Manage Privacy

Manage Privacy

You can Manage privacy settings in Zoho DataPrep from the Settings page. This section is visible to only the account admin and the organization admins. 

Manage privacy settings

1. Click the Settings icon at the top right corner.

2. Select the Manage privacy tab from the side panel in the Settings page.

Privacy setting options 

  1. When the option 'Secure data exports' is enabled, all users in your organization are mandated to use at least one method to secure personal data in their datasets before exporting any. The methods available to secure personal data are data hiding, data tokenization, and data masking. 
    1. You can enable the Secure data exports option to prevent users from exporting data without password protection. This ensures higher levels of data security.  
  1. When the 'Do not let users to export data without password protection for' option is selected, users cannot export datasets without protecting the data with a password. Select one of the following options to export data with password protection:
    • Datasets with personal data: This prevents users from exporting those datasets which include personal data without password protection.

    • All datasets: This prevents users from exporting any dataset without password protection.

Review personal data

You can review how personal data is protected in all your workspaces under the Review personal data in all workspaces section. The name of the workspaces and the number of columns containing personal data are displayed in this section. 

To review personal data 

1. Click the Settings icon at the top right corner. 

2. Select the Manage privacy tab from the side panel in the Settings page. 

3. Select the required workspace under the Review personal data in all workspaces section. The name of the datasets and the columns containing personal data will be shown. 

4. You can review the datatset's history if they were shared with other users, or exported with or without personal data, and if any security measures were applied to protect personal data. 

5. Click the View share/export history button for the required dataset. A neat summary of all share and export activity is shown in a chart view. 

6. You can also view the share and export details of the dataset in a timeline. Select the View timeline tab to switch to view a timeline of share and export activity for the dataset chosen. 

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