Article Insights and Dashboard - Zoho Desk Knowledgebase

Article Insights and Knowledge Base Dashboard

Organizations have recognized the importance of knowledge base management in providing customer support. They are now known to help customers find solutions to problems on their own and set the stage for ticket deflection. However, for implementing one of the best knowledge bases you need to track certain vital metrics that will help you to anticipate if things are going as intended. 

Zoho Desk provides you with insights into how your customers use the knowledge base articles when they access your Help Center. Here are the two essential components you should be keeping an eye on:
  • Article Insights
  • Knowledge Base Dashboard

Article Insights
The article insights will let you know, how useful your customers find the articles in their Help Center. Here are some metrics that you can track from the Insights section:
  • Number of Views - This is also called impressions. It tells you how many times your customers have viewed an article in the Help Center. When this number is high, it is either that your customers find the article useful or it is the most prevalent issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Likes & Dislikes - It shows the number of likes and dislikes received by your article. The more the likes outweigh the dislikes, the more satisfied are your customers with the solution; the more the dislikes outweigh the likes, the least useful was the solution provided.
  • Comments - Customers can leave their comment in your articles. It may be a bouquet or a brickbat, but they often help enhance the article by providing additional ideas that weren’t considered already, or by giving feedback if the article motivated them into trying any of the suggestions given.
  • Used in Ticket - This is the number of times your agents have used the article while replying to tickets. Agents can copy paste an article directly in their email response while responding to customer tickets. This number can help you track the usage of the suggested articles and track how your agents leverage the power of your knowledge base.
Resetting Article Insights
Likes, dislikes, and views provide important insights about an article, allowing organizations to identify the usefulness, comprehensibility, and preferability of an article.  
Based on this data, an organization can decide to revise the existing content, change certain sections, and add or remove a section from the article that most readers have raised a concern about.
In such cases, the metrics can be reset so that new ratings are recorded for an article from thereon. It allows you to track likes, dislikes, and views, providing relevant insights on the revamped content.   

  • Users who have the permission to update Knowledge Base can reset the metrics.

  • After resetting, the old data will not be saved, so you will be unable to revert back.

  • You can reset likes, dislikes and views to zero.

  • After resetting the chosen metrics, they will be updated in the article's History.

To reset metrics

  1. Click the Knowledge Base (KB) module.
  2. Select a category, the section from the left panel and open an article to view its details.
  3. In the Article Details page, click the Insights tab from the top of the page.
  4. Click Reset Metrics.
  5. Check the required boxes
  6. Click Reset.

Accessing Article Insights
You can view the insights for each of your published articles in the knowledge base.
To access Insights:
  1. Click the Knowledge Base (KB) module.
  2. Select a category and/or section from the left panel and open an article to view its details.
  3. In the Article Details page, click the Insights tab from the top of the page.

Knowledge Base Dashboard
The knowledge base dashboard provides you with the top-level metrics of all the articles you have published in your help desk. You can track the metrics over different time periods like a week, a month or over a year. Here are some metrics that you can track from the Dashboard section of your knowledge base: 
  • Published Articles - The number of articles that were published by your agents over a specific time period. For example, you can view the articles that were published in your knowledge base, during the last month. You can also view a break-up of articles that are new and of those that were edited.
  • Votes - The number of upvotes and downvotes that were received for the articles published in your knowledge base. Your customers can cast their vote while reading through the articles which are considered as an indication of their feedback.
  • Feedback -  Your customers can provide feedback on their support experience by commenting on your articles. The number of comments that were left by your customers is shown on the KBase dashboard.
  • Article Usage Metrics -  This widget will help you track the usage of the knowledge base articles in support tickets. It will display the number of times the KBase articles were applied to tickets vis-à-vis the total number of replies sent from your help desk. The metrics will help you add new articles for customer reported issues and to build on the reliability of the suggested articles. 
  • Keyword Search Success Ratio - It is quite important to figure out what search keywords your customers use when they access your Help Center. If they're not going to get significant results for their target keywords, it will surely be a let down for them. The Keyword Search Success Ratio widget will give you a comprehensive list of the search terms which are popular amongst your customers and those that had failed to fetch any results. You can quickly act on the failed keywords by adding relevant articles for them.
  • Trending Articles - Trending Articles will display a list of articles that has for a reason, spiked in popularity over a specific time period. Trending articles can be filtered based on four parameters namely, Views, Upvotes, Downvotes, and Usage. Usage refers to the number of times an article has been applied to a ticket.

Accessing Knowledge Base Dashboard
To access the KBase Dashboard:
  1. Click the Knowledge Base (KB) module.
  2. Click the Dashboard tab on the left panel.
The dashboard will be displayed on the following screen.

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