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Understanding the Blueprints Dashboard

A support process is only effective when it’s adhered to, and when you know how each part is performing. As you streamline your support process using Blueprints, knowing whether it is implemented exactly as you’ve designed it and which parts need the most attention and revision can be a challenge. We solve this challenge with the built-in Blueprint dashboard. The Blueprint dashboard not only provides visibility about your support processes but also indicates how much time agents are spending on each stage, how many times agents performed a transition and more. In this article, let us learn about the various reports available on the Blueprints dashboard.

Accessing the Dashboard
To access the Blueprint dashboard:
  1. Click the Reports module.
  2. In the Reports Overview page, click the Dashboards tab from the left panel.
  3. On the Dashboards List page and under the Popular Dashboards folder, click Blueprint Dashboard.

Understanding the Blueprint Dashboard
The Blueprint dashboard is split into seven individual reports that give you valuable insights about your support processes and their execution. You can filter these reports by blueprint and date.

Active Blueprint Records
This chart provides a visual oversight of the total number of records that are currently active within a Blueprint. This includes any ticket that has passed through at least one Transition but has not passed through any of the end Transitions. It also displays the number of tickets that have gone past a state-level SLA defined in a blueprint.

SLA Violated States
This chart displays the states (read: status) that violate SLA the most. A State that incurs the most SLA violation indicates a problem with your internal processes. Perhaps the violation indicates you need to improve your workflow in other ways rather than trying to give tickets a different due period.

SLA Violated Records
This chart displays the percentage of tickets that breached the defined SLA targets in a Blueprint. It also shows the actual number of tickets that have violated and adhered to the SLA targets. We recommend that you set up an escalation procedure that automatically escalates tickets before things slip.

Completed Blueprint Records
This chart displays the total number of tickets that have passed through a Blueprint. This only includes tickets that have existed through an end Transition but are not currently part of another Blueprint. It also displays how many of the completed tickets violated a state-level SLA in a Blueprint.

Average Time Per Blueprint
This chart displays the average time (in hours) it takes to complete a Blueprint from start Transition to any end Transition, within a given time period. It reveals whether your customer support process in question is overstretched or short and swift.

Average Time Per State
This chart displays the average time (in hours) a ticket stays at a particular State in a Blueprint for a given time period. We recommend that you define state-level escalation procedures to make sure tickets don't stagnate at any point in your support process.

Transition Occurrence
This chart displays the number of times a particular Transition has been performed. A higher transition occurrence may help you identify a trend in your process.

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