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Adding users as light agents

One of the default profile, Light Agent can be assigned to users outside of your customer support team without having to pay for additional seats. Light Agents will have restricted permissions in your Zoho Desk. They cannot edit the fields in the tickets and therefore cannot reply to it or update their ownership. However, light agents can assist your full-time agents by way of adding private comments in their tickets. Such private comments are strictly internal, and your end-users can not view them.

Typically, Light Agents empower your team to come together and collaborate effectively over the customer support process. For example, your developers can share their expertise on tickets about a bug in your software. Similarly, your finance team can advise agents about the status of payment before shipping a product.

  • You cannot add light agents in the Free edition.
  • Light agents are available as an add-on for all other editions.
  • You can add up to 50 light agents for free on the Enterprise edition.
  • Light agents are charged on a per-license basis on the Zoho One edition.

Light Agents Can:
  • View Tickets, Accounts, Contact, Articles, Activities, Reports, and Dashboards.
  • View Company, Products, Personal Settings (except Signature), and Support Contract under Setup.
  • Leave private comments in Tickets, Contacts, Accounts, Activities, and Articles.
  • View and customize their profile information.
  • Export module data using the Import/Export functionality under Setup.
  • View all Custom Views and create a view that is visible only to them.
  • Receive alerts through automation and on the escalation of tickets.

Light Agents Cannot:
  • Add, Edit or Delete records under any module. Module refers to the Tickets, Accounts, Contacts, etc.
  • Leave public comments in Tickets, Contacts, Accounts, Activities, and Articles.
  • View the Community tab.
  • Merge, Split or Move tickets between departments.
  • View and Create Global Reports.

Adding a Light Agent
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click Agents under Users and Control
  3. In the Agent List page, click New Agent in the upper right corner.
    You can also click the plus icon alongside the Agents menu. 
  4. In the New Agent page:
    • Enter the First Name, Last Name, and the Email address
    • Select Light Agent under Roles & Permissions
    • Select the Department they should belong to. Once you assign a department, the agent can access and view only those tickets that belong to that department. Also, this option is available only when you have created more than one department
    • Enter additional information like Channel Expertise, Bio, Desk Phone and Cell Phone
  5. Click Add New Agent.

The agent will receive an email invitation to their email address provided by the administrator. The agent must accept the invitation by clicking the Access link in the email within 7 days of receiving it.

It is the responsibility of the data administrator to provide requisite permissions to their agents.

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