Integration of Zia with OpenAI (ChatGPT) in Zoho Desk

Integration of Zia with OpenAI (ChatGPT) in Zoho Desk

Availability: Zia Powered by ChatGPT is accessible in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Currently, it is only opened for US, AU, EU, and India data centers in order to comply with GDPR regulations. Customers located in countries outside of the US, AU, and IN DCs can still access Zia powered by ChatGPT if their account is hosted in any one of the available data center. 

In today's customer-centric business landscape, providing excellent customer support is crucial for building customer loyalty and driving business growth. One of the most important factors in delivering amazing support is the ability to understand and empathize with customers on a deeper level. When support agents can connect with customers and truly grasp their pain points, they can provide personalized solutions that meet their unique needs, which positively impact the overall expectations.
However, support agents may sometimes struggle to connect with customers, particularly when dealing with complex, urgent, or long-standing issues that require careful consideration and involve detailed information. These cases can be challenging to handle, and in such situations, the power of Zia and generative AI can be highly beneficial in identifying the underlying emotions of the customer, summarizing the key aspects of the issue, and offering composed responses to the agent.

Zia Powered by OpenAI

Zia is Zoho's AI-powered virtual assistant. Some of Zia's capabilities include anomaly predictions, sentiment analysis, reply assistance, and suggesting knowledge base articles or responses to support agents. By leveraging Zia's capabilities, businesses can personalize customer interactions, enhance the efficiency of their teams, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 


With Zia's immense capabilities integrated with ChatGPTs generative AI, customers can experience relevant, context-specific, and more personalized communication, allowing them to feel heard and understood.


Zia and generative AI can analyze user input and generate responses based on its understanding of the user's intent, making the conversation more natural and empathetic. It can analyze the ticket and provide a short summary with key takeaways. While Zia highlights the sentiment of the ticket, generative AI can take it a step further by stating the underlying emotion and providing a more meaningful response resulting in a satisfying experience. This will enable support agents to better understand and empathize with customers to deliver solutions that resonate with them and even motivate the customers to continue the conversation and work towards a resolution. 


Consider a scenario where a customer contacts a software company's customer support with a complex technical issue. Here, Zia Powered by ChatGPT plays a vital role by analyzing the tone and sentiment of the customer's detailed support request. With this information, along with the key details provided in the customer's request, Zia and the generative AI collaborate to generate a relevant response that effectively addresses the customer's concerns and offers potential solutions to their issue. 


Additionally, Zia Powered by ChatGPT can summarize the main points of the customer's request, enabling support agents to better understand the customer's needs and deliver personalized support. This efficient process not only saves valuable time for support agents, but also ensures that customers receive a prompt and effective customer service experience.   

Impact of Zia and OpenAI on customer service 

As AI-powered tools like Zia and OpenAI continue to gain popularity in the customer service industry, businesses that adopt these technologies are likely to gain a competitive advantage and experience significant improvements in their customer service operations. 


Zia and OpenAI can bring great advantages and have a profound impact on customer service through their powerful features. 

Ticket Prediction

One of the features in Zia powered by ChatGPT is Ticket Prediction, which allows it to summarize incoming customer inquiries and detect the emotion behind them. This can save agents time and effort by providing a quick overview of the customer's concern, allowing them to address the issue more efficiently. With this feature, agents can also understand the customer's tone and sentiment, which can help them to better empathize with the customer and provide a more personalized response.


For instance, consider a customer reaching out to a software firm with their concern about a recurring software issue. In such a case, the Ticket Prediction feature accurately summarizes the customer's inquiry, highlighting the key points of their issue and the frustration they are experiencing. This helps the support agent to empathize with the customer's sentiment and provide a personalized response, reassuring them that the technical team will investigate the problem thoroughly. This not only saves time for the support agent, who is equipped with a concise overview of the issue, but also helps them to address the customer's concerns more efficiently and with empathy.

Reply Assistance

Another feature is Reply Assistance, which allows it to suggest optimal replies for incoming customer inquiries. This can save agents time, improve consistency, and enhance the quality of their responses. If the Ticket reply assistant is disabled, Zia powered by ChatGPT will generate an optimal reply suggestion based on open domain knowledge. However, if the assistant is enabled, Zia will provide context to ChatGPT based on relevant knowledge base articles in order to generate a more appropriate and relevant suggestion. If it cannot set context based on the knowledge base, ChatGPT will then use open-domain knowledge (public data) to generate an optimal suggestion.


For example, consider a customer reaching out to a tourism industry wanting some suggestions to make the most of his trip. In such a case, Reply Assistance feature assists in generating a response by providing relevant knowledge base context related to popular tourist attractions, outdoor adventures, and historical sites in the city. The suggested reply offers specific recommendations aligned with the customer's preferences, ensuring a personalized and informative response. By leveraging Zia and ChatGPT's assistance, the support agent can efficiently provide valuable insights to enhance the customer's trip planning experience in the tourism industry. 

How do Zia and ChatGPT work in tandem?

