Installing Zoho Databridge

Installing Zoho Databridge

Zoho Databridge is a lightweight independent utility that connects your on-premise data source and Zoho applications to import data. In other words, you can quickly and securely transfer data from your internal network to Zoho applications. 

With Zoho DataPrep, you can use Zoho Databridge to allow the import of data from local databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL in your local network.

Downloading and adding a Databridge to your network

Follow the steps below to install Databridge on your local machine.

Downloading the Databridge installer

Download the Databridge installer from the import options:

1. Click Databases from Choose a Datasource box. If you don't have any Databridge previously installed, you will be shown an intro to Databridges and a button to redirect to the download page. 

2. If you have a Databridge previously installed, you can choose to add more Databridges from the Databridge dropdown.

3. Databridge can be installed in all three major operating systems. Download the installer based on the OS of your machine in which Databridge should be installed.  

Special instructions for MacOS

Follow the below steps to install Databridge on your MacOS:
  1. Click one of the below links to download the Databridge installer.
    Databridge installer - US, IN, JP, EU, AU DCs
    Databridge installer - CN DC
  2. Extract the zip file to a folder in your preferred location.
  3. Right-click the folder and choose New terminal at folder, or go to the Databridge folder location in the terminal using the "cd " command and enter the below command.
  4. chmod +x

  5. Open the extracted file. A popup would appear as shown below.

  6. Click Cancel.
  7. Go to System Preferences ->  Security & Privacy  ->  General and click Open Anyway.

    A popup would appear as shown below.

  8. Click Open and now the Zoho Databridge Setup will be opened.

Installing Databridge in your network

Note: Install Databridge on a computer that is always ON and connected to the internet. A wired network is preferred so that the data transfer is faster and more reliable. 

Follow the steps below to install Databridge:

  1. Run the databridge*.exe (for Windows), databridge*.bin (for Linux), or databridge*.dmg (for MacOS) to start the installation wizard.

  2. Click Next to start installing Zoho Databridge.

  3. Read and accept the License Agreement terms and click Next .

  4. You can install Databridge in the default folder or choose the folder where you wish to install the application and click Next.
    You can also reset the location to the default folder using the  Restore Default Folder option.

  5. To use a proxy server select the Use Proxy Server checkbox and click  Next .

  6. Enter the Proxy Server hostname , Proxy server port , Username , Password,  and click Next .

  7. Review the configuration in the Pre-Installation Summary and click Install to proceed.

  8. Once the installation is complete, you can start Zoho Databridge. Click Done to complete and exit the setup.

  9. Log into Zoho Accounts with the username and password for your account with Zoho.

  10. Click Accept

  11. Select one of your existing Organisation portals. 

  12. Give a name to your Databridge under Databridge name  and click Setup .

  13. The setup is complete and the Databridge is ready to be used. Please make sure the Auto start Databridge on system reboot box is checked. Click Done .

  14. The Overview section shows details such as the Databridge name, status, uptime, and last started time.

  15. Zoho Databridge installation is now completed and is registered to your Zoho account. 
Note: You can also verify this by viewing the Databridge dropdown in the import options or the Databridge section from the settings menu .

Troubleshooting - FAQs

1. What can I do if I find read/write issues using Zoho Databridge?

You can go to the databridge package installed location in the terminal, and enter the command "" with administrator permissions to read/write data.
For a permanent solution, you can install D atabridge within the user directory. The reason is, if you are not the administrator of your machine, you will not have permission to read or write files if you have installed Zoho Databridge in the program files directory. Only an administrator can edit files in the program files directory. So you can install Zoho Databridge in the user directory where you will have access to read or write files using Zoho Databridge seamlessly.

2. My Databridge doesn't seem to work. How can I reinstall Zoho Databridge?

If you have installed Zoho Databridge earlier on the same machine, make sure to uninstall it completely and delete the existing version. You can then proceed with installing the newly downloaded Databridge package.

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