How to manage settings in Zoho Flow?


The Settings section lets you view and manage organization details, app connections, and members on Zoho Flow. To access Settings, click the gear icon on the left bar.

The Settings section contains 6 sub-sections:

Organization Profile

Under the organization profile you can view and edit various details such as the organization name, time zone, and date format.

Note that the organization name can be edited by the owner or admins only.

The time zone of your organization is taken into consideration when you configure a schedule trigger or include a delay in your flows. The flow will execute based on your organization's time zone.

If you are part of multiple organizations, you can switch to another organization by clicking the organization name on the top bar.

Alternatively, click your profile picture in the top right corner. In My Organizations, click Manage. Here, you can view more details such as all the organizations that you are part of, your role, organization ID, and created date. You can:

Access Organization

Click to access an organization that you are a part of.

Set as Default

When you set an organization as default, you will be directed to it every time you access Zoho Flow.

Leave Organization

If you request to leave an organization, an email will be sent to the owner. Once they approve your exit request, you will no longer be able to access the organization. The connections and flows that you created will continue to be active.

Delete Organization

Hover on the organization name and click the trash icon that appears to delete the organization you own. If you choose to delete the organization, a request will be sent to the Zoho Flow Team. You can cancel the request before approval, or reactivate the organization within 30 days of deletion.  After 30 days, all data, including flows, app connections, history, and audit trial, will be deleted. Manage organizations

Transfer Ownership of Organization

If you are the owner of a Zoho Flow organization, you can transfer its ownership to one of the existing admins. To do so:
  1. Click Transfer Ownership.

  2. Choose an admin from the dropdown you wish to transfer ownership to.

  3. Click Make Owner.
  1. You can only transfer the ownership of your organization to an existing admin who does not already own any other Zoho Flow organizations.
  2. Only admins who do not already own any other organizations will be displayed in the dropdown.


View the history of all flow executions in your organization here. Click a particular execution to see all the steps of the flow and their input and output details.

The filters on the right allow you to view a customized list of executions sorted by flows, status, and date.

Understanding execution statuses

You will be able to see the status of each execution in History. Here's a list of all possible statuses:

Processing: The flow execution is in progress. Data is being moved between apps in your flow.

Queued: Whenever Zoho Flow receives data from a connected app in your flow, the status displayed will be 'Queued' until the data is ready to be moved. This status will remain until the records are picked for processing. All queued records will be executed automatically. 

Delayed: You have a ' Delay' action in your flow. This status will be displayed until the duration specified in the Delay action is reached.

Filtered: A filter condition ( Trigger criteria) added to your flow's trigger has filtered a record from executing. 

Completed: The execution of the flow has completed successfully.

Failed: The flow ran into an error during execution. Learn how to fix errors

Note: The status of an execution that has taken an error branch in a flow will have "via error branch" next to it.

How to export a flow's task history 

Export Task History allows the owner or the admins of an organization to receive the task history of a flow for a selected period to their email inbox.

The file will be in CSV format, with a maximum size of 10MB. If the size of execution data for this time frame exceeds 10MB, we will attach a file that contains the latest logs that fit the file size. For the remaining logs, you can export the logs of the previous dates again.

To export your logs:
  1. From My Flows, open your required flow.
  2. Navigate to History.
  3. Under Filter, select a date range.
  4. Click Export.

  5. Once you receive the email, download the attached file.
Note:  The logs will be sent to the email address associated with the admin or owner exporting them.


A connection is an app account that Zoho Flow has permission to exchange data with. For example, you can connect your Trello account or your team's Gmail account to Zoho Flow.

Create a connection

To create an app connection:

  1. Go to Settings > Connections.
  2. Click Create Connection.

  3. In the configuration window that appears, choose an app and click Next.
  4. Enter the connection name. This is the name of your app account on Zoho Flow. E.g.: Frank's Zoho Books, Ann's CRM.
  5. You can edit your connection name any time by clicking the edit icon.

