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Creating and Using Snippets in Ticket Responses

The snippet is a handy feature that helps you add texts you often include in ticket responses quickly. The responses can be as generic as "Thank you for contacting Zylker." or as specific as "Dear Martha, This is Steve, and I'm getting in touch with you regarding complaint no. 116," where the customer name and ticket ID vary for each ticket.

Snippets help you:
  • Save time in drafting ticket responses
  • Ensure consistent customer service
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors in responses (all you need to do is make sure the snippet content is error-free)
  • Easily include customer/ticket-specific information while responding to tickets (made possible by placeholders, which are fields that retrieve relevant data from the ticket itself)

  • Snippets are not available on the Free edition.
  • Snippets are specific to agents who create them.
  • You cannot insert images into a snippet.

Creating a Snippet
You can create a snippet from the reply editor - the editor through which you respond to individual tickets.
To create a snippet:
  1. Open the reply editor to respond to a ticket.
  2. On the editor's toolbar, hover your mouse pointer over the Snippet icon (  ).
    The snippet menu appears.
  3. Click Add Snippet from the snippet menu.
    New Snippet panel appears on the right.

  4. Enter a name for the snippet.
    Make sure that snippet name doesn't contain space.
  5. In the Snippet Content text box, enter the text that the snippet must insert in your responses.
    Tip: You can also insert placeholders into the snippet to supply additional information.
  6. Click Save.
    The snippet is saved and displayed in 
    the Snippet panel.

Using a Snippet
You can insert a snippet while drafting a ticket response.
To use a snippet:
  1. Open the reply editor to respond to a ticket.
  2. Start typing your response.
  3. When you need to insert the snippet, enter the name of the snippet and press the Tab key.
    The snippet content appears in your response.

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