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Integrating LINE with Zoho Desk

LINE Messaging App

LINE is the fastest growing instant messaging app in the world, bringing agents closer to their customers and end-users. Send free messages and make voice calls or video calls anytime, anywhere. LINE is now available on a variety of smartphones and can be used on Mac or PC desktops.

Benefits of integrating LINE with Zoho Desk

    •    Manage your customer queries instantly in a dedicated LINE messaging channel from Zoho Desk.
    •    Allow businesses to communicate about the latest business trends, track sales targets, and much more directly with your customers through the LINE messaging app.
    •    Increase your agent's productivity by easily managing multiple instant messaging channels, including LINE from Zoho Desk.
    •    Helps convert conversations into service tickets, which can be handled by your agents and tracked by your customers on Zoho Desk.

Getting Started

    •    Channel ID for your Messaging API channel
    •    Channel secret key for your Messaging API channel

LINE Business Account

LINE official accounts are similar to regular LINE accounts used to communicate with your end-users. You can use a LINE business account to send general information and sales/marketing messages to your customers. Your LINE official account is also equipped with various features that will help customers learn more about your company, your brand, and your products/services. You can learn more about LINE official accounts here.

LINE Official Account's Monthly Pricing Plans
There are free, light and standard plans for the LINE official account. The account holders can choose a plan of their choice.

Free Plan

  1. In the free plan, only 500 messages can be sent. And no additional messages.
  1. In the light plan, the number of messages that can be sent is 15,000 per month; additional messages can also be sent.
  2. In the standard plan, the number of messages that can be sent is 45,000 per month; additional messages can be sent for this paid plan.

To view your account's billing information, follow the below steps:

    •    Users can access the detailed statistics in the LINE official account under the Insights tab.
    •    Or users can also check these statistics by navigating to the Activity and Billing section under Settings.

Steps to create a LINE Messaging API

Step 1: Create a LINE Business ID.

Log in to your LINE Business ID using your LINE account or business account.
Depending on the service, you may be required to create and use one of the two available options. Click here to create a LINE official account.

Log in with your LINE account: This option lets you log in with the LINE account you already use. You need to register with the email address and password to your account in the LINE app before logging in.
Log in with a business account: You can register a business account with your regular email address or your work email address, then log in to the LINE app.
Step 2: To create a Messaging API Channel and to retrieve the Channel ID and Channel Secret Key for the created Messaging API.

The Messaging API channel acts as a BOT which responds to the messages sent by your customers. Click here to learn how to create a messaging API channel.

Channel ID is the unique identifier of the channel, and a Channel Secret Key is the unique key used to grant an app access to your channel. To retrieve the Channel ID and Channel Secret Key you can choose to follow any of the below two options:

Option 1

    •    Log in to the LINE Official Account Manager.
Once you are in the LINE Official Account Manager, it will show the list of channels you've created. Select and open the account manager page for the messaging API channel for which you want to create a channel on Zoho Desk's IM module.
You can also find this information in the Settings tab in the top right corner of the Account Manager page. Go to Settings and click on Messaging API. There you can find the Channel ID and the Channel Secret Key for the account you selected.

Option 2

    •    Log in to the LINE Developers console.
Go to the Providers tab in the left pane, choose the provider under which you have created a messaging API channel, and open it. In the Channels tab, you can find the channels you've created. Open the Messaging API Channel. On the Channel page, you can find the Channel ID and Channel Secret under the Basic Settings tab.

Steps to configure LINE Channel

Step 1: Log in to Zoho Desk.
Step 2: Navigate to Setup -> Instant Messaging -> LINE -> Configure -> Create Channel.

Step 3: Set the Channel Icon by clicking on Create Channel -> Channel Icon -> Upload and then choose and upload the icon.
Step 4: Fill in the Channel ID and the Channel Secret Key details in the Create Channel form.
Step 5: Enter the Name of the Channel in the channel name field displayed on the Add Channel form. You can also upload the Channel Icon picture that will be listed on your Desk Application. Copy the Channel ID and Channel Secret Key details from the LINE official account manager settings tab and paste them into the Channel ID and Channel Secret fields. Choose the department you want to associate the channel with, then click Save. Your channel will be created.

Settings in Preferences

1. Associating your Agents

Follow these steps to associate your agents in Desk with the channel you just created. Every time a department is updated, your agents have to be associated with these channels by following these steps on the Settings page.
IM Channel -> Setup -> Preferences -> Agents -> Associate.
Enter the Agent Name and department, associate it with the LINE Channel, and then click Save.

2. Auto Ticket Conversion

Similarly, we can also define the actions that must take place every time a customer initiates a chat on the LINE messaging app. Configure this by going to Setup -> Preferences -> Tickets and select the concerned LINE channel and the automation time you need for generating a ticket. You can use the same options to auto-convert chats into tickets across multiple LINE Channels.

Settings to 'send/receive' Messages from Users

In order to send/receive any incoming messages from the users to the IM platform, the webhook has to be configured on your Messaging API Channel. This can be done from the Instant Messaging module back-end when creating a channel. The Response mode for your channel should be set to BOT. The webhook should be enabled in the channel Basic Settings tab. These can be set in response to channel settings in the LINE Official Account Manager.  You can verify and change the values of the below settings by going to Settings -> Response settings.
    •    The Chat should be Disabled
    •    The webhook should be Enabled
    •    The greeting message should be Disabled
    •    The auto Response should be Disabled

How to add Users to the LINE Channel

The users should add this channel as their 'friend' in the LINE account to start chatting. You can also share the relevant QR Code/Channel URL with the users, which can be found in the channel settings in the developer console/LINE Official Account Manager.

Happy Messaging!

Deactivating a LINE Channel

You can deactivate a LINE channel if you wish to stop sending or receiving messages in it. The channel's existing conversations will stay intact, and you can activate it again when required.

    1. Click on the Setup icon  ) in the top right.
    2. Select Instant Messaging under the Channels section.
    3. Click on LINE in the IM options.
    4. The channels you created will be listed. Select the channel that you would like to deactivate and click on the toggle option and slide it off. A corresponding deactivation message box will appear.
    5. To confirm, click Deactivate. The channel will then be deactivated.

Delete a LINE Channel
You can delete a LINE channel if you wish to stop sending or receiving messages in it. The channel's existing conversations will stay intact, but the agents will not be able to respond, transfer or block the associated chats.

To delete a channel:

  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. Under Channels, click Instant Messaging.
  3. Click LINE on the Instant Messaging page.
    The channels created in your account will be displayed.
  4. Then, click on the horizontal ellipsis at the right corner of your channel, followed by Delete Channel.
  5. Click Yes, Delete on the confirmation dialog box.
    The channel will be deleted.
Once the channel is deleted, you will not be able to send or receive messages. Even though the chats are intact (read-only), the agents cannot transfer or block the existing chats.

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