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Using Predefined Reports in Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk provides a collection of predefined reports that are designed to offer instant, out-of-the-box customer support insights. Each report provides access to relevant data required for various purposes. The reports can be further tailored to meet your unique requirements. When you can't find a report that addresses your needs, you can always create a custom report to access the required information.

Zoho Desk provides more than 15 predefined reports for the users' benefit. These reports are distributed across different modules in Zoho Desk. The modules are as listed below:

  • Ticket Reports
  • Article reports
  • Account and Contact Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Tasks Reports
  • Customer Happiness Reports

List of Predefined Reports
Here is a list of the predefined reports available under the different modules.

Report Name Description
Ticket Reports
Tickets by Mode Tickets based on their origin or channels.
Tickets by Contact Tickets based on their contacts.
Tickets by Account Tickets based on their customer accounts.
Tickets by Status Tickets based on their status such as New, Onhold, Escalated, etc.
Tickets by Priority Tickets based on their priorities such as High, Medium, and Low.
All Overdue Tickets Tickets that overshot the due date and are not resolved on time.
Tickets Overdue Now Tickets that are overdue and currently open/pending.
Article Reports
Popular Articles Number of comments for articles.
Account and Contact Reports
Contact Mailing List List of contact address details.
Accounts by Industry Accounts from various industries.
Task Reports
Tasks Report List of all the tasks based on the due date and the status of their tickets.
Product Reports
Products by Category Products based upon their category.
Products by Support Termination Date Products list whose support discontinued during the current month.
Products by Tickets Products and the list of tickets associated with the products.
Customer Happiness Reports
Customer Happiness for Agents Lists the percentage of ratings received by agents in comparison to the overall ratings.
Customer Happiness Analytics Lists the customers' ratings and feedback received by the agents.
Customer Happiness ComparisonGraphic representation that plots the ratings received over different time periods.

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