  6. Enter any other details required to create a connection. This varies by app as different apps have different authentication requirements.
  7. For some apps, you may be able to choose whether the connection can be used for all triggers and actions or only for a selected few.
  8. Click Authorize.

Note: You can create multiple connections for the same app. For example, you can connect your personal and professional Gmail accounts to Zoho Flow.

Share or unshare connection

Your app connection is private by default (excluding the organization owner and admins who have access to all connections). Sharing a connection makes it available to all members of your organization. They can access, create, and update data by using the connection in flows.

Click Share to share the connection with your organization members.

Unsharing a connection denies all other users access and makes it private again. Flows using the connection will continue to access, create, and update data using the connection.

Click Unshare to make the connection private.

Test connection

An invalid connection causes your flow to fail. Click Test to check whether your connection is working correctly. If you do not see a success message, try reconnecting or creating a new connection.

Reconnect connection

Reconnect if your connection has an issue or if you want to change the triggers and actions that can use this flow (for selected apps only).

Click Reconnect, make the necessary changes, and click Authorize.

Delete connection

Deleting a connection removes it permanently. If you delete a connection, flows using it will fail. Actions previously executed by the flow with the connection won't be affected.

Click the delete icon for the connection you want to remove from your organization.


There are three types of organization members in Zoho Flow: owners, admins, and users. You can create an organization and belong to multiple organizations.

Roles and Permissions


By default, the person who creates an organization is the owner. As the owner, you can:

  • Modify the organization name
  • Add or remove members
  • Change roles of members
  • Create, edit, and delete flows
  • Create, test, delete, and reconnect app connections
  • View audit trail


As an admin, you can:

  • Modify the organization name
  • Add or remove members
  • Change roles of members
  • Create, edit, and delete flows
  • Create, test, delete, and reconnect app connections
  • View audit trail


As a user you can:

  • Create, edit, and delete flows
  • Create, test, delete, and reconnect app connections

Managing Members

The owner or admin can manage the members of the organization.

Add member

To add a member to your Zoho Flow organization:

  1. Go to Settings > Members
  2. Click Add Member in the top right.

  3. Enter the name, email address, and role of the new member and click Send to invite them.
  4. You will be notified by email when the member accepts your invitation.
  5. To change the role of a member, click on the current role. Choose the new role from the dropdown.

  6. View the list of confirmed or pending members by choosing one of these options from the dropdown.

Deactivate or activate member

Deactivating a member restricts them from accessing your Zoho Flow organization.

Select the checkbox for the required user and click Deactivate. To activate the member again, select the checkbox for the user and click Activate.

Remove member

Removing a member denies them access to your organization until they are invited again. This feature is particularly useful when you want to invite a client or an employee from another team to work in your Zoho Flow organization for a limited period of time.

To remove a member or an invitee, select the checkbox for the user and click Delete.

Audit Trail

The audit trail is an organization-wide log of activities. Use it to track what is happening in your Flow organization. To view activities for a specific period only, use the filter option on the right.

Note: This subsection will only be visible to the owner and admins of the organization.

How to export audit trail

Export Audit Trail allows the owner or the admins of an organization to receive the audit logs for a selected period to their email inbox. The file will be in CSV format.

To export your logs:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Audit Trail.
  2. Under Filter, select a date range that is less than 90 days.
  3. Click Export.

  4. Once you receive the email, download the attached file.
Note: The logs will be sent to the email address associated with the admin or owner exporting them.

Support Access

Enabling support access allows the Zoho Flow team to use your connections to edit and debug your flows. 

Click the checkbox next to Allow support access to grant the Zoho Flow team access to your organization's connections so we can work to resolve your issue faster .

  1. Support access will automatically expire after 15 days from the date you enabled it. You can also uncheck the box to disable support access manually.
  2. Support access can be enabled only by the owner or admins of an organization.

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