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Zia - An Overview

Zia is an AI-driven support assistant who makes your customer support team more effective through data mining and machine learning. She provides support agents with analyses, customer forecasting, alerts, and suggestions through a pre-configured system of performance analysis and metrics. Zia also continually learns and improves. The more data she has to go on, the smarter she gets. Some of her capabilities are predicting anomalies and trends, analyzing customer sentiments,  offering solutions, and more. Let us look into each of her skills in detail.

Permission Required
Users with the Support Administrator and Agent permission profile can access this feature.
Check Feature Availability and Limits
  1. It's important to note that currently, Zia is limited to the English language, but we are actively working on expanding language support.
  2. Users with the agent profile can't access the anomaly predictions feature.

Anomaly Predictions 

A sudden spike or a dip from what is normal to your help desk is called an anomaly. Anomaly prediction is an effective means of identifying unusual or unexpected events that happen within Zoho Desk. Zia - your data intelligence assistant, relies on a broad spectrum of measures and methodologies to detect significant events that affect customer service experience and therefore require your attention. For example, how do you know if there is a sudden drop in outgoing ticket threads? You don’t have to wait for poor ticket response or resolution times to figure it out. But, Zia spots it as an anomaly as it happens, in addition to predicting future anomalies that could arise. These anomalies could be spotted on the Zia Dashboard along with the business trends and teams' performance.

So how does Zia detect anomalies?
Zia detects anomalies based on the assumption that traffic on most help desks follows cyclical patterns that repeat daily, weekly, and monthly. Zia learns such patterns in help desk traffic over time. After a month of learning, Zia automatically detects and notifies you of any anomalies in these patterns. Following the initial learning phase, Zia can also predict the following week's traffic.

Viewing Trend Dashboard in Zoho Desk
To view the Trend Graph and anomalies in Zoho Desk, go to Analytics > Dashboards > Zia Dashboard. The first component on the Zia dashboard displays a line graph to show the trend over a period. You can only view this component and cannot modify them or add new ones.

Zoho Desk currently provides the trend for the following help desk performances:
  • Incoming Ticket Responses
  • Outgoing Ticket Responses

As you can see, the Incoming Responses chart comes with three key components:
  • Last 30 days Trend: The trend line shows how the incoming ticket response is supposed to fare going by your past data.
  • Today's Incoming Responses: The line shows how the day's incoming responses are faring in reality as against how it is supposed to, shown in the trend line. It is this line that shows any spike or dip.
  • Anomaly: A sudden spike or a dip from what is normal to your help desk is called an anomaly. The red stars in the chart denote anomaly.

The example above shows typical incoming traffic patterns for one day. Taking a closer look at the trend, we can see that traffic peaks between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM daily and increase again after 9:00 PM. However, there is a steep surge in the Actual Line at 2:00 PM today, which interprets that your incoming ticket responses have increased radically for the day against the trend for the last 30 days.
Viewing Top Tags
Click on a data point on the dashboard to view the top trending tags during that particular hour. Each bar on the chart represents a tag, while its size indicates the number of tag occurrences in incoming or outgoing responses. This information is beneficial to know the context in which an anomaly occurred.

Setting up Anomaly Predictions
To get notified about anomalies, you must turn on anomaly predictions, choose what you want to predict, and define what is considered an anomaly.

To do these, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top bar.
  2. Click Zia under the General menu.
  3. Click Anomaly under the Zia sub-menu.
  4. On the Anomaly Services page, select the department from the top of the page.
    Anomaly Predictions will be enabled for the department chosen here.

  5. Toggle on the Anomaly Predictions setting and do the following:
    1. Select whether you want Zia to predict anomalies in incoming tickets, outgoing tickets, or both.
    2. Select the minimum number of incoming ticket responses for Zia to consider as an anomaly.
      You can choose between 5, 25, or 50 responses.
    3. Click Customize Trigger Criteria to specify the permissible deviation percentage for different ticket response volumes.
      For example, consider you set 50 as the deviation percentage for incoming ticket responses, and the trend line predicts 100 responses at a given hour. In this case, Zia will only trigger an anomaly when the actual incoming ticket responses are 150 or higher at that hour.

    4. Toggle on the During Business Hours setting to receive anomaly notifications during specific business hours.
    5. Select the desired business hour from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Save to reflect the changes for incoming responses. (or)
    Save Apply Same Settings for Outgoing Tickets.
    Note: You can also customize the settings for outgoing responses individually.

Zia Notifications 

Zia monitors your incoming and outgoing ticket responses and proactively notifies you of any anomalies in their pattern. These notifications are instant, unlike anomaly predictions that you track on the Zia dashboard. When an anomaly is detected, you will see a red notification at the bottom of your screen, and that's Zia trying to get your attention.

Setting up Zia Notifications
To get notified about anomalies, you must enable Zia Notifications and choose who should be notified when there is an anomaly.

To do these, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top bar.
  2. Click Zia under the General menu.
  3. On the Predictions page, do the following:
    1. Select the department for which you want to enable notifications from the top of the page.
    2. Toggle on the Zia Notifications setting.
    3. Click Notify To to add agents who will receive notifications about anomalies.
      This will open the
      Users to Notify panel.
    4. Add agents, teams, and agents under a role using the drop-down menu.
    5. Click Save.

