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Zwitch: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the modules that can be migrated to Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk shares the same database as other competing help desks. This means data from the following modules can be migrated to your Zoho Desk.
  1. Organizations or Companies
  2. End users or Contacts
  3. Tickets
  4. Articles
Records for the above modules will retain their date and time of creation, modification, and the user who created them.

Can I close my Freshdesk/Zendesk account upon exporting data?

No, do not rush to close your Freshdesk or Zendesk accounts upon exporting data. The data backups provided by these services don't contain all the information required for migration. For example, our migration engine uses REST APIs to download in-line images, attachments, and some other custom field values that are not present on the backup file. Additionally, if you're migrating from Freshdesk, the link to download ticket attachments is only valid for a week from export. If the time to complete migrating your data exceeds this period, you will need to generate a fresh data backup and submit to us.

All that said, we will let you know when it is safe to close your Freshdesk or Zendesk accounts permanently.

When can I expect the data migration to complete?

The time taken to complete migrating your data depends upon the following factors:
  1. Number of customers in the migration queue
  2. Amount of data to be migrated per backup
  3. Complexities involved in the data to be migrated
Nevertheless, our migration engine facilitates timely and accurate migrations for most of our customers. We recommend contacting our customer support folks to get a more specific and accurate timeline for completion.

Do you migrate the data for custom fields?

Yes, we do. We recreate the custom fields available in each module and migrate your data to them. However, we do have the following restrictions that you need to be aware of:
  1. The labels for custom fields can only be up to 50 characters in length.
  2. The labels for custom fields can only contain the following values: A-Z, 0-9, and  _ - . $ @ ? , : ' / !
  3. Characters other than those listed above will be replaced with an underscore.

How many custom fields do you migrate in each module?

There is a limit to the total number of fields that you can create in your account, as well as a limit to the type of fields that you can create. This varies based on your Zoho Desk Edition. For example, you can create a maximum of 230, 150, and 50 fields in the Enterprise, Professional, and Standard editions, respectively. Custom fields are not available in the Free edition of Zoho Desk.

The following table lists the supported field types and their limits for Enterprise edition:

 Field Type / Module
 String fields (Single Line, Pick List, Email, Phone, and URL)
 Other fields (Multi-select Pick List and Multi-Line)
 Decimal, Percentage, and Currency
 Date / Time
 Module here refers to Tickets, Contacts, Accounts, Products, and Activities

Why don't I see my custom fields in the migrated help desk?

The custom fields from your old help desk have been migrated and added to the Unused Fields section of your default department. You need to drag and drop the custom fields into the layout to make their data visible. To do so, go to Setup >> Layouts and Fields >> Edit Layout.

Note: Zoho Desk doesn't support nested fields, natively. Therefore, those fields would not have been migrated, although they existed in your previous help desk.

Do you automatically add our agent accounts in Zoho Desk?

No, we don't. Inviting your agents and having their accounts confirmed in Zoho Desk is a prerequisite for the migration. Their Zoho Desk email address should be the same as the Freshdesk or Zendesk email address. Otherwise, their tickets will be marked as unassigned upon migration.

Additionally, make sure you provide your agents with access to the department (default or otherwise) in which the tickets will be migrated.

How do I identify the migrated records?

We have added some visual attributes to help you identify records from your previous help desk.

A single-line text field called "Old Ticket ID" has been added to tickets. This field will display a ticket's unique "display ID" from Freshdesk, or "nice ID" in the case of Zendesk. Although the IDs do not refer to the real ticket ID, they can be used to identify migrated tickets in Zoho Desk.

Closed Tickets
Ticket status by the name "Mig Closed" will be created and assigned to the tickets that are previously closed. Since this status must be created before commencing the migration, you have the liberty to customize its name according to your liking.

Contacts and Accounts
A checkbox field called "Is Migrated" has been added to contacts and accounts. This field will indicate the value as "true" (checkbox is selected) for migrated contacts and accounts in Zoho Desk.

The knowledge base articles that have been migrated over to Zoho Desk will consist of the tag "ZohoDesk Migrated."

What items are migrated for articles?

As with the tickets module, we recreate your existing knowledge base categories and sections to mimic how it appeared on your previous help desk. All your articles, including inline images and attachments, are migrated to their rightful location.

How are the system fields processed during migration?

System fields are the standard fields that cannot be removed from your help desk. Note that only the following system fields will be migrated on your tickets:
  1. Status
  2. Classification
  3. Category
These fields will have their custom values retained and assigned to tickets during migration. For example, if the status values are Abierto, Esperando, and Cerrado, the same—irrespective of language—will be added to Zoho Desk and assigned to your migrated tickets.

Classification and Category fields are handled in the same fashion as the Status field.

Can you migrate tickets to a custom department?

Unfortunately, no. This is because our migration engine is currently programmed to move all your data to one department (default or otherwise) in Zoho Desk.

Can I lower my license seats in Freshdesk or Zendesk?

Yes, except for the administrator whose credentials are being used for the migration, you can cancel the license seats of all other agents. Make sure you don't modify the administrator's credentials, as they are used to access APIs.

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