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Enabling and Adding CC Users on Tickets

The CC feature enables your agents and end users to copy additional requesters or contacts on a ticket. Agents can copy other users in email replies, ticket detail page, and the add ticket form. Likewise, end users can copy other users in their email or from the Help Center. Such CC'd contacts can track the tickets on the Help Center besides, getting notified of comments or replies on them.

  1. CC feature is available only on the Professional, Enterprise, CRM Plus, and Zoho One editions.
  2. The feature comes disabled by default and must be enabled under settings.

Who can be CC'd on tickets?
Only contacts can be CC'd on tickets. Your agents or end users can CC an existing contact or enter the email address of a user who will be added as a new contact. Bear in mind that only a maximum of 20 CCs can be added per ticket, and anything beyond that will be ignored.

That said, the following contacts and emails cannot be added as CC on a ticket:
  1. Deleted contacts
  2. Spam contacts
  3. Anonymous contacts
  4. Support email addresses
  5. From addresses
  6. Agent's email addresses

Where can I add CCs?
From where you can CC additional contacts on a ticket depends on whether you are an agent or an end user. Agents can add CCs from the support interface, whereas your end users can add them from their Help Center or email client. Let's look at these in a bit more detail.

Agents can add CCs:
  1. On the ticket form when submitting a new ticket
  2. On the ticket details page [left pane] after submitting a ticket
  3. In the Cc field as recipients when replying to a ticket

The CCs field will start suggesting contacts once your agents enter a name or email address. They can also add and create a new contact by entering an email address for that individual.

End users can add CCs:
  1. On the ticket form when submitting a new ticket
  2. On the ticket details page after submitting their ticket
  3. In the Cc field as recipients either when sending a new ticket via email or in a reply
The CCs field in the Help Center will auto-suggest contacts associated with the requestor's account. The requestor can select these contacts or create a new contact by entering their email address. In addition to this, an exclusive ticket view called My Cc'ed tickets has been provided on the Help Center. By accessing this view, your customers can quickly view the tickets on which their colleagues have CC'd them.

Why a new Zoho Desk field when there is CC in emails?
Although agents and customers can CC users in an email client, the CC field in Zoho Desk has its own advantages. The first is that the users added to the CC field are added as contacts in your Zoho Desk. These contacts can then track the status of tickets on which they were CC'd by signing in to the Help Center. Whether the CC'd users must self sign-up or get auto invited depends upon the access settings you've configured for your Help Center.

The second difference is that Zoho Desk CCs will receive email notifications on all updates and correspondences made on their tickets. In contrast, email CCs will only receive a copy of the replies sent. These notifications can be customized under Setup >> Automation >> Notify >> CC Notifications. Here are the events that trigger a notification to Zoho Desk CCs:
  1. On receiving a new ticket
  2. On receiving a new reply
  3. On closing a ticket
  4. On adding, editing or deleting a public comment
  5. On being CC'd on an existing ticket

The third difference is that any CCs entered in an email client will be automatically added to the CC field of its corresponding Zoho Desk ticket. This ensures that every user connected to a ticket is added to the help desk system.

How can I enable the CC feature?
The CCs feature comes disabled by default and must be enabled under settings. 

To enable the CC feature:
  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. Click General Settings under Customization.

  3. On the General Settings for Tickets page, turn on Allow CCs on tickets.
  4. Select or unselect the checkboxes corresponding to the following options:
    1. End users can add CCs on Help Center
      Allows end-users to add CCs to new or existing tickets on the Help Center.
      Note: This option is not visible if you haven't added a Help Center for the department.
    2. Auto-add CC'd email addresses in the ticket's CC field (enabled by default)
      Adds the CCs entered in an email client to the CC field of its corresponding ticket.

  1. The CC feature is specific to the department it is enabled in.

Is there anything else to keep in mind?
Here are some key points for everyone enabling CCs to make sure there are no surprises from this point on:
  1. The CC field is available while merging tickets. You can select it from one of the tickets, so its value gets carried over to the ticket being created with the merge.
  2. The additional requestors CC'd on tickets can leave their happiness ratings at every reply or just once after their ticket is closed based on how you've configured your Zoho Desk.
  3. CC'd users cannot access tickets from departments for which they don't have access to in the Help Center.
  4. When you add more than one recipient in the ''To" field, all of them except the original requestor is added to Zoho Desk's CC field and considered as additional requestors.
  5. The CC field cannot be removed from the layout of its respective department until the feature is disabled.

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