To access Zia notifications:
  1. Click the Zia icon ) in the bottom right corner of the screen in your Zoho Desk account.
    The Zia Notifications panel opens on top of your Zoho Desk page in the same tab.
  2. View the anomalies in the incoming or the outgoing ticket responses for the current department.
  3. Click on the notification to open the anomaly graph to review the surge or dip against the trend.

Here is a sample notification indicating an anomaly in the incoming ticket responses:

  • The Zia notifications stay for 15 days, after which they get removed.

Sentiment Analysis 

When you receive countless tickets on a day, it's not enough to reply, “I understand how frustrating this can be.” It’s almost as if you don’t understand what your customers are going through. But what if you could figure out the temperament of the customer and accordingly plan your responses. Zia helps you do this.

Zia scans the content of every incoming customer response and categorizes them into a positive, negative, or neutral tone, and shows the keyword aspects that convey this tone. This helps you prioritize the tickets that have a negative tone and tailor your responses appropriately.

You can track the sentiment on tickets from two locations:
  • Ticket List - An aggregation of the overall sentiment is displayed alongside individual tickets.
  • Ticket Details - The sentiment of every incoming ticket response is displayed along with the keyword attributes.

Enabling Sentiment Analysis
To view sentiments on incoming customer conversations, you must enable Sentiment Analysis under Setup.

To enable, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top bar.
  2. Click Zia under the General menu.
  3. On the Predictions page, select the department in which you want to view customer sentiments.
  4. Toggle on the Sentiment Analysis setting.
    Your setting will be saved instantaneously.

Tracking Customer Sentiments
Although you can understand the emotions behind each incoming response or an entire ticket, it is important to decipher how your help desk is faring overall for customer sentiments. You can monitor the overall customer sentiments from the Zia Dashboard. To access the dashboard, go to Analytics > Dashboards > Zia Dashboard.

The Zia Dashboard displays two graphs to monitor and track customer sentiments. The first graph shows the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative sentiments and the number of responses that showed these sentiments over the last 24 hours.

The second graph shows a break up of positive, neutral, and negative sentiments at each hour over the last 24 hours. As an option, you can also view the trend for the previous 7 days. By visualizing the graph, you can quickly tell whether there were significantly more negative emotions at any hour of the day.

Ticket Auto Tags 

Tags are one of the most powerful tools in Zoho Desk that can be used to organize and categorize your tickets. But going around adding tags manually, is passé. Instead, Zia can help you automatically add tags to tickets. Zia analyzes existing tickets to identify keywords and group them into clusters. Each cluster is given a suitable tag name. 

When new tickets are submitted, Zia analyzes them, matches keywords to relevant clusters, and assigns tags to the tickets. As conversations progress, Zia continues to identify new keywords and auto-tags them without deleting or replacing previous tags. This allows tickets to have multiple tags, aiding agents in classifying them effectively. 

The key phrases from each incoming response are then intelligently grouped into a tag and added to the ticket.
  • A department must have a minimum of 3000 individual tickets via email, help center, web forum, community, or social for Zia to train and generate auto tags.
  • Learn more about this feature in detail.

So why is this so powerful?
Auto tags is an excellent tool for identifying the trending topics on your help desk. They reveal what customer’s concerns and requirements are – and also what is happening right now. For example, if there is a surge in tags like "refund" or "return," this could suggest that your customers are not satisfied with the services or products you offer. Auto tags is also a great place to start if you're looking to brainstorm ideas for new help center articles that reduce the load on your support mailbox.

Viewing Trending Tags
To view the trending tags in Zoho Desk, go to Analytics > Dashboards > Zia Dashboard. The word cloud visualization on the Zia dashboard displays the tag names that have been trending in your help desk over the last 24 hours. The size of the text indicates the number of occurrences of each tag in the incoming responses. You can click on the right arrow to view the list of top 10 tags along with their number of occurrences for each sentiment type.

Chat With Zia 

Chat With Zia acts as a smart reply assistant for tickets that makes the task of replying to them seem like a cakewalk. It intercepts the incoming ticket to identify the key terms from each conversation and suggests the most appropriate solution from your knowledge base. You can add these suggestions to a reply with a single click and send the same to the customer. Zia is smart enough that even when an article is long and has many headings, she suggests specific paragraphs and sentences for use in a reply. 

Actions from Chat With Zia
Here are the actions that you can perform on the Chat With Zia panel from inside a ticket:

  • Chat with Zia: You can chat with Zia about customers' queries and receive answers from the knowledge base articles.
  • Use this in your reply: It allows you to paste the paragraphs suggested by Zia into the ticket response. The reply editor opens with the content pasted into it automatically.
  • Link to article: It opens the article details window on top of your ticket. You can perform the following actions on this window:
    • Share link to ticket: A link to the article will be added to the ticket response.
    • Paste to ticket: The article content will be pasted into the ticket response. Please note that the entire article will be pasted once this button is selected.
  • Helpful?: You can provide feedback about the suggestions by clicking on the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" icons. Zia learns from your feedback, so the more accurate it is, the more precise suggestions you will get.

Enabling Ticket Reply Assistant

To receive reply assistance while answering customer tickets, you must enable the Ticket Reply Assistant feature under Setup.

To enable, follow the steps below
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top bar.
  2. Click Zia under the General menu.
  3. On the Predictions page, select the department in which you want to receive assistance inside tickets.
  4. Toggle on the Ticket Reply Assistant setting.
    Your setting will be saved instantaneously.

  1. Your knowledge base must contain at least 30 published articles for the reply assistant to assist your agents.

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