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Creating nested picklist fields

Record Creation forms are used to collect and display data. The more organized, clean, and streamlined these forms are,the more efficient the data collection process will be.
A nested picklist is a type of picklist field that can help you build organized Record Creation forms by reducing the number of fields you would otherwise need to use. 
With a nested picklist, you can nest or group up to six levels of values within a single picklist option, so that each level relates to the previous one. 
For example, for a company to obtain a customer's location, it can create a nested picklist with country > state > city as levels. Without the nested picklist field, the form would be cluttered with several different dropdown menus. 
Lets look at a few example, to understand how nested picklists can be used:
Example 1
A mobile phone retailer wants its customers to select their preferred location for store pickup. With a nested picklist, itcan obtain the customer's country, state or province, and city through a single option. Here's how to nest these values:
Picklist label: Location
Picklist values:
Option 1 -> None (Default)
 Option 2 -> US :: Washington :: Seattle 
Option 3 -> US :: California :: Los Angeles
Option 4 -> US :: California :: San Francisco
Option 5 -> Canada :: Ontario :: Toronto
Option 6 -> Canada :: Ontario :: Toronto

The nested picklist field will look like this on the Ticket Add form.

Example 2
A company wants to know how its employees commute to the office so it can optimize its parking system. Here's how it can create a nested picklist field to obtain this data: 

Picklist label: Mode of commutation
Picklist values:
Option 1 - None (Default)
Option 2 - Car :: Personal
Option 3 - Car :: Pool   
Option 4 - Car :: Company  
Option 5 - Bike
Option 6 - Public Transport :: Bus   
Option 7 - Public Transport :: Metro

This is what the field will look like on the Record Creation form.
  1. The levels of a nested picklist are separated by double colons (::). For example: Category :: subcategory :: further subcategory. Let's call this the "actual format." 
  2. The picklist field will be auto-filled with a default value, which is generally the first option on the Creation form. However, you can set any option as the default during field creation/editing. 
  3. Picklist values must be entered the same way they appear on the Create/Edit Field form while using criteria and search. In other words, they must be entered in the "actual format". 
For example, to create a custom view of tickets with customers located in Los Angeles: 

To configure a nested picklist field
  1. Go to Setup > CustomizationLayouts and Fields.
  2. Select a module and department from the dropdown menu on the Layouts page.
  3. Select the layout you want to use for the nested picklist field.On the Edit Layout page, do the following:
    1. From the Add Fields tray on the right, drag and drop the picklist field type to your desired position on the layout.
    2. Enter a name for the field.Scroll down and enable the Nested Picklist option.
    3. Fill in the options, making sure to separate nested levels with double colons (::).
    4. Click the Plus icon (+) to add up to 500 options.
    5. Click Add and then click Save & Close on the layout
  4. The nested picklist will be added to your layout.
Adding values in bulk
You also have the option to add nested picklist values in bulk. You can choose from a list of predefined choices or enter choices manually. You can also opt to import values from CSV files.
To add values in bulk
1. Navigate to the Add/Edit Layouts page and do the following:
  1. From the Add Fields tray on the right, drag and drop the Picklist field into the desired position on the layout.
  2. Enter a name for the field.
  3. Enable the Nested Picklist option.
  4. Just above the Nested Picklist toggle, you will find the Add Values in Bulk option— click on it.
  5. Choose from the 3 options for bulk adding values.
  1. If you're using predefined choices:
  1. Click on From Predefined Choices.
  2. Select a predefined choice set from under Import Predefined Choices.
  3. Select all, or the specific options you'd like to add, and click Add Values.
  4. Your selections will be listed as options.
  5. Proceed to nest values as usual, using double colons.Finish by clicking Add.
  1. If you wish to add values manually:
  1. Click Manual Entry.
  2. From the Editor, enter your nested picklist values with double colon separation, one below the other, and click Add Values.
  3. Finish by clicking Add.
  1. If you're importing values from a CSV file:
  1. Click Import from CSV.
  2. Ensure the values in the file have double colons separating the nested levels and are listed one below the other.Drag and drop the file into the Import from CSV section.
  3. Finish by clicking Add.
  1. You can add up to five nested picklist fields per layout.
  2. Nested picklist fields are only available in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Zoho Desk.

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