WhatsApp FAQs

FAQs: WhatsApp Business

How to configure a Phone Number for the WhatsApp Embedded Sign-up.

The business phone number must be configured manually by adding the number on the Facebook Business Manager console and verifying it. Login here
Once WhatsApp approves the phone number and the business display name, the final step would be to associate it with the relevant IM channel using the Embedded Sign-Up widget.

What are the Prerequisites to start with the WhatsApp Integration?

  •  Facebook Business Manager Account
  •  WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)
  •  WhatsApp Business Phone Number

What are the WABA terms of service?

  •  A company should have only one Facebook Business Manager Account
  •  A Facebook Business Manager can have any number of WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs)
  •  Every company can have two trial phone numbers before the verification, and 25 phone numbers post the verification
  •  A Zoho IM module can be associated with only one WABA at a time.


What are the basics for configuring a phone number?

  •  The number must be owned by you
  •  The number must have a country and area code
  •  It should be able to receive voice calls and SMS
  •  It should not be a short code
  •  Any other BSP should not have previously used the number
  •  The number should not be connected to WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business App (IOS/Android)
Click here for more details.

Is BSP-to-BSP phone number migration allowed?

Yes, we do support BSP to BSP migration now. But it's a manual process, and please make a note of the conditions to complete the migration successfully. Read about Meta BSP Migration.
  1. The existing WABA must be verified and approved by Meta.
  2. The customer must request their existing business service provider to disable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for the connected business phone number.
  3. The migration can be processed only if the customer's business is already verified by Meta.
  4. Customers should then complete the Embedded Signup from Desk (with Meta for the phone number linked to the old WABA) to create the new WABA.
  5. During the Desk's Embedded Signup process, the customer should:
    1. Select the same business as the one that owns their current WABA.
    2. Do not add a phone number via the signup flow — we (your new BSP) will be using a migration API for adding the business number.

How to Migrate an Existing WhatsApp Number to a Business Account.

Yes, you can migrate an existing WhatsApp number. Refer here for the steps

How is the WhatsApp Business Phone Number verified?

Meta validates a Business phone number through the OTP Verification process.
The verification is valid only for 14 days. If the Phone Number is not connected within that period, the Phone Number has to be verified again.

Can a WhatsApp number be migrated between Zoho Products?

No, the number cannot be migrated.

What happens if a business phone number expires?

  •  For Direct WhatsApp Integration, the number will not get expired.
  •  For Twilio-WhatsApp Integration, the date of purchasing the number is essential, as also the day it will be activated by Twilio. With this information, the customer can buy and re-activate the expired number.

Which accounts can display their Company's Name?

The company name will be shown only for Accounts with the Green Badge.

What are the Prerequisites for acquiring the Green Badge?

  •  A Verified Business Account.
  •  Should have a minimum of 10,000 conversations in a 24-hour session window.
Only the BSP can apply for the Green Badge verification for the eligible brands. Once WhatsApp approves the Green Tick, eligibility will be automatically given for the account. Click here to learn more.

Can an account have more than two numbers?

Yes, we support multiple numbers. But only two numbers per account are supported until the business gets verified.
Upcoming Release- Migrate to the cloud, and customers can use multiple numbers.
Release planned for the end of the third quarter.

What is the template message length?

Currently, we are supporting 1024 characters in a template message.

Can the customer use the same number for WhatsApp Direct Integration and WhatsApp Mobile App?

No, we do not allow the same number to be used for Zoho Desk and the WhatsApp Business Mobile App.

What will the customer do if the FB Business phone number verification process fails?

Try to create the business account again and re-initiate the verification process.
Please confirm if the number can receive SMS or voice calls.
For more details:- WhatsApp business phone number - OTP Verification (WhatsApp Business Phone Number Verification Guidelines)  and Business Display Name - (WhatsApp Business Display Name Verification Guidelines)

How long will it take to generate a backup when WhatsApp is down?

If the downtime is within a day, all the incoming chats will be pushed, and the customer will be notified.

How to add a profile picture to your Business Account?

Customers can directly login to their business manager page and upload their profile picture.

Can a new number be added to an existing account as a backup purpose?

We do not provide the option to update a backup number for an existing account.

Should the WhatsApp Business Display Name be verified?

Yes, the Business display name needs to be validated and approved by Facebook.

How to purchase credits for a Partner Account?

In the current implementation, the customer should add the Credit Card details to the Partner's account (to be paid by the Partner when the ticket is created)

What is the payment mode for purchasing credits?

