Countdown Action Mode- Zoho Desk Knowledgebase

Using the Countdown Mode

The Countdown mode is where you answer your support tickets through a series of columns. Each column will display the tickets based on when they're due. 
By default, there are three due-based ticket columns:
  • Overdue Tickets
  • Due in next 1 hour
  • Due in 6 hours or more
The Countdown mode columns help you see which tickets need your attention and prioritize appropriately. It also helps you identify and anticipate peak times as well as quickly close tickets that are about to become overdue. The countdown ticket columns are dynamic—that is, a ticket will move from one column to another based on ticket submission time.


Accessing Countdown Mode
The Countdown mode can be accessed from Zoho Desk home page.
To access countdown mode:
  1. Click the ( ) icon in the upper-right corner of the Zoho Desk home page. 
  2. Select Countdown Mode from the drop-down menu.
You will find a sample ticket under each of the columns in the countdown Mode. These tickets are pre-programmed for the column's due date. You can select a ticket to send a response or close them right away.

Configuring Countdown Columns
You can configure up to six countdown columns to respond to tickets.
To set up a custom countdown column: 
  1. Go into Countdown mode
  2. Click the (  ) icon in the upper-right area of the Zoho Desk home page.
  3. Click Add Column
  4. Specify a due period for the countdown column.
  5. Click Save.
A column for the specified due period will be added into the Countdown mode. 

  • You cannot delete the column for Overdue Tickets. However, you can modify the other default countdown columns according to your preferences.
  • The countdown columns are set to contain only the Open tickets. You can add a custom column to view the Closed tickets in your help desk. 
  • The columns configured in Countdown Mode are specific to the user and department.
  • Tickets that don't have a due date are added to the column with the longest time left period. Typically, this is the one furthest to the right, with 'and More' in its name.

Deleting Columns
You can remove any countdown columns that you do not require any more. 
To delete a column:
  1. Go into Countdown Mode
  2. Click the (  ) icon located in the upper-right area of your Zoho Desk home page.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the column you'd like to remove and click the
    Delete icon (  ).
  4. Click OK to confirm.
The column will be deleted from your Countdown Mode. 

  • You cannot delete the Overdue Tickets column.

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