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Plans and Pricing

Browse Zoho Flow's pricing page or plan comparison page for everything you need to know about Flow pricing and plans.

Flow limits

What is a task?

Task reset frequency

Purchasing Add-ons

Zoho One users - Subscription and Add-ons

Flow limits

You can have 5, 20, or 50 live flows depending on the plan your Zoho Flow organization is subscribed to.

What is a task?

Certain steps of your workflow, triggerdecision, and set variable, are not counted as tasks. Every other action (app or logic-based) your flow performs is counted as a task. Let's take a look at how task consumption is calculated with an example.

When a new form entry is received, this flow fetches the contact in your CRM to check if the contact exists. If the contact doesn't exist, the flow creates a new contact. Otherwise, it does nothing.

Case 1: Contact doesn't exist in your CRM

  • Entry submitted trigger - Not counted as a task
  • Fetch contact action - Counted as one task
  • Decision - Not counted as a task
  • Create contact action - Counted as one task

This flow consumes two tasks per execution if it takes this branch. For 100 successful executions, this flow branch uses 200 tasks.

Note: In certain fetch actions, you can choose to create the record if it doesn't exist. If the flow only fetches (record is already available), it will be counted as one task. In cases where the flow creates the record (record is not available during fetch), it will be counted as two tasks.

Case 2: Contact exists in your CRM

In this case, the flow takes the default branch after a decision and stops. This flow consumes one task per execution in this branch. For 100 successful executions, this flow branch uses 100 tasks.

An action in your flow will be counted as a task only after it has been executed successfully. Actions that have failed will not be counted as tasks during that particular execution.

  • Entry submitted trigger - Not counted as a task
  • Fetch contact action - Counted as one task
  • Decision - Not counted as a task

Task reset frequency

Every month, your organization will be credited with a number of tasks depending on your plan. Note that if you are on the yearly plan, your tasks will be credited monthly, rather than all at once. Your task count will be reset monthly, which means that tasks left over from one month cannot be carried over to the next month.

For example, if you're on Flow's yearly Standard plan, you have 12000 tasks per year. This means every month your organization will be credited with 1000 tasks. Let's say you subscribed to Zoho Flow on 15th July and were credited with 1000 tasks. On 15th August, your task count will be reset to 1000 again. Any tasks left over from the period of 15th July - 14th August will not be carried over.

You can check the remaining tasks by clicking the profile icon in the top-right corner of your Zoho Flow organization.

What happens if I use up the available task count for a month?

If your flows have used up all the available tasks for a particular month, they will not stop working immediately, but may be switched off at any time. The additional tasks used up in this manner will be deducted from the following month. 

If your flows regularly use up almost all the available tasks, we recommend that you upgrade to a plan that provides you sufficient task count suiting your organization's requirements. You can also purchase add-ons for extra tasks as well as flows.

Purchasing Add-ons

If you've exhausted the tasks for the month, you can browse Zoho Flow's pricing page for add-ons. These are extra tasks you can purchase monthly to ensure that flows don't stop running. You can also purchase flow add-ons if you require more live flows for your organization. To do so, log in to your Zoho Flow account, navigate to the profile icon in the top right corner of your Zoho Flow organization, then click the Subscription link adjacent to Plan Details.

Zoho One users - Subscription and Add-ons


If you are using Zoho Flow as part of Zoho One, you will be provided with 50 flows/organization, 3000 tasks/month/organization, and 1000 tasks/employee/month. You can browse Zoho One's plan details for more information.

Purchasing Add-ons

For Online subscription
To purchase an add-on, you can drop an email to with the required add-on information. We'll reply with all the details you need, including pricing. The add-on will be activated once you confirm.

For Offline subscription
If you are on an offline subscription, drop an email with your add-on requirements to either or


For any questions related to pricing and subscription, drop us an email at

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