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Initiating AR Remote Sessions from Tickets

Augmented reality remote assistance provides your customers with access to expert guidance—through their smartphone or smart glass—they need to perform any task with ease. You can visually guide and collaborate with customers right from their support ticket. By combining live video streaming with augmented reality, you can more quickly identify and resolve common technical issues ranging from plant machinery to servers. 

Let's look at an example of how Bill having issues with his office modem gets a faster and more effective resolution from an agent in Zoho Desk. 
  1. Bill submits a ticket for having a problem with his modem. 
  2. Sarah, an agent in Zoho Desk schedules an AR remote assistance session for the ticket.
  3. On the day of the AR remote session, Sarah gets to see a live HD video of Bill's modem through his smartphone. She could see which lights are flashing and how it is affecting his internet connection. For her, the real-time broadcast is as good as standing right next to Bill.
  4. Sarah uses 3D arrows to annotate specific points on the modem and explains what has gone bad.
  5. She also remotely turns on the smartphone's flashlight to check for any dents or paint damage on the modem. 
  6. Eventually, Sarah identifies the problem. Now, instead of explaining the series of steps Bill must take to resolve the issue, she can show him what to do.  
  7. When the problem is resolved, Sarah quickly shares the invoice for the service rendered using the in-built live chat feature.
  8. The benefits - it boosted Sarah's productivity, increased first-time fix rate, shortened time to resolution, and increased customer (well, Bill is overjoyed) satisfaction.

  • You must be granted a Zoho Assist license seat to start a remote support session. Please contact your administrator for more details.

Instant AR Remote Assistance
Instant AR remote sessions are much use when you know the customer is present at the remote end. For example, if you're talking with customers on the phone or engaged in a chat and want to initiate a session right away.

To initiate an instant AR remote session:
  1. Open a ticket to view its details.

  2. Click Remote Assist at the bottom of the ticket.

  3. Click Start Now under Augmented Reality Remote Assistance.
    Zoho Lens will launch on a separate window.

  4. On the Zoho Lens window, invite the customer to join your session in one of the following ways:
    1. Click Share via Mail, enter your customer's email address, and then click  icon.
    2. Click Share via SMS, enter your customer's mobile number, and then click  icon.
  5. Request the customer to click the URL link in email or SMS, sent by you.
    Note: The customer should've installed the Zoho Lens app from the Play Store or App Store.
  6. The technician console opens, and the session gets started.
  7. You can perform the following functions on the technician's console:
    1. Chat with customers: You can provide work instructions or collaborate with the customers to resolve an issue at the remote end.

    2. Add notes: Document crucial information during a session by adding them as notes. They would come handy for documentation and auditing purposes.

    3. Take a snapshot: Capture specific events during a remote session. The snapshots are saved to the cloud and can be viewed whenever you want.

    4. 3D and 2D annotation: You can annotate objects in the real world using arrows, markups, or highlights.

    5. Freeze Stream: Freeze the live stream at any point to add annotation or analyze the scenario in greater detail.

    6. Mute Audio: Turn off your microphone during the session.

    7. Zoom Video: Zoom the incoming camera stream in or out to see a situation in greater detail.

  8. When you're done with the session, click Exit in the top right corner.
    Your Zoho Lens session details will be added as a comment on the ticket.

Scheduled AR Remote Sessions
Schedule an AR remote session at your customer's convenient time. Your customer receives an email notification once you schedule a session and you can set reminders for yourself as well as your customer.

To schedule an AR remote session:
  1. Open a ticket to view its details.
  2. Click Remote Assist at the bottom of the ticket.

  3. Click Schedule under Augmented Reality Remote Assistance.

  4. On the Schedule an AR Remote Session screen, do the following:
    1. The email address of the requestor will be prefilled.
      You can change the email address, if necessary.
    2. Enter the session Title and Description.
      The title is prefilled with the ticket's subject for convenience.
    3. Select the Timezone of your customer.
      If you aren't sure of the customer's timezone, it will be scheduled for your timezone.
    4. Choose the Date and Time at which you want the session to begin.
    5. Set the time before which you want the reminder email to be sent by clicking Reminder.
  5. Click Schedule again.
    The session's schedule along with the link to join the session will be added as a comment on the ticket. Your customer will also receive an email notification about this scheduled AR remote session.

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