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Working with Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics was sunset on July 1, 2023. Google Analytics 4 is now supported in Zoho Desk. We request all users to switch to GA4 and delete the Universal Analytics integration with Zoho Desk. Please note that the past metric obtained from UA will not be deleted and can still be accessed from your respective Universal Analytics account.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a powerful tool used to analyze and draw useful insights about the website traffic. It offers valuable insights about visitor trends and behavior, helping website owners understand how customers interact with their web pages. 


By implementing GA4 on the Help Center, organizations can get insight of how customers engage with their content, identify areas of improvement, and optimize the user experience.


Consider a company that offers an online marketplace for electronic products. They use Zoho Desk's Help Center to manage customer interactions on Community, host self-service articles in Knowledge Base, and respond to customer tickets. They want to get insights into user behavior and can optimize their customer service efforts.


 GA4 allows the company to track the following metrics: 


  • The bounce rate from a particular article is higher than expected. By analyzing this further, they understand that the content on the article is too complex and requires clear instructions for users to follow. To address this issue, they rewrite the article, provide step-by-step instructions with visual aids. These revisions improved the article's clarity and increased user engagement. 
  • After analyzing the location data in GA4, the company discovers that a significant number of users are accessing their KB from a specific region. This insight indicates a high level of user engagement from that particular location. To leverage this information, the company decides to prioritize localization efforts for that region. By tracking the location data through GA4 and leveraging it to prioritize localization efforts, the company can tailor their KB content to meet the specific needs of users in different regions. 

Permission Required
1) Users with Administrative profile permission can integrate Google Analytics 4 in Zoho Desk.
2) Google Analytics 4 for Help Center is available only in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Zoho Desk

Check Feature Availability and Limits

Benefits of using Google Analytics 4 for your help center


Setting up GA4 for your Help Center provides a lot of valuable insights that can help you optimize your customer service efforts. 


  • Differentiate returning and new customers: Track and analyze the percentage of page views from returning customers vs new customers. This information helps you understand the your customer base and tailor your content accordingly.
  • Track mobile site visits and devices: Gather data on the number of visits to your Help Center from mobile devices. Additionally, you can identify the most preferred device and optimize the content to ensure a seamless experience across devices.
  • Measure customer interactions: Track metrics such as the number of clicks on articles. This data helps you gauge the level of engagement and identify areas for improvement.
  • Determine geographical location of the customers: Identify the locations from where the Help Center is accessed and know more about the geographic distribution of your customer base. This information can be utilized to tailor your support and content region-wise, ensuring a more localized and relevant experience for your users.
  • Monitor engagement with KB article: Measure the amount of time customers spend on each article. This metric provides insights into the relevance and effectiveness of your content, helping you identify popular articles and optimize those that may need improvement.
  • Analyze navigation paths: Track the sequence of pages they visit and the order in which they access information. This helps to understand user behavior and reorganize the folders.
  • Assess article relevance: Bounce rates indicate whether an article is relevant to your customers or not. A high bounce rate may suggest that the content does not meet their needs or expectations. By analyzing bounce rates, you can identify articles that require improvement or better alignment with customer queries.
  • Identify customer search keywords: GA4 allows you to uncover the keywords or search terms customers use before landing on your Help Center articles. This insights helps you optimize your content to align with popular customer queries, improve search engine visibility, and enhance the discoverability of your Help Center.
  • Track article preferences: Understand how frequently customers use the search function within the Help Center instead of navigating through links and bookmarks. This data provides insights into user preferences and helps you optimize the search functionality for improved customer satisfaction.

Deleting Universal Analytics 

Since UA was deprecated on July 1st 2023. We have moved on to Google Analytics 4. To integrate GA4 we request users who are using UA to delete the integration. Kindly note that past analytics can be viewed within the respective UA account. 

