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Working with API Dashboard

API Dashboard

The API dashboard is a visual interface that provides users a comprehensive view of API (Application Programming Interface) usage. This tool helps users track and analyze the API usage, providing insights about the services utilizing the APIs over a specific period. It enables admins and decision makers to comprehend the effective utilization of APIs.

Benefits of API Dashboard

  1. Centralized Monitoring: The dashboard provides a centralized view of API usage, allowing easy and continuous monitoring of the usage of API calls.
  1. In-depth insights of API calls: The dashboard gives insights about the frequently used APIs, and the applications that are utilizing the most number of API calls.
  1. Detailed data visualization: API usage data is presented in a visually appealing and organized manner using charts, graphs, and other visual elements. This enables users to easily interpret and analyze the data

Accessing the API Dashboard

Admins can access the API Dashboard by following the below steps:
  1. Click the Setup icon () in the top-right corner.
  2. Under the Developer Space menu, click the API.
  3. Under the API sub-menu, click the API Dashboard. 

  1. The API dashboard is available in all paid editions
  2. All components, except for the Custom Function component, are displayed in the Standard Edition. The Custom Function component is available in the Enterprise and Professional editions.
  3. Users with Helpdesk Automation permission in their profile can access the API dashboard. 
  4. The Support Administrator will receive notifications when the API limits reach 80% and 90% of the permissible limit.
The API dashboard is available in the Radar for Zoho Desk app.

Understanding the Dashboard components 

The dashboard is categorized into the following components to provide a detailed, organized break-up of API usage:

Supported Representation
  • API calls made

  • Unused API calls

  • Daily Limit

  • Daily Average

Donut graph
  • Service Name

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • Applications

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • Custom Function

  • Type

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • Entity name

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • API Name

  • Path

  • Method

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • IP Address

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • User Name

  • API calls

Donut, table, bar, and pie chart
  • Date/Time

  • API calls

Line, table, and bar chart

  1. Dashboard needs to be refreshed manually to display the most recent changes. Viewers can refresh the entire dashboard or the individual component to see the most recent data.
  2. The dashboard displays the top 1000 records in the table view and the top 10 records represented in other formats such as Donut, Line, Bar, and Pie charts. 
  3. The View All option will transform any chart display into a table format.

API usage 

This section refers to the API usage, which helps admins to monitor and analyze API usage within a specific timeframe. Consistent tracking of these metrics enables admins to keep track of acceptable limits to prevent service interruptions. 

API calls made
Total number of API requests that have been executed.
Unused API calls

Total number of API calls that were not utilized until the chosen day or date range.

Note: Balance API calls from the previous day cannot be carried forward.

Daily Limit 
The maximum number of API calls allowed in a day.
Daily Average
Summation of API calls made each day to the selected number of days.

For example, if you recorded the following number of API calls over four days:

Day 1: 500, Day 2: 600, Day 3: 700, and Day 4: 550 

The daily average is (500+600+700+550)/ 4

The API calls made via in-house integrations listed under Setup-->Marketplace-->Zoho do not count towards consumed APIs except Zoho Flow.

API calls by Zoho Services

Zoho Desk account can be integrated with several other Zoho services to streamline the business processes. This component displays the number of times each Zoho service (eg., Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, etc.) has accessed the API. For example, if Zoho CRM pulls data using an API, each instance of this action counts as an API call. It helps to monitor and track the usage of the API by different services. 

API calls by Applications

This component refers to the number of API calls that were used by third-party applications that are integrated with Zoho Desk. This helps to identify which applications are consuming the most API resources.
To utilize ZohoDesk's APIs, users need an OAuth token or Zoho Connection. To generate an OAuth token, users must register their application in the Zoho API Console.
The name displayed under the Applications denotes the application's name created in the Zoho API Console

API calls by Zoho Desk Custom Functions

Custom functions are pieces of code that are written specifically for a particular application to perform specific tasks. Custom functions are executed automatically when certain events occur or applications meet specific needs. These custom functions make API calls to retrieve the required information. This section refers to the number of times the API is being accessed by the custom functions within an application. 
  1. The API calls triggered by the custom function include Automation, Schedule, and Marketplace.
  2. API calls originated from the custom functions under Blueprint, Workflows, and Macros are displayed under Automation.
  3. Clicking on a Custom Function will redirect admins to the Custom Function Detail View page.

API calls by Zoho Desk Entities

APIs are categorized under different entities such as Tickets, Contacts, Accounts, etc., based on the configuration made in the Zoho Desk account. This component displays the total number of API requests made by each entity for a selected period. 

The Entity Name corresponds to the name mentioned in the Zoho Desk API documentation.

Most used APIs 

The Admin can view the most frequently used APIs within the chosen timeframe.
Both the API Name and the Path will redirect users to the corresponding API in the Zoho Desk API documentation.

API calls by Access Points

This section refers to a metric that tracks API usage by different access points. It measures how many API requests have been made through a specific access point over a certain period of time.

API calls by users

This section displays the number of API requests made by individual users over a selected period.
The API call count(API calls) corresponds to the number of calls made using the credentials(User Name) to generate the OAuth token.

API usage trend

It displays how often an API is being accessed and utilized over a certain period of time. This type of metric can provide valuable insights into identifying patterns in an API usage. 

Date and total calls: Displays the date and the total count of API calls made within a specified range of days.
Hourly breakdown: Provides an hour-by-hour breakdown of API calls made within a single day.

API Usage Matrix

The API Usage Matrix presents a tabular overview of the API calls that are made within the Desk account. It offers a comprehensive, component-wise view of API utilization, that gives insights into the usage patterns.

Accessing the API Usage Matrix

Admins can access the API Usage Matrix by following the below steps:
  1. Click the Setup icon () in the top-right corner.
  2. Under the Developer Space menu, click the API.
  3. Under the API sub-menu, click the API Usage Matrix.

      4. Under the API USAGE MATRIX section, click on " ". This will list the available components in the drop-down list. 

You can perform the following actions:
  1. Rearrange the order of components in the drop-down list.
  2. Choose up-to maximum of four components to view at once.
  1. The API Usage Matrix is available in all paid editions.  
  2. Users with Helpdesk Automation permission in their profile can access the API Usage Matrix.   
  3. The Support Administrator will receive notifications when the API limits reach 80% and 90% of the permissible limit.

Data filtration for representation

You can view the data based on the below filters:
  1. Today (morning 00:00 to the current time on a particular day)
  2. Yesterday
  3. Last 7 days
  4. Last 30 days
  5. Customize (90 days. The range between the Start Date and End Date cannot exceed 90 days. For instance, if the Start Date is December 20th, 2023, the End Date should not exceed September 21st, 2023. Admins can view data for a specific day by specifying the same date for both the Start Date and End Date.)

  1. There is a 15-minute delay in displaying the data in all components.
  2. The admin is limited to retrieving data for the last 90 days.
To ensure service availability for all customers, Zoho Desk may restrict the number of API calls for a portal if any unusual behavior is detected from a particular account. Following the limitation of API calls, Zoho Desk Support will email the Support Administrator of the account to notify them of the limitation.

Data display time

The data display time is determined by the portal's time zone (the time zone of the server hosting the portal), regardless of the user's location or time zone. This is to ensure consistency and accuracy in the data presentation. 

For example, assume that Zoho Desk is hosted on a server in Los Angeles, and a user in Mumbai accesses the API dashboard. The data displayed will be in the time zone of the Data Center where the server is located. As the Data Center (dedicated servers for hosting Zoho applications) is in Los Angeles, the API dashboard will show data based on local time in Los Angeles. 

The API dashboard's footer will contain GMT timezone information.

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