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Sharing Tickets with other Departments

Collaboration is an essential aspect of customer support. If your support organization have multiple departments then being able to share tickets with them to get your work done is going to be critical to the success of your support operations. Why is this important?

Let's take an example of a customer sending in a ticket for a failed order, yet see a pending charge on their credit card. The answer to this customer could rely on information from one of that department that manages the account receivables. If you could share this ticket with the latter and their agents provide information for resolving the issue it would be much easier.

Sharing Tickets
You can share tickets with other departments for their agents to collaborate towards resolving it depending on their pre-defined access levels. You set the terms of access in the parent department, which determines what agents in the receiving department (child) can do on the shared ticket.

  • Ticket sharing is available only on Professional and Enterprise.
  • A ticket can be shared with more than one department each with its own level of access.
  • Agents in the child department cannot modify the status or the assignee of the shared tickets regardless of their level of access.
  • A shared ticket does not create a new ticket in the child department.
  • The receiving department (child) cannot further share the ticket with another department.
  • All the ticket information will remain synced between the tickets in each department.

Ticket Sharing Permissions
Share permissions are the permissions you set for a ticket when you share it with other departments. They determine the type of access agents have to the shared ticket in the child department. There are three types of permissions:
  • Full Access: Agents can have full access to tickets except for changing their status and assignee. Use this access level if you want agents in the child department to reply to tickets.
  • Restricted Access: Agents can leave private comments and forward ticket conversations. Please note that agents cannot forward tickets to the requestor's email address.
  • Read-only Access: Agents can view the shared tickets and leave private comments.

To share a ticket:
  1. Open the ticket that you want to share.
  2. Click the More Actions icon ) in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click Share on the More Actions menu.
    Share Ticket window will slide open to your right.

  4. Select the departments you want to share the ticket with, from the drop-down menu.
  5. Specify the sharing permission level for each department you share. Each department has an associated drop-down menu with three sharing options: “Full Access, Restricted Access & Read-only Access. By default, “Full Access” is selected on all departments.
  6. Click Share.
When the ticket has been shared, it is indicated on the ticket below the title as shown here. You can click the Shared link to share with more departments, modify sharing permissions or unshare ticket from departments.

Viewing Shared Tickets
Agents can view the tickets shared with their department under the Shared Tickets view. For ease of identification, these tickets have the Shared badge alongside their subject as shown here:

It also indicates the department from which it was shared from (in this case, zPad Support). You can find a detailed sharing information by clicking on the Shared link.

  • You can't access the shared tickets from any other view except the Shared Tickets view.
  • You can't unshare or modify permissions of a shared ticket from inside the child department.

Unsharing Tickets
You can unshare a ticket that you have shared with departments. Unsharing a ticket removes it from the Shared Tickets view of the child department.

To unshare a ticket:
  1. Open the ticket that you want to share.
  2. Click the Shared link under the subject of the ticket.
    Share Ticket window will slide open to your right.

  3. Click on the corresponding Delete icon  ) of the department that you need to unshare.
  4. Click Unshare to confirm your action.
The ticket will be unshared from the corresponding department.

Referring to Shared Tickets in Custom Views
You can filter tickets that have been shared with other departments while creating a custom ticket view. The condition statement ‘Shared with Others’ is true will return tickets that were shared from the current department. You can add additional conditions with it, for example, 'Status' is OPEN to view the shared tickets that are in the Open state.


Notifying Agents of Shared Tickets
Zoho Desk can send email notifications to all agents of a child department on receiving a shared ticket. This is important to ensure that agents can send out a timely response for such tickets.

To enable this notification:
  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click Notify under Automation.
  3. In the Notification Rules page, select a department from the drop-down.
  4. Toggle the Receiving a shared ticket notification to ON.
    The agents will receive the notification every time a ticket is shared with their department.

  • If you can't access this setting, you might need to ask your administrator to enable it for your department.
  • The email or the SMS template for this notification cannot be customized.

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