your profile details: User Id, name, and the email address associated with the DataPrep account. 

You can also click the My Account link to navigate to the Zoho Accounts page if you want to review and modify your account details such as

name, email address, password, etc. Click the Activity link to view details such as the activity history, details of active sign-ins, etc.

You switch to another organization where you are a part of, when you click the required option in the Organization drop-down. The user roles and owner names are displayed near the corresponding organization names. To learn more about user roles, click here. The number of unread notifications are also displayed near the organization names if any. You can also sort and search for the organization names.

My workspaces

Workspaces are entities that hold the various datasets imported, ruleset templates saved, saved data connections, and the sync status view of schedules in your Zoho DataPrep organization. You can access all the workspaces created in your organization under the My workspaces tab.

You can perform the following actions using the respective icons that appear on hovering your mouse over the workspace.

1. View an overview of the workspace: The Workspace overview pane provides details such as, creator name, created date, last modification details, number of datasets and ruleset templates, etc. You can also add tags, rename, delete and mark a workspace as default in the Workspace overview pane.
2. Delete: You can delete a workspace with this option. Deleting a workspace will delete all associated elements such as datasets, ruleset templates.
3. Share: Click this icon, if you want to share your workspace with other users with the user roles.
4. Mark a workspace as default: When you mark a workspace as default, that particular workspace is opened when you open DataPrep. 

Click here to know more about workspaces.

You can search for any workspace within the organization using the  icon. Click the   icon to view the status of the import and export schedules for all workspaces in the organization. To learn more about sync status, click here .

Shared with me

If there are any workspaces shared with you, you can view them under the Shared with me tab.


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