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Migrating From Freshdesk to Zoho Desk

When migrating data from a FreshDesk account to Zoho Desk, it's essential to seamlessly transfer crucial information such as customer details, ticket history, agent interactions, referenced articles, comments, and attachments. Ensuring an organized migration process is vital to maintain data integrity and operational continuity. With Zwitch, users can initiate a structured migration or export of data from Freshdesk to Zoho Desk, ensuring that all relevant modules are transferred efficiently and coherently.

Note: The Primary Contact and Support Administrators can initiate data migration. 

Modules that can be migrated from Freshdesk to Zoho Desk

Before proceeding with the migration steps, it's important for users to take note of the process that occurs during the data processing and data retention phase.

What happens during data processing?

  1. Data format: 
    1. Freshdesk data is accepted in XML format.
    2. JSON format is not supported for migration.
  2. Zoho desk migration:
    1. Zoho Desk has a migration wizard with a template for Freshdesk data.
    2. Use Zwitch to submit a Freshdesk backup for validation.
    3. The wizard extracts data module-wise and makes API calls to Freshdesk.
  3. File naming:
    1. Keep backup file names unchanged as exported from Freshdesk.
    2. Follow a specific pattern such as Users1.xml and Users2.xml for Users, Tickets, and Companies files.
  4. Data modules:
    1. Migration includes custom fields, KB items, and attachments.
    2. Organizations file in Freshdesk becomes Zoho Desk Accounts.
    3. Users file is used for Agents, Contacts, and EndUsers.
    4. Tickets,Threads, TicketComments, are extracted from tickets xml.
    5. Solutions file translates into KBRootCategories, KBSections, and ArticleTranslations.
  5.  EndUsers module:
    1. All requesters/contacts from Freshdesk are enlisted as EndUsers in Zoho Desk. For some customers, it may not be desirable. To prevent this from happening, EndUsers module can be skipped in Zwitch submission.
  6. Data deletion:
    1. Freshdesk backup files processed by the wizard are periodically deleted.
    2. Migration records are purged within 30 days.
  7. Freshdesk account maintenance:
    1. Keep Freshdesk account active until the final migration.
    2. Maintain the account with sufficient API rate limits for access during migration.

How are data retained?

  1. Data retention:
    1. Tickets can be filtered with Freshdesk groups and products. Users can also skip irrelevant tickets and only migrate the select ones into Desk.
    2. Freshdesk ticket IDs are preserved in the field 'display-id
    3. Custom fields are created dynamically during migration, with types predicted from sampled data.
  2. Custom fields in desk:
    1. Desk custom field names may vary slightly, but types and values remain unchanged.
    2. Custom fields are subject to subscription-based limits and predefined regex pattern checks.
  3. Ticket notes and threads:
    1. Freshdesk ticket notes become Threads and Comments based on their privacy flag. Private notes turn into ticket comments, while public ones become threads.
  4. Channel tagging:
    1. Threads without specific addresses are tagged under the 'CUSTOMERPORTAL' channel.

Exporting data from Freshdesk account

Exporting data from a Freshdesk account involves obtaining a comprehensive backup of information, including account details, tickets, contacts, companies, custom fields, and user details, typically in XML format.

To initiate data export from Freshdesk

  1. Sign in to Freshdesk account.
  2. Click Admin icon (  ) on the left panel > Account > Account Details.

  3. On Account Details window, hover to Export data and click Export.

  4. Click on Any time, select a time range for created 
    1. Tickets
    2. Contacts 
    3. Companies
    4. Solutions, to be transferred. 

  5. Click Update.
  6. Click Export.


To check the export status

  1. Once Export has been initiated, a popup appears with the following message. 
    You will be directed to Account exports page.

  2. Alternatively, Click Admin icon (  ) on the left panel > Account > Account Exports.

  3. To check the details of exported files, click Details.

  4. Click Download.


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