When a customer interacts with Zia via a support ticket, their query or request is sent to ChatGPT, which analyzes the language and context of the query to generate an appropriate response. The response is then sent back to Zia, which presents it to the user in a conversational format. To achieve this, Zia and ChatGPT work together in a process called natural language understanding and generation.

Enabling Zia Powered by ChatGPT in Zoho Desk 

Enabling Zia powered by ChatGPT in Zoho Desk is a straightforward and hassle-free process. Let's outline the steps involved in enabling this feature:


  1. Authentication: Begin by authenticating Zia Powered by ChatGPT using your paid OpenAI API Key. This ensures secure and authorized access to the AI capabilities.
  2. Feature Activation: Once authenticated, you can proceed to enable the available features. These include Ticket Prediction, which summarizes incoming customer inquiries and detects the underlying emotions, as well as Reply Assistance, which suggests optimal replies for customer inquiries.
  3. Prediction Preference: Within the settings, you have the option to configure your Prediction Preference. This allows you to choose between auto-generated or manually generated ticket summaries and response predictions. This flexibility empowers support agents to work in a manner that aligns with their preferred workflow.

  • Zia Powered by ChatGPT does not include the capability to predict the ticket summary and response for the previous thread in a ticket.
  • OpenAI will only utilize the customer's support inquiry message to predict and generate the ticket response. It does not have access to any additional information beyond what is provided in the support inquiry message.
  • It's important to note that currently, the Zia Powered by ChatGP is limited to the English language, but we are actively working on expanding language support.
  • In enterprise edition to generate a response based on the knowledge base resources, a minimum of 30 articles in the KB are required. If your account has less than 30 published KB articles, ChatGPT will suggest a response by browsing relevant resources in the public or open domain.  
  • ​For Standard and Professional edition, ChatGPT will suggest a response by browsing relevant resources in the public or open domain.  
  • The OpenAI API key must be generated from your OpenAI account. If you don't have an OpenAI API Key, generate the same by Creating OpenAI API key.
  • To obtain an API Key, users should opt for the ChatGPT's "pay-as-you-go" payment model.

To integrate Zia Powered by ChatGPT

  1. Go to Setup ) > General > Zia Powered by ChatGPT.
  2. Toggle Zia Powered by ChatGPT on.
  3. In the API key field, click Edit, and enter OpenAI API key for authentication.
  4. Toggle Ticket Prediction and/or Reply Assistance features, as required.
  5. Choose the desired Prediction Preference option.
    You can choose Auto generate predictions or Generate predictions on click

Accessing Zia Powered by ChatGPT from Tickets 

 Once Zia Powered by ChatGPT is enabled in Zoho Desk, you can access it within the Tickets
Points to remember
  1. The availability of the Ticket Prediction and Reply Assistance options in the ticket detail view will depend on the features that were selected during the integration's activation.
  2. When the Prediction Preference is set to auto-generated, the ticket summary, mood analysis, and response will be automatically generated. If auto-generation is not selected, these features must be manually predicted by clicking the Predict button for each ticket.

  3. Ticket mood analysis detects the sentiment or emotion behind a customer's inquiry. It works by analyzing the customer's message for specific language patterns, such as positive or negative words, as well as the overall context of the message. Based on this analysis, Zia can determine the customer's sentiment and assign a mood label, such as happy, angry, sad, frustrated, and more.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the ticket prediction and response generated by Zia powered by ChatGPT, you can choose to regenerate them until you are satisfied.
While regenerating a reply in the Reply Assistance tab, agents can choose from various options such as paraphrasing, changing the tone, making it shorter, or making it longer.
  1. Paraphrase: This option involves rephrasing the response during the regeneration process, providing an alternative wording while preserving the original meaning.
  2. Change Tone: While regenerating, agents can opt to modify the emotional or stylistic tone of the reply, adjusting it to be more formal, informal, diplomatic, assertive, or humorous.
  3. Make Shorter: This option enables the agents to condense the reply, removing unnecessary details and making the response more concise.
  4. Make Longer: Using this option, agents can expand the reply by adding more information or context, enriching the overall content.

To access Zia powered by ChatGPT

  1. In your Zoho Desk portal, navigate to the Tickets module.
  2. Open the desired ticket in it's detail view.
  3. Click on the Zia Powered by ChatGPT icon (  ) in the left pane.
  4. In the Zia Powered by ChatGPT window, do the following:
    1. Under Ticket Prediction tab, click Predict to get the ticket summary and ticket mood analysis of the latest incoming customer inquiry.
    2. Under Reply Assistance tab, click Generate Response to get an automated optimum response. Click Paste to Ticket to use the generated response in the ticket.
  5. Click Send when you're satisfied with the ticket prediction and response.

Disabling the Zia Powered by ChatGPT 

While Zia powered by ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for customer support agents, there may be instances where it is not needed or preferred. In such cases, disabling the feature can be useful. You will be able to re-enable it whenever needed. You don't need to re-enter your API key or complete the activation process again while enabling the feature. 

To disable the Zia Powered by ChatGPT

  1. Go to Setup ) > General > Zia powered by ChatGPT.
  2. Toggle OFF the Zia Powered by ChatGPT option and click Disable.

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