To purchase credits, the customer should add their credit card details to their Zoho Desk account.

Is the WhatsApp number a Toll-Free Number?

Yes, the WhatsApp number can be valid or a toll-free number.

Customer is unable to integrate WhatsApp; what to do?

The alert message "Phone Number Not Added" occurs when the customer leaves the Facebook signup verification process without completing it.
Initiate the WABA creation again. Navigate to Settings -> Instant Messaging -> WhatsApp -> Complete the steps by choosing the right WABA and phone number. Then select the existing WhatsApp Channel -> Edit Channel -> Channel Info - Select the validated Phone number -> Save

Is a Facebook business account mandatory for WhatsApp Integration?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a Facebook Business Manager Account for WhatsApp - Direct Integration.

Can the customer use an unverified phone number for WhatsApp Business Integration?

No, the number must be a verified (by Facebook) WhatsApp Business Phone Number.

Can customers change their WhatsApp Numbers in the future?

No, the number cannot be changed. (WIP)

Can customers edit/delete the current configuration?

Yes, customers can edit/delete the current configuration.

Can customers modify a number for another WhatsApp account?

No, the customers cannot modify the number for another WhatsApp account.

Can customers change the number for the current account?

Yes, the customer can change the number for an existing account. Click here to know more.

Why is the verified business number not listed in the drop-down field during channel creation?

A number will not be listed (Drop-down field selection) because it is already connected to another WhatsApp account on a different device.
Kindly delete the number from the associated device and then try to re-configure it on Zoho Desk.

What Phone Numbers are listed during Channel Creation?

  •  Numbers verified by Facebook. (OTP Verification)
  •  Also, the certificate for the phone number should be available on the FB business manager page. Click here to learn more about phonenumbers.

Why is the certificate not available on Facebook?

If the number is already connected to the WhatsApp App, the certificate will not be available. Kindly delete the number from the associated device and then try to re-configure it on Zoho Desk.

How to check the available credit balance.

Navigate to Settings > Instant Messaging > Channel > WhatsApp, and on the top right menu bar, you can see the available credits.

What is WhatsApp conversation-based pricing model?

Businesses will now be charged per conversation by WhatsApp. Please refer to the document for more details.

Are duplicate contacts created for WhatsApp, Instagram and Meta Messengers?

In the case of WhatsApp, a new contact will be created every time a message is received for the first time. If there is an IM chat with an existing contact, then any messages received will be mapped to the existing contact.
Instagram and Meta Messenger contacts - Update to be given as and when the channel is implemented.

What is the waiting time to create a WABA after the creation of a Facebook business manager account?

Yes, there is a minimum of 1 hour waiting time to create a WABA from a newly created Facebook manager account.

What are the steps in reconnecting an existing number.

First, the number has to be deleted from the WhatsApp Account and then reconnected.
Step 1: Open WhatsApp Business App/Messenger on your phone (Android or iPhone)

Step 2: Navigate to Settings -> Account -> Select 'Delete my account.
Step 3: Once the account is deleted, it may take up to 3 mins for the WhatsApp number to be reused.

Can users migrate a configured WhatsApp number from one BSP to another?

Yes, we do support the migration of a number from one BSP to another.

Can we move data from other devices linked to the WhatsApp Business account?

It's not possible to do so. Meta suggested having a chat history backup before migrating your business number to another business/channel.

When customers in Turkey receive this error message -> "Message delivery failed. Businesses can't chat with phone numbers with your country code."

Currently, customers in Turkey cannot receive messages sent by businesses using the Cloud API. But, at the same time, they are able to send messages using the Cloud API.

How to debug when WhatsApp messages are not getting delivered?

Check the following:

  • If the customer's phone number is a WhatsApp one.
  • If the customer has accepted the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • If the customer is using an old version of WhatsApp.

They should use the following versions or greater:





KaiOS: 2.2130.10

Web: 2.2132.6

If the customer faces a delay in loading the Embedded sign-up widget after agreeing to the WhatsApp terms and services?

Kindly request the customer to check if the pop-up blocker is disabled by clicking on the settings icon on the browser toolbar.

Can the customer download the certificate from the WhatsApp Business Manager?

No, the certificate is not available for your business. Only the business solution provider who manages the WhatsApp integration with the business platform will be able to download the certificate.

Can the customer change the template category for an approved message template?

Yes, they can modify the template category by choosing an available option from the given list of categories, and the message will be resubmitted to WhatsApp for approval.

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