Manage app deprecations in Zoho Flow

App Deprecation

Why do we deprecate triggers, actions, and apps?

Sometimes you will come across triggers, actions, or even apps that are labeled as deprecated. This may be more common when you access older flows.

As part of our continuing effort to make apps and their associated triggers and actions more useful for our users, we deprecate them for better ones. We will alert you about the planned removal of apps, their supported triggers, or actions from the platform. This is usually followed by the release of newer versions, unless the app or its triggers or actions are permanently removed by the app owner. When this happens, we will inform you well in advance to make changes in your flows and maintain your existing workflows.

The most common reasons for deprecation are:

  • API version changed
  • Authentication scheme changed
  • Input or output fields updated

Once the deprecation period of an app is over, the deprecated version will no longer be functional, and will be termed "Sunsetted." All the flows that use the sunsetted version of the app will be automatically switched off. An example of the process is given below.

How to handle deprecated apps/triggers/actions

Deprecation usually does not affect your flows immediately and will continue to work as it was previously set up. However, it is advised to switch to the updated version to get the best out of your flows. You may come across the following scenarios:

When an app's trigger or action alone is deprecated 

If there is an updated trigger or action available for the deprecated ones, follow these steps: (3-5 minutes)

  1. Identify the flows that use the deprecated trigger or action.
  2. Reconfigure the trigger or action. If the version of the app is deprecated or if the connection has become invalid, you will have to create a new connection.
  3. Make sure you verify that all the variables have been mapped to the appropriate fields.
  4. Switch the flow on.

When an app is entirely deprecated

All triggers and actions from this app will still be functional during this phase. If a newer version of the deprecated app is available, follow these steps: (5-7 minutes)

  1. Create a connection for the newer version of the app by going to Settings Connections.
  2. Identify all flows that use triggers or actions of the deprecated app. 
  3. Reconfigure the concerned app's triggers and actions with the newly created connection.
  4. Ensure that all fields have the right variables mapped to them. 
  5. Switch the flows on.

How to handle sunsetted apps in Zoho Flow

If you missed reconfiguring the app's triggers or actions during the deprecation period, your flow will be switched off automatically. To switch the flows back on again, follow these steps: (5-7 minutes)

  1. Create a connection for the new version of the app by going to Settings Connections.
  2. Identify all flows that use the triggers and actions of the sunsetted app.
  3. Reconfigure the sunsetted triggers.
  4. Replace the sunsetted actions with the latest version.
  5. Ensure that all fields have the right variables mapped to them. 
  6. Switch the flows on.

Tip: To be extra careful, you can create copies of the flows in which you are reconfiguring triggers or actions. Next, make changes in the newly copied flows. This will ensure that your configuration will be unaffected and can be referred to, if required.

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