FAQs: Email

FAQs: Email

Can I clone email templates across departments?  

Creating email templates for multiple departments in Zoho Desk allows you to streamline your communication with customers and agents by providing preconfigured messages tailored to specific needs. 


Here's an example and some benefits of using department-specific email templates:


Let's say you have a company with two main departments: Sales and Support. Each department handles different types of inquiries and requires unique email responses.


For the Sales department, you can create an email template specifically designed to respond to sales inquiries. This template could include a personalized greeting, information about your products or services, and a call-to-action for potential customers to take the next steps.


On the other hand, for the Support department, you can create a different email template focused on addressing customer issues and providing troubleshooting guidance. This template may include a friendly introduction, instructions for resolving common problems, and links to relevant support resources.



  •  Consistency: By using department-specific email templates, you ensure consistent messaging and branding across all customer interactions. This helps maintain a professional and cohesive image for your organization.


  • Time saving: With preconfigured email templates, agents can quickly select the appropriate template for a specific department and modify it as needed. This saves time and effort compared to crafting individual emails from scratch, especially when handling similar types of inquiries frequently.


  • Personalization: While email templates provide a structured format, they can still be customized to address the specific needs of customers or agents. Agents can modify the templates to add personalized touches or provide additional information based on the unique circumstances of each case.


To create email templates, navigate to Setup > Channels > Email 
By default, Admins can create email templates. For users with an Agent profile who wish to create email templates, they must have the corresponding permission called Email and Ticket Templates enabled in their profile.


Cloning Email Templates across Departments


With the assistance of the Broadcast Email Template extension in Zoho Desk, you can effectively clone email templates across departments, eliminating the need to recreate them for each department manually. With this extension, you can add a template for multiple departments at once or set a template as the default for all agents. Additionally you can select the profiles that can access the template.


You can install the extension directly from the Zoho Marketplace or from your Zoho Desk account.


To install the extension from the Desk account, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All.
  2. Search for and select the Broadcast Email Template extension, then click Install.
  3. On the Confirm Installation page, agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. On the Broadcast Email Template Installation Setup page, select the desired Departments, Profiles, and Agents and click Install.
    The extension will be installed for the selected profiles and departments. See also: Broadcast Email Template.


To create email templates using extension, follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Marketplace > All.
  2. Click Installed Extensions and choose Broadcast Email Template from the list of extensions.
  3. Click the Preference tab and fill in the necessary details.
  4. Click Save to create the template in the chosen departments.  
    See also, Creating email template.

To apply the created email template across departments, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open a ticket in its detail view.
  2. Click Reply, Reply All, or Forward to open the editor. 
    Note: The default template will open the editor with the content pasted into it.
  3. Click the Template icon in the Toolbar.
  4. Select the desired created template from the Email Templates panel.|
    The content from the template will be pasted into the reply editor directly.

For more information, refer to Broadcast Email Template extension in Zoho Desk.

How can I change the portal name of the support email address?   

Support Email Address


When you sign up for Zoho Desk, you are provided with a default support email address that looks like support@mycompany.zohodesk.com. The mycompany part of the email address represents the portal name through which you signed up, and is to be replaced with the portal name of your Zoho Desk. You can share this support email address with customers, to receive emails in Zoho Desk. 


To set up a support email address, navigateeto Setup > Channels > Email > Support email address. See also: Setting up support email address.

Is it possible to change the portal name of the support email address?


Because the support email address is a one-time creation process, you cannot modify the portal name of your support email address. If you are worried about displaying the wrong portal name in the support email address, it should not be a cause for concern.


Here is why 

  1. You can set up an automated email forwarding rule from your email server to Zoho Desk's support email address. This way, the support email address gets to be entirely used in the back end and is not visible to your customers. You can configure the automated email forwarding rule from various email providers such as Zoho Mail, Office 365, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail. Note, the configuration steps might vary from one email client to another. To know more in detail about the configuration steps of various email providers, refer to our help article.
  2. In addition to the automated email forwarding rule, you can also configure a custom "From Address" by using your own SMTP server. This should provide you with greater control over the delivery of emails sent from your help desk. See also, Using SMTP server for From Address.

To add a From Address with SMTP, follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to Setup > Channels > Email.
  2. Click From Address from the left panel.
    You can find that your default support email address added as the From Address.
  3. Click New From Address in the top-right corner.
  4. In the Add From Address window, fill in the necessary details.
  5. Check the Use my SMTP option and fill in the necessary details.
  6. Click Save.

  • You are not required to verify the From Address or add an SPF record when you use your SMTP server.
  • You will only need to provide credentials to Zoho Desk when you use custom SMTP. 


If you're still worried about using the email address with the wrong portal name, don't be! You can close your current Zoho Desk account and sign up for a new one with the preferred portal name.


You can customize the portal name of your Zoho Desk account at any point in time. 

How do I remove the 'via Zoho Desk' snippet in email replies received by customers? 

Organizations may prefer to remove the "via Zoho Desk" snippet in email replies received by customers for several reasons. One common goal is to present a more professional and cohesive brand image by minimizing any references to third-party systems. By removing the "via Zoho Desk" snippet, organizations might aim to achieve a seamless and branded customer experience that aligns with their overall communication strategy.


To remove the "via Zoho Desk" snippet in email replies and have greater control over the email deliverability, we recommend configuring Zoho Desk to send emails directly from your own server. This can be achieved by enabling the Use my SMTP option for From Email Addresses in the Settings > Email > From Address section of Zoho Desk.


By enabling the Use my SMTP option and configuring the appropriate SMTP settings, you can send emails from your own domain without any references to Zoho Desk. This ensures a more professional and seamless communication experience for your customers. See also, Use my SMTP option.


To enable the use my SMTP option, follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to Setup > Channels > Email.
  2. Click From Address from the left panel.
  3. Click New From Address in the top-right corner.
  4. Check the Use my SMTP Server option and fill in the necessary details.
  5. Click Save.

However, this will not remove the "via Zoho Desk" or "on behalf of Zoho Desk" snippets from the automated notification emails sent to your customers and agents. It is because of DKIM signing on our SMTP servers for automated emails. 


If you still want to remove these references, write to us at support@zohodesk.com. We will update your account so that notification emails from Zoho Desk are sent through ZeptoMail, our latest email service provider. This should remove the "via Zoho Desk" snippet from your notification emails as well.

How can I change the domain name in the default support email address? 

 In Zoho Desk, you don't have the option to change the domain name in the default support email address.


Here's why


Portal name

The portal name is the address of your Help Desk account in Zoho Desk. Typically, it is the company name and is created when you sign up for your help desk. The default Zoho Desk portal URL would be desk.zoho.com/support/<portal name>/ and the support email address format would be support@<mycompany>.zohodesk.com


Domain name


The domain name in your support email address is created after the name of your portal that you initially signed up with. Although you can choose a different portal name at any time (provided it is unique), you can't change the domain name in the support email address.


However, if you still wish to change your domain name based on your business needs and use case, we can check the possibilities to change the portal name from our end. In such a case, write to us at support@zohodesk.com.

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