To delete Universal Analytics

  1. Go to Setup ) > Channels > Help Center.
  2. Select the desired Help Center to enable GA4.
  3. Click Google Analytics 4 under the Help Center sub-menu.
  4. Navigate to Universal Analytics tab.
  5. On the Universal Analytics page, click the More Actions icon (  ) in the upper-right corner of the page.
  6. Click Delete Integration.

If a user directly navigates to the GA4 tab, they will encounter a pop-up requesting the deletion of UA. From there, they have the option to delete the UA without needing to click the more icon. 

Getting started with Google Analytics 4 

To start with, you need to sign in to  Google Analytics  with your administrative credentials or create a new Analytics account. If you already have an existing Analytics Account, you can access it from your Analytics home page and proceed with creating the property associated with that account. See Also  Creating a Google Analytics account .


Points to remember

  • While setting up a new Google Analytics account, you can create a property and a data view within that account as subsequent steps.
  • It is optional to check the data sharing settings while creating a new Google Analytics account. 

To create a new property in Google Analytics account 

  1. Go to  Google Analytics  website and sign in to your account.
  2. Click Admin in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Select the existing account name and click Create Property from the Property menu.
  4. On the Create a property page, enter the following details:
    1. Enter the Property Name.
    2. Choose the Time Zone and Currency, and click Next.
    3. On the Business Details page, choose the Industry CategoryBusiness Size, and click Next.
  5. Choose the Web as the platform.
  6. Select https:// from the drop-down menu and enter the Website URL.
    It is the domain URL of your Help Center.
  7. Enter the Stream name and click Create Stream.
    A web stream details pop-up window appears, displaying the corresponding stream and measurement id.


To get the domain URL of your help center in Desk, navigate to Setup > Channels > Help Center > (Choose the desired help center) Access Settings.

Enabling Google Analytics 4 in Zoho Desk  

Once you have created an Account and Property in Google Analytics, you can integrate the same in Zoho Desk.This integration enables you to track and analyze analytics specifically of the Help Center, providing valuable insights into its performance. 

To enable Google Analytics 4 in Zoho Desk 

  1. Go to Setup ) > Channels > Help Center.
  2. Select the desired Help Center to enable GA4.
  3. Click Google Analytics 4 under the Help Center sub-menu.
  4. Check the terms and privacy policy checkbox and click on Authenticate.
  5. In the Google Analytics 4 Properties pop-up window, sign in with your Google credentials, select your account, and click Allow.
  6. Choose the desired Analytics account and corresponding Property from the Google Analytics 4 Properties in the right panel and click Get Data.
    Note: If you have more than one Google Analytics property, select the one to be integrated from the right panel and click Get Data.


It can take up to 72 hours for data to start syncing accurately.

Changing property 

In Zoho Desk, you have the flexibility to change the Google Analytics property when needed. This is beneficial when you have multiple properties within your Google Analytics account and need to switch between them. By easily changing the property, you can seamlessly adapt and monitor analytics according to your requirements.


To change the Google Analytics property, you can do so by utilizing the Change option located next to the Google Analytics Property.


Deleting Google Analytics 4 integration 

While the ability to track Help Center traffic using Google Analytics 4 is valuable, there may be instances where you wish to remove this integration. Deleting the integration allows you to discontinue the tracking of analytics for your Help Center when needed. 

Please be aware that only users with administrative profile permissions can perform this operation.


Upon deleting the Google Analytics 4 integration, you will no longer be able to track analytics for your Help Center within the Zoho Desk platform. However, you will still have access to your past metrics data through your Google Analytics account, allowing you to view and analyze the historical data. 

To delete the Google Analytics 4 integration in Zoho Desk

  1. Go to Setup  ) > Channels > Help Center.
  2. Select the desired Help Center to enable GA4.
  3. Click Google Analytics 4 under the Help Center sub-menu.
  4. On the Google Analytics 4 page, click the More Actions icon (   ) in the upper-right corner of the page.
  5. Click Delete Integration.


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