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Community Views: Dashboard and Recent Posts

Zoho Desk provides an interactive dashboard for your community, based on the metrics that matter. Your Dashboard Home Page will display metrics for all topic types in your community, as well as statistics for individual topic types such as Questions, Problems, Ideas, and Announcements. Administrator profile permission is required to access the Community Dashboard.

Dashboard Home
The dashboard home page consists of components like graphs and charts to help you measure the effectiveness of your community. These components can be viewed for pre-defined time periods, including the last 7 days, last 30 days or even custom periods.

The components displayed on your dashboard are:
  • Community Stats: This section displays the total number of forums created, the number of topics added, the number of announcements made, the number of comments left, and the number of unique user participants for the selected period.
  • Activity Trend: This is a trendline graph that compares the total number of posts created in your forums vs. the total number of replies left underneath it.
  • Unique User Participation Trend: This is a graph that lets you know the number of unique users effectively engaged in your community. If the number of unique visitors doesn't drop (measurable using this dashboard or from WebAnalytics tools), but their participation levels have gone down, then your users may be finding their questions answered.
  • Topic Traffic by Type: This displays the share of your specific topic types against the overall topics created, as a percentage. Each pie slice depicts a topic type and its size corresponds to its percentage share.
  • Stats by Topic Type: This section displays data about specific topic types in your community. You can easily switch from one topic type to another using the tabs. This section includes the following charts:
    • Activity Trend: This is a trendline graph that compares the total number of posts created vs. the total number of replies left under the chosen topic type.
    • Unique User Participation Trend: This is a graph that lets you know the number of unique users effectively engaged under the chosen topic type.
    • Responsiveness: This a pie-chart that displays the number of topics that received a response against those that didn't receive any. It helps you track how often your agents engage with customers and how your customers perceive the community.
    • Statuses: You can track the number of posts created under different topic types by their status. This pie-chart will let you know the rate at which questions are answered, or ideas get implemented. This component is available on the dashboards specific to Questions, Problems, and Ideas.
  • Top Contributors: This section displays a trendline graph that plots the total number of posts created and the total number of replies left by each of your top 5 contributors. You can click on an agent to view details like topics created, comments left, and the number of followers over a selected period.

To access your community dashboard:
  1. Click the Community module.
    You will be taken to the Dashboard page.

Recent Posts
From here, you can quickly view recent posts added under a category or section in your community.

To access the recent posts:
  1. Click the Community module.
  2. On the Dashboard page, select the category or a section underneath it.
The most recent topics will be displayed.

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