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Creating Dashboards

The Dashboard is a pictorial representation of your custom reports which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using dashboards, you can easily visualize the patterns and trends in tickets, channels, and happiness rating data. For example, you can glance at the tickets that are overdue over a period, compare the ticket load of your agents with the previous quarter, or compare the actual tasks created to the incomplete tasks.

  • Custom dashboards are not available on the Free edition.
  • Users with Profile permission for managing Reports and Dashboards module can access this feature.
  • Dashboard properties (color, gradient, borders, background, etc.) cannot be modified through the user interface.
  • Dashboards need to be refreshed manually to display the most recent changes.
  • Only Summary Reports can be added to the dashboard.

List of Standard Dashboards
In the Dashboard home page the following types of dashboards are available:

Dashboard Name
Standard Dashboard Components
Ticket Status Dashboard

Open Tickets by Status

Tickets by State

Re-opened Tickets

Avg. Handle Time by Status
Blueprint Dashboard

Active Blueprint Records

SLA Violated States

SLA Violated Records

Completed Blueprint Records

Average Time Per Blueprint

Average Time Per State

Transition Occurence
SLA Dashboard

SLA Violated Tickets

Achieved vs. Violated Tickets

Achieved vs. Violated Count

Violations by Agent

Violations by SLA

Violations by Time

Violations by Status

Violations by Channels
Account and Contact Dashboards

Accounts by Industry
Ticket and Article Dashboards

Tickets by Priority

Tickets by Status
Product Dashboards

Products by Category
Phone Agent Availability

On Call



Calls Dashboard

Call Metrics

Answered vs. Missed

Inbound vs. Outbound

Agent Call Stats
First Response Time

First Response Time

First Call Resolution (FCR)

Channel-wise First Response Time

First Response Time Frame

Agent-wise First Response Time
Response Time

Response Time

Number of Responses

Channel-wise Response Time

Response Time Frame

Agent-wise Response Time
Resolution Time

Resolution Time

Closed Ticket Trend

Resolution Time by Channels

Resolution Time Frame

Agent-wise Resolution Time

  • You cannot delete the standard dashboards that are provided in Zoho Desk.

Creating Dashboard Folders
Dashboards can be stored in publicly accessible folders for all the Zoho Desk agents or private folders with limited access to some of the agents.

  • Administrators and the agents who create the dashboard folder have full control of the folders.
  • Other users can access the dashboards only when the owner of the folder provides the access.

To create dashboard folders:
  1. Click the Analytics module.
  2. In the Analytics Overview page, click the Dashboards tab from the left panel.
  3. In the Dashboards List page, click Add Dashboard Folder.

  4. In the Add Dashboard Folder page, do the following:
    • Enter the Folder Name
    • In Visible To section, define the folder's accessibility to your agents
  5. Click Save.

Creating Dashboards
The dashboard is a summarized view of the custom report data in Zoho Desk. It comprises of different types of charts (or components). After creating a dashboard, you must add charts which include Bar, Pie, Line, Funnel, or Table charts. You can select the charts to display the data in a pictorial form and also a table to display the data in tabular format.

To create dashboards:
  1. Click the Analytics module. 
  2. In the Analytics Overview page, click the Dashboards tab from the left panel.
  3. In the Dashboards List page, click Add Dashboard.

  4. In the Add Dashboard page, do the following:
    • Enter the Dashboard Name
    • Select Dashboard Folder from the list in which the dashboard has to be stored
    • Enter the Description of the dashboard
    • Click Add Component to add charts and tables to the dashboard. You can skip this step, as you can always add it later. (Read, Adding Dashboard Components)
  5. Click Save.

Adding Dashboard Components
The dashboard comprises of different types of components that represent data in the pictorial form. After creating a dashboard, you must add components which include Bar, Pie, Line, Donut, Area, Funnel, or Table charts.You can select the charts to display the data in a pictorial form and also a table to display the data in tabular format.

  • You can add a maximum of 10 components in a dashboard.

Chart Type
Bar Chart
To display two or more kinds of data that can be used to compare values across categories.
Pie Chart
To display data that is divided into triangular areas proportional to the percentages of the whole and to illustrate the relationship of parts to the whole.
Line Chart
To display a trend over a period with the variations in the multiple values in a single chart.
Funnel Chart
To show the convergence of data from the entry level to the exit level. It is typically used show the ticket flow at any point in time.
Table Chart
To show the sum of the values in each category of the data.

To add dashboard components:
  1. Click the Analytics module.
    The Overview page opens.
  2. Click the Dashboards tab from the left panel.
  3. In the Dashboards List page, select a Dashboard in which the component has to be added.
  4. In the Dashboards page, click Add Component.
  5. In the Add Component page, choose one of the following:
      • Reports: Add components from in-built reports in your account.
      • Gallery: Add components from a list of predefined charts.
      • Custom View: Add components from predefined and custom list views.
      • Embeds:  Add table, report, or dashboard components created in Zoho Analytics.
  6. Select the desired report / gallery component.
  7. On selecting a report, do the following:

      • In the Component Name text box, enter the name for the component.
      • Select the type of chat from the Chart Type list box.
      • Under Provide Chart Details part, select the X and Y axis components.
  8. On selecting a gallery component, do the following:

      • In the Component Name text box, enter the name for the component.
      • Select an agent to view data specific to them. All Agents is the default setting.
      • Specify a time filter to limit the period of time over which the data is displayed.
        Note: The above settings may change from component to component.
  9. On choosing a custom view, select the number of rows you want to display in the component.
  10. Click Add.

After adding a component to the dashboard, you can:
  1. Click the Edit icon  ) to make changes to the chart component.
  2. Click the Delete icon  ) to delete the chart created by you.
    You can delete only the custom chart components created by you.

Zoom In Charts
You can zoom in through the charts for a better visualization of data. This comes handy while working with massive amounts of data.
To zoom in the charts:
  1. Click the Analytics module.
    The Overview page opens.
  2. Click the Dashboards tab from the left panel.
  3. In the Dashboards Home page, select the required Dashboard.

  4. Select and drag the Zoom icon (  ) corresponding to a chart to zoom in and out of its data.
    You can also click the Refresh icon (  ) to manually refresh its data.

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