Troubleshooting | Overview

Troubleshooting - Overview

Any problem that you are facing will generally come under one of these categories:

This guide can help you identify and potentially solve the issue yourself. If you need further assistance, please feel free to write to us at

Possible issues and their solutions

Problems with creating or saving flows

  • If you are stuck on a step while creating a new flow from scratch, refer to this documentation. You can also go through the solutions for the common problems with flow creation.

  • Check our help documentation for data mapping if you are having problems with mapping variables to fields in your flow's actions.

  • Need help with creating or using custom functions? Check this.

  • Sometimes you may see the error, "Unable to save the flow. Please contact support for further details" while saving a flow. This is because the flow may have deprecated steps, or app connection issues, which may prevent the flow from saving.

Problems with flow execution

  • In most cases, a flow doesn't work because it has been configured incorrectly, or if there are problems with the app connections involved in that flow. Use the Test and debug feature to inspect the issue.

  • If the flow was already running fine and it stopped working unexpectedly, or is not giving you the desired results, go through the flow's History.
    Identify and fix errors using History.

  • Flow not triggering?  Check the small tag near your trigger app. If it says Polling, the trigger will execute at an interval of 5-15 minutes based on your Zoho Flow plan. If it says Webhook, the trigger will execute when the respective third-party app sends data to Zoho Flow.
    You should also check if other flows which are usually fine are triggering. If they are all delayed, it might be due to a delay in Zoho Flow servers. It will be processed as soon as the servers are back online.

  • Try to manually rerun failed executions.

  • Flow versions can help you track changes to the flow.

  • You can also go through the solutions for the common problems with flow execution.

  • If your flow is switched off, refer to guide.

  • Infinite flow loops: If you have been experiencing unusual behavior such as a sudden increase in task usage, or duplicate record creation in your integrated apps, it might be because of flow loops

  • Configure error branches for an action: You can configure your flow in such a way that if an action encounters an error and fails, a different branch of actions are executed. In this way, you have more control over your flow if an important action has failed. Learn how

Problems while using the Zoho Flow platform

  • If your apps have access restrictions configured, you'll have to whitelist Zoho Flow's IP addresses. This enables Zoho Flow to exchange data with your apps seamlessly. Get the IP addresses

  • Check the list of limitations with Zoho Flow which we are working to develop or improve.

  • If you need help with navigating around the platform and its settings, click here.

  • If your Zoho Flow organization has gone inactive, or if you are facing trouble reactivating an inactive account, refer to this documentation.

  • If you need help with members, their roles and permissions, click here.

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