Manage Desk Settings in the iOS Platform

Managing Zoho Desk Settings

When it comes to technology, be it aesthetic appearance or user, product, project, or customer requirement, the need for change is unending. Hence, we at Zoho Desk, understand the need for providing "Settings" as an option to provide users the ability to make some changes to their Zoho Desk account in mobile application.
To begin with, let us see how you can login and out of Zoho Desk.

Signing up and Logging in and out of Zoho Desk

To login to your app, specify your Desk domain name, your agent email address, and password. Your domain name is <yourcompany> You can also set up your own domain (e.g. to login to the app directly.

How to log into your Zoho Desk account

  1. Once you download the Zoho Desk application into your device, open the application and click Sign Up, as shown in the image below.
  2. In the Sign up form that appears, enter your user details and then click  Sign Up .
  3. In the pop-up message that is displayed, click  ALLOW  to permit Zoho Desk to send you notifications.
  4. Click  REVIEW SETTINGS  to explore the default setting of the app.
  5. The  Privacy & Security  page is displayed as shown below.

  6. Sign up for the Zoho Desk account. Once you are done, enter your user credentials and then click  Sign In .
  7. In the pop-up message that is displayed, click  Allow  to permit Zoho Desk to send you notifications.
  8. Click  Review Settings  to explore the default setting of the app.
  9. The  Privacy & Security  page is displayed as shown below.

    After successfully logging in for the first time using the above steps, from next login onwards, you will directly be taken to the tickets view page, once you sign in.

How to log in to your Zoho Desk account

  1. Open the Desk application and click Sign in, as shown in the image below.
  2. Enter your user credentials and then click  SIGN IN .

How to log out of Zoho Desk

  1. Go to Settings. Click the power icon at the upper-right corner of the page.


  2. Click  Sign Out .

Refreshing Portal Metadata

This option enables you to synchronize the admin level modifications across portal with the mobile application. You can synchronize data such as, updating signature, adding tickets, adding fields, and all other dependent activities. (change content)
This option is not applicable to actions such as, auto CC.
You must click Refresh Portal Metadata on the Settings tab.

Then, click Yes in the pop-up message to confirm the refresh action.

Personalizing Desk Settings

Desk provides you the options to personalize your Desk settings to suit user requirements, such as themes and fonts.


You can choose a color theme for your mobile app. The default color is green.


You can choose from the available list of font types for your text content.

Privacy & Security

Privacy assures that your information is secure and security controls limitations to access your information. Privacy and security provide protection against unauthorised use.

Passcode lock and Face ID are the two types of functional controls that authenticate users access to the app.

Passcode Lock

Step1: Switch the passcode lock on.

Step 2: Set the passcode.

Step 3: Choose when you want the passcode to effectively start functioning after you leave the app.

Face ID

Face ID enables users to access the app without a passcode but by recognizing the user face.

Push Notifications

App server sends push notification to your iPhone even when you are not using the app. You can choose to receive them or not receive them by turning the option ON and OFF, respectively.

Send Diagnostics Reports

Choosing this option enables you as a user to send diagnostic information to Zoho Desk, which will enable the team to understand the performance of the app. This information also helps in determining the root cause of a reported issue. You can send information through email, using your email address or you can also choose to send information anonymously.

Crash Reports

This option enables you to identify crash details or reports, such as stack traces, type of crash, trends and software version and to alert when there are crashes. Crash reports often include data, such as stack traces, type of crash, trends and version of software. You can send information through email, using your email address or you can also choose to send information anonymously.

Share User Activities

Helps you to quickly search for contacts from Apple Search. It is a search feature that functions as a selection-based search system. The search results an index of all items and files on the system.

Help Center

You can reach the help centre to find answers to the most commonly asked questions through knowledge base and community. You can also submit a ticket if you cannot find answers to your queries.

Knowledge Base 

It is a catalogue of data or articles for knowledge sharing and management. The knowledge base is structured and organized to help users easily find solutions to problems or answers to queries.


It is a place where you can find solutions to your problems, discuss topics, and exchange ideas. The number of posts and forums available for a particular community are displayed under the community name. 

On clicking a community, you can view the names of people participating in the discussion and the time stamp of the post. On further clicking the post, the entire conversation is displayed.

Submit Ticket

If you are unable to find answers to your queries using the mobile app or finding difficulty in performing actions, such as viewing tickets, changing ticket status, refreshing contact screen, and so on, you can go ahead and post a ticket using the Submit Ticket option. To do so, fill in the ticket form and click the  Submit button.

You must fill the following details in the form.
Field Names 
Select the department to which you want to post the ticket.
Enter a subject line for the ticket.
Enter your contact number.
Provide a detailed explanation for the ticket.
How Critical is Your  Request?
Select the level of criticality from the pop-up list for  your query.
Select a file or image as an attachment to the ticket.

My Tickets

Agents can view all existing or available tickets directed to the Zoho Desk Support team. This will help the app publisher and developer to work on the ticket.
You can click a ticket and view the ticket details.


You can write about your experience using the Zoho Desk mobile app as a feedback. This will help the app publisher and developer to work on the feedback, if required. You can also send attachment along with your feedback.

Notice that the confirmation on sending the feedback is displayed.

Love the app? Rate us

Based on your user experience, the app standard and performance, you can rate the Zoho Desk product. It is mandatory that you have an Apple ID to rate the application.

About Zoho Desk

Provides details about Zoho, the company that owns Desk.

Clear all files from device

Helps clean up the device cache.

Reset App

This option enables you to reset the application to its default settings. It removes all customized settings.
Select the Reset App option highlighted in the image below.
Click Yes in the confirmation message displayed below.

Universal Linking

You can directly open Desk URLs from chats, notes, and so on instead of opening them in the browser. 
You can search for views, tickets, and contacts either in all departments or in the iPhone itself. For example, if you are searching for a contact, you can choose to search the contact from all departments or from your iPhone contacts list.

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