Personalizing Zoho Desk interface with Preferences

Personalizing Zoho Desk interface with Preferences

Agents play a crucial role in customer support operations, serving as linchpins who provide customers with appropriate solutions to their inquiries or issues. They have the power to influence a customer's perception of the company, so it is essential that they are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to handle customer inquiries with efficiency. They invest a significant amount of time navigating through information, while diligently searching for information and collaborating with their peers to ensure that customers receive prompt and personalized attention.
Agents are also responsible for maintaining accurate records of customer interactions and feedback, updating customer accounts, and escalating issues as needed to resolve challenging problems. 
Companies that invest in providing their agents with a ticketing system that is  
versatile and can adapt to their job demands and work styles while enhancing their skills and boosting productivity can prove to be a cornerstone for giving the best customer service. Zoho Desk can provide this flexibility and an optimum platform to agents.
Every agent has unique preferences and work style. To cater to such individual needs, we provide quick preferences: a comprehensive collection of personalization options to optimize one's account as needed. 

User preferences are reflected in your current browser. This means that if you access the Desk portal in different browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you will need to set your preferences again for each browser. User preferences will only be applied to the following modules: Tickets, Contacts, Activities, Community, Instant Messaging, Social, and Analytics.

To access quick preferences

  1. Navigate to your Zoho Desk portal.
  2. From the top bar, click on your profile picture.
    This will open the User Info Panel.
  3. Under the User Info panel, select Preferences.

Let's take a look at each of the following preferences in detail:



This section comprises the display modes, light, night, and auto, that ensures optimum screen brightness, which helps with the eye strain that can come with prolonged screen time. The option to choose between dark and light mode is a form of personalization that can have important implications for the overall usability and effectiveness of the Zoho Desk.


Zoho Desk users can optimize the blue light exposure by selecting one of the following preferences:

  • Night mode, with its darker background and text, reduces eye strain, particularly when working for prolonged periods by minimizing the contrast between the screen and the surrounding environment. This can prevent visual fatigue, and enhance agents' visual comfort, improve concentration and productivity.


  • Light mode, with its brighter background and text, provides a more familiar and traditional interface that suit a well-lit surrounding . It can also be beneficial for agents who prefer a higher contrast between the text and the background, making it easier to read and comprehend the content on the screen.


  • Auto mode automatically adjusts the screen brightness to an individual's device settings. It will switch between light and night mode based on the users browser or device settings.
In Light or Night mode, users can choose to make the left panel lighter or darker. It comes with various combinations to select from:

Light Mode: Dark text on a white background

Light Mode emulates the traditional ink-on-paper aesthetic. This mode is ideal for the daytime or when there is ample illumination. It is suitable for tasks that require visual acuity, like perusing image files and reading tickets.

Light Mode: Make Left Panel Light

This option is a subset of Light Mode. By default, the left panel is dark, but users can change it to light to match the remaining interface.

Night Mode: Light text on a dark background

Night mode is suitable in sparse light conditions. Agents who mostly work night shifts will benefit from this mode. It reduces eye fatigue and is helpful on days when there is a large volume of tickets to work on. This display mode significantly helps people who have cataracts and related visual impairments, as it emits less light.

Night Mode: Make it Darker 

A subset of Dark Mode, this option provides an even darker background while maintaining contrast with the text and other graphic user interface (GUI) components.

Appearance Quick Switcher

The Appearance Quick Switcher allows users to switch between different display modes using the button on the bottom bar. Its a convenient option that allows the users to change the modes quickly without navigating to the preferences settings.


Color themes offer presets that allow users to customize the color of text, icons, backgrounds, and other GUI components collectively. Color themes are available in: Red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. These themes allow:


  • Users select a theme that matches their brand.
  • Users with colorblindness can pick a color that is visible to them.
  • Users to apply colors of their choice. 

Display Layout  

Display Layout allows users to choose the layout of the Zoho Desk interface that will be displayed to them. It defines how the information is presented on the page.


  • Focused Layout

In Focused Layout, the focus is on the content that is achieved by centering essential, content-rich pages, like list views and detail views. Centered content reduces the eye movement involved in reading, minimizing eye strain.

  • Full Width Layout

The full-width layout provides a captivating and immersive feel by extending content from edge to edge on the screen. This type of layout is particularly well-suited for larger screens with higher resolutions, as it maximizes the use of the available screen.

  • Adaptive Layout

The adaptive layout automatically adjusts the arrangement of elements on a page based on the content, combining the features of a focused layout and full-width layout. This means that the layout dynamically adapts to the amount and type of content on the page, optimizing the display for the best user experience.   

Display Font Type  

Users can select the font they prefer. By default, Zoho Desk offers the following font options: 
  1. Zoho Puvi - Zoho's proprietary font that embodies the brand's unique visual identity. It ensures readability at various sizes, resolutions, and conditions. Puvi is our default font.

  2. Lato - A popular sans serif that is known for its simplicity and approachability. You can opt for Lato if you like simple and clear text.

  3. Roboto - One of the most-used fonts on the internet, Roboto is famous for the fine balance it strikes between contrasting physical attributes. If you're used to Android interfaces, Roboto would be an ideal choice.  

Display Font Size

Users can select the size of the text from the available presets to make it readable and comprehensible. For more granular control over the size, users can use the font size slider in the Accessibility Controls section.

Default Editor Font 

This option allows users to set a default font for the rich text editors. It will be applied in the following places:

  • Ticket reply editor
  • The description field of the Ticket
  • Add formSnippets
  • Send as Email form 


This option allows users to set a font that matches the organization's brand, based on the individual's choice, and to maintain consistency in all the outgoing emails. 

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