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Working with My Area in Help Center

My Area is a section in the help center that provides customers a unified space to manage their tickets. It is a repository from where they can easily track the ticket status and history. It allows you to:

  • View current and previous tickets
  • Submit new tickets
  • Send replies
  • Edit tickets
  • Add or edit comments
  • Close and print tickets
  • Reopen tickets
  • Look up older tickets from various channels and community for reference

Permission Required
Users with the Support administrator and Agent permission profile can access My Area in the help center. For customer access and usage, refer below.
Check Feature Availability and Limits

Accessing My Area 

By default, when a Zoho Desk account is created, the help center is split into two sections:

  • Agent - The interface that allows the agents to respond to incoming tickets and community posts, and add knowledge base articles. By signing in as an agent, you will be redirected to your agent interface (Desk Portal). 

  • User or customer - Where the customers can sign up and browse through the knowledge base, engage in community forums, and raise and track their tickets in the help center. Some points to remember:

    • Users will be allowed to submit the support ticket to the help center portal that they have access to without signing up. However, for other actions, such as editing, closing, or re-opening the support ticket, they need to sign up for the help center.

    • Users can use filters to find specific tickets that they had raised by defining criteria. For example, if a customer wants to locate a ticket from a specific channel, they can set filters for the channel and status. After applying these filters and initiating a search, the system will display a refined list of relevant tickets, making it easy for the user to identify the specific one they're interested in. 

    • Users can view all the support tickets from various channels, communities, and Zoho Desk account. If any of the user inquiries via chat got converted to tickets by agents then those will also be listed within the help center in the respective department.

Organizations can set permission to ensure that new users sign up before submitting their first ticket. Administrators can go to Help Center > Access Settings > and toggle the Customers must sign in to your Help Center to submit Tickets option. See also: Managing Help Center Users.

To access My Area

  1. Sign in to the respective help center portal using your login credentials.
    If you are an agent, log in using the agent credentials to navigate to the agent interface.

  2. Click the My Area tab from the top bar.
    You can access and sort through submitted tickets, filtering them based on their priority and channel. 

Adding, editing, closing, and reopening tickets

Signed in users can submit, edit, close, or even reopen their support tickets from the My Area section without leaving the help center interface.

To add support ticket

  1. On the My Area home page, click Add Ticket.

  2. Select the desired department and click Submit Ticket.

  3. Choose the desired ticket layout.
    This option is applicable only if the Tickets module has multiple layouts.

  4. In Ticket information, enter the necessary details and click Submit.

To edit support tickets

  1. Select the desired ticket from the My Area homepage.
  2. Click Edit next to the Ticket Properties.

  3. Make the necessary changes and click Save.


To close support tickets

  1. Select the desired ticket from My Area homepage.
  2. Click Close ticket at the bottom of the Ticket Properties section.
    The status will be updated to Closed.

To reopen tickets

To reopen the closed ticket at any point, open the closed ticket and click Reply in the top bar. Send the desired reply and the ticket will be opened immediately; the corresponding status will be changed to Open.


Customers can also leave comments by clicking the Comment button in the top bar. Leaving comments will not reopen the closed tickets.

Editing, deleting, and sending draft of a ticket

Customers can type their response and save It as draft to revisit. They can edit a drafted response to modify the details. Drafts that are no longer needed can simply be deleted to reduce clutter and confusion.   

To edit, delete, and send draft of a ticket 

  1. Navigate to My Area tab on the Help Center Portal.
  2. Select the desired department from All Departments dropdown.
  3. Under Views, select the desired ticket view.

  4. Choose a ticket and click Reply.
  5. Write a response and click Save Draft.

  6. Open the desired draft from My Area.
  7. On the reply interface, click the More icon and select EditDelete, or Send draft.

Using views and filters to search tickets 

My Area offers users an efficient way to locate and address support tickets through a range of views and filters. From Views, located at the upper-left corner of the page, users can access various categories of tickets, including their own tickets, their team's tickets, and those they've been CC'ed on. These tickets are organized according to their status: open, closed, on hold, or overdue. Some predefined views are: my overdue requests, cc'd requests, and cc'd closed request. 

To ensure a tailored ticket-search experience, users can also apply filters to their selected view. Starting with the View itself as the foundation, users can then layer on filters to refine their ticket search further. This approach not only streamlines the process but also ensures that users receive the most relevant results.

1. Suppose a user is associated with multiple accounts within the Desk interface. In that case, these accounts are conveniently accessible through a dropdown menu located within the ticket filters section on the My Area homepage. This empowers users to seamlessly switch between accounts and apply filters specific to each account. As an example, users can select to the Zylker US account and apply filters, such as Email Channels, enabling them to view support tickets from specific communication channels.

2. User-defined statuses are not supported. Users can only use the predefined statuses provided.    

Tickets can be filtered based on the following parameters: :


  • Departments: This filter allows users to focus on tickets originating from specific departments or all departments. 


  • Channels: Users can narrow down their search by filtering tickets according to the channel through which they were received such as email, web, chat, forums, Twitter, and Facebook.


  • Priority: This filter enables users to sort tickets based on their assigned priority level—high, medium, or low—as designated in the Desk portal. This is particularly beneficial for quickly addressing urgent issues or prioritizing tasks based on their importance.

  • Custom Status: With this filter, users can select their preferred custom status filters for each ticket view, such as My Open Tickets, My Overdue Tickets, and My Closed Tickets. For example, if the "My Open Tickets" view includes three custom status filters, such as defective productsrefunds, and warranty claims, users can choose to use one or all three to refine their search further. 


    1. The custom status filters shown in the help center is based on the ticket status filters set up in the Desk account by an agent or admin.
    2. To display the custom status filter within the My Area section of the Help Center, activate the Display custom status as a Tickets filter in Help Center option in the Help Center Access settings.


By default, the ticket view begins with All Departments and All Channels. Users can define the criteria in filters and views to find the desired tickets. For example, a customer can narrow down their tickets by selecting Technical Support as the department and Email as the communication channel. After applying these filters, they will see a customized view that displays only technical support tickets sent through email.

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