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Setting up Zoho Cliq Integration

The Zoho Desk - Zoho Cliq integration allows you to view tickets, get instant updates and monitor daily ticket activity from the chat window.

Key Features
Integrating with Zoho Cliq brings with it the below features to deliver a great customer experience:
  1. Receive channel and direct message notifications about various ticket events such as status updates, comments, escalations, etc.
  2. Perform key ticket actions such as sending replies, changing status, assigning tickets, and adding comments from the direct message notifications.
  3. View a daily digest of the number of open, due, and resolved tickets, as well as the customer satisfaction score and a ranking of the top 3 contributors.
  4. Search for tickets in real-time using the ticket ID and customer email.
  5. Click on the ticket's subject in Cliq to open it in the Zoho Desk Support interface.

Installing Zoho Cliq
A user with Administrator privileges can install the Cliq integration in Zoho Desk.

To install Cliq integration:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top menu.
  2. Click Zoho under the Marketplace menu.
  3. Click Zoho Cliq on the Zoho page.
  4. Click Install on the Zoho Cliq Integration page.

  5. The installation wizard performs the following actions in Zoho Cliq:
    • Creates an org-level channel called '#desk.' You will receive a daily digest of the number of tickets that are open, due, solved, etc., in this channel.
    • Subscribes you to 'Desk Bot,' a pre-programmed bot where you receive notifications about tickets assigned to you.
  6. Select a Cliq channel to be mapped with all of your departments in Zoho Desk.

  7. Click Click Here to map a department in Zoho Desk with its corresponding channel in Cliq.
    You can turn off the departments for which you don't want to receive notifications.
  8. Click Save.

  • Agents must subscribe to and join the bot and channels respectively.

  • If you are unable to install the Cliq integration, the chances are that one or more of your Zoho Desk agents belong to a different company's Cliq account. Data sharing across multiple organizations will breach security, and hence, the installation cannot be completed. In such a case you must either deactivate those agents or write to us at for further assistance.

Receiving Feeds and Notifications
Once the integration is complete, you will start receiving feeds and notifications into your Zoho Cliq channels. For example, if your ticket is nearing its due time, you will immediately receive a notification with details about the ticket.

You will receive Feeds notifications in your org-level and department specific channels on the following:
  • Number of tickets pending resolution at the beginning of the day. It consists of the number of open tickets and of those that are due for the day.
  • Ticket resolution summary at the end of the day. It consists of the number of new and closed tickets, happiness score and the top 3 performers by the number of tickets closed.

You will receive the following notifications in your bot and department-specific channels:
  • When a ticket is created
  • When a ticket is closed
  • When a ticket is reopened
  • When a comment is added to a ticket
  • When a comment is edited in a ticket
  • When a status of a ticket is updated
  • When a owner of a ticket is updated
  • When a ticket is moved to a department
  • When a ticket is escalated
  • When a ticket is approaching its due time in half-an-hour
  • When a ticket is approaching its due time in an hour

Besides the above notifications you will also receive direct messages for the following events:
  1. When a happiness rating is received
  2. When a ticket is pending blueprint transition

Customizing Channel Notifications and DMs
You can adjust or fine tune the notifications and direct messages you're getting in a channel.

To customize notifications and DMs:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top menu.
  2. Click Zoho under the Marketplace menu.
  3. Click Zoho Cliq on the Zoho page.
  4. Switch to the Preferences tab on the Zoho Cliq page.

  5. Check or uncheck the notifications and DMs you wish to receive in the channels.
  6. Additionally you can turn off (using toggle) receiving direct messages (DMs).
  7. Click Save.

Using Commands to fetch Ticket information
Often, when you have conversations around customer issues on chat, you may wish to pull up ticket information to have a more contextual discussion. It can be a hassle to keep switching between Zoho Desk and Cliq just to refer to a ticket. Now with this integration, you can directly use Cliq commands to fetch and share tickets without leaving the chat window.

Following are the chat commands that can be entered on Cliq:

Cliq Command
To fetch three most recent tickets assigned to you
/ticket [ticketID]
To fetch a ticket by its ID
/ticket 115
/ticket [customer email]
To fetch three most recent tickets raised by a customer
To fetch tickets that are pending resolution

Retrieve stats for the last 24 hours, based on the attribute chosen.

To enter a Cliq command:
  1. Go to the particular chat window where you wish to view Zoho Desk tickets.
  2. In the message box enter one of the commands seen above. Example, /ticket
    A business card view of the ticket is displayed which is visible only to you.
  3. Click Post in this conversation to send the ticket information to the user/channel.

Archiving Department-specific Channels
You can archive the department-specific Cliq channels so that you don't get notifications or feeds in them. On archiving, the channel will disappear from the channels list, but the conversations will not be deleted.

To archive a channel:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top menu.
  2. Click Zoho under the Marketplace menu.
  3. Click Zoho Cliq on the Zoho page.
    The Zoho Cliq Integrations page will open.
  4. Click the toggle corresponding to a department-specific channel to disable it.
The channel will be archived immediately.

Uninstalling Cliq Integration
You can uninstall the Zoho Cliq integration so that all the options in Zoho Desk to share via Cliq will no longer be available.

To uninstall the integration:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top menu.
  2. Click Zoho under the Marketplace menu.
  3. Click Zoho Cliq on the Zoho page.
    The Zoho Cliq Integrations page will open.
  4. Click the More icon (  ) in the upper-right side of the page and then click Delete Integration.
The integration will be uninstalled immediately.

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