Extend the Power of your Zoho Desk with Integrations and Add-ons

Extend the Power of your Zoho Desk with Integrations and Add-ons

Instead of using your Zoho Desk as simply a system to answer support tickets, integrate it with other applications to add more value and make the information less fragmented. Let’s explore the various integration options that are designed to make life easier for you and your agents.

The Zoho CRM integration gives your sales and support teams a holistic view of your customers by maintaining a shared customer database which is always in sync. Your agents can view Zoho CRM details associated with the customer - such as potentials, notes, and activities on the same window as that of the support ticket.

If your organization already uses JIRA, an issue-tracking software, you might consider linking it with your Zoho Desk. When integrated, your agents can submit and track JIRA issues from inside support tickets. It means that support tickets–as well as their issue information, are available on demand while your agents interact with a customer.

Stay context-aware on customer tickets with two-way data sharing integration between Zoho Desk and Salesforce. The Salesforce CRM integration provides a unified database of customer information that allows you to view potentials, notes, and activities on the same window as that of the support ticket. You can also see the customer profile from Salesforce, within a contact or account in Zoho Desk.

The Slack extension for Zoho Desk centralizes your team communications by bringing all your ticket information into one place. Keep your agents informed every time a ticket is opened or closed, a happiness rating is received, or status is modified. Also, agents can use slash commands, to retrieve vital ticket information, without having to shuffle between multiple tabs, right within their Slack channels.

You need the right intelligence out of your help desk data to steer your team in the right direction. Connect your help desk with Zoho Analytics, a cloud-based, BI platform to get those analytics and insights for effective decision-making. With Zoho Analytics, you can gain insights into agents' performance, ticket traffic, response and resolutions times, happiness ratings, and much more.

Integrate with the Zoho Finance Suite to view key account information of customers right inside their tickets. Your agents can view, create and manage - estimates, invoices, and other accounting information. This contextual information helps agents to maximize the productivity of their interactions and keep their focus on creating positive customer experiences.

Provide agents with real-time access to the sales information of your customers. The Zoho Inventory integration allows your agents to view, create, and manage sales orders and invoices from inside tickets, contacts, and accounts. You can also sync your Zoho Inventory products with Zoho Desk.

The Zoho Subscriptions integration allows you to keep track of your customer life-cycle and payments from within Zoho Desk support. Your agents can view the customer's subscription details such as plan, subscription status, amount, and renewal date along with any invoices issued to the customer. This information comes in handy when your customers reach out to enquire about your product, upgrade to a different plan, or ask payment-related questions.

The Zoho Cliq app for Zoho Desk helps your whole team work more efficiently and with more visibility right inside a chat window. Agents can search tickets, receive due-time reminders, get notified about status updates and comments, view a daily digest of the due/open tickets, and much more.

Initiate a quick and reliable remote support session from within your Zoho Desk ticket. The remote support sessions help you increase customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty due to fast, appropriate and accurate solutions.

Provide augmented reality-based remote assistance to customers directly from the ticket page using a smartphone camera or smart glass at the remote end. You can view the problem through the camera of your customer's smartphone or smart glass and guide them to the solution — particularly when you're dealing with plant machinery, servers, etc.

If you are using G Suite for your business, make it even better, by combining it with Zoho Desk. You can import your business contacts and users from G Suite to Zoho Desk right away.

Close your customer loop from support to engineering with the Zoho BugTracker app for Zoho Desk. Your agents can submit and track the real-time status of bugs and collaborate with your engineers—all from within Zoho Desk.

Zoho Flow helps you connect your help desk with 350+ cloud apps to ensure an uninterrupted flow of information between them without writing a single line of code. You can create smart workflows among your apps that work based on a trigger and a series of actions that automatically execute as a result of the trigger.

Enable collaboration between your sales and support teams by providing visibility into customer information between Bigin and Zoho Desk. The Bigin integration lets you import Account, Contact, and Product information from Bigin into Zoho Desk and keeps them in sync. Besides, it provides your agents with the required sales context by displaying tickets information of customers inside Bigin.

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Zoho Desk with 500+ apps—including Gmail, Trello, and Slack—to automate your work and find productivity superpowers. All you need to do is choose an event in one app that will trigger an action in another. You can also connect as many actions as you want to a single trigger event, simplifying time-consuming workflows.

Open a text-based communication channel with customers and agents to increase customer satisfaction and improve agent productivity. The SMS add-on can be used to send out notifications about key events related to tickets and activities.

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