Global Holidays List

Global Holidays List


The Global Holidays List feature in Zoho Forms allows you to create and manage lists of holidays that can be used in the Date and Date-Time fields within your forms. You can set up a global holiday list that can be easily applied across multiple forms instead of setting up the list for each form separately. You can create a list of holidays that are relevant to your specific region or organization and manage this list by adding, removing, or editing holidays as needed. Once created, when you design a form, all the Date and Date-Time fields in your form can be associated with your chosen list. When a user interacts with a Date or Date-Time field in your form, they will see the holidays marked on the calendar, making it easier for them to choose suitable dates. 

Creating a Global Holidays List

The first step before you can start showing up global holidays in the Date and Date-Time fields of your form is to create a Global Holidays List. To create a global holidays list,
  1. In your Zoho Forms account, click the  icon in the top-right corner to access the Control Panel.
  2. Click Global Holidays List under Customization.

    Global Holiday List

  3. Click Create New List.

    Creating new list

  4. In the pop-up, enter a name for the list and click Add Holidays/ Add Holidays Range under the Date and Date Range tabs respectively.

  5. Enter a name for the holiday and select the date or date range as required.

    Date Date-range

    Note: When choosing a date range, you can only select an end date that falls within a range of 500 days from the chosen start date.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Once created, you will see all the lists as shown.

    Holiday Listing
Once a Global Holidays List is created, you can:
  1. Edit the list
  2. Publish the list to your organization for other members in your organization to use the list in their forms
  3. Translate the holiday names in the list so that they appear in the corresponding languages in translated forms.
  4. View the forms that the holiday list is associated with
Know more about managing a Global Holidays List.
  1. You can create a maximum of 20 global holidays lists.
  2. You can have a maximum of 25 dates and 10 date ranges within a global holiday list.

Associating a Global Holidays List with a form

Once you have created the required holiday lists in the Control Panel, you can now associate them with different forms.
When you associate a Global Holidays List with a form, all the Date and Date-Time fields in that form will have calendars that show up the holidays as disabled for the respondents to pick appropriate days other than the holidays.
To associate your form with a Global Holiday List,
  1. In your form builder navigate to the Settings tab > General > Date & Time.
  2. Select the required holiday list from the Holidays List dropdown. To view the holidays within the selected list click the view icon.
  3. If you wish to view the holidays configured in the selected holiday list, click the view icon corresponding to the selected holiday list in the dropdown.
    1. The holiday lists created by you will be listed under My List.
    2. Any holiday list published to the organization will be listed under Org List.
    3. If the ownership of the form has been changed to you, it will be listed separately in the dropdown and not below My List or Org List. This holiday list cannot be associated with any of your other forms.

      Form Settings

  4. Click Save.

How do Date/ Date-Time field properties configured and Global Holidays List work together

If you have additionally configured field properties for the Date and Date-Time field in your form, these properties along with the Global Holidays List chosen for the form can seamlessly work together to create a dynamic and user-friendly experience in your forms.
Let's say you have a form for scheduling appointments. You want to ensure that respondents can only choose dates within the next two weeks. You can set this allowed date range in the field properties of the Date/Date-Time field to enforce this restriction. Combining this date range with the global holidays list, respondents will be able to choose dates within specific ranges, while avoiding holidays that fall within that date range. 
Let's take an example:
You have a form with two Date fields: "From Date" and "To Date".
You have set the following Date restrictions:
  1. You have disabled Saturdays and Sundays form the Date picker.

    Allowed days in a week
  2. You have configured the "To Date" field to start from only after 5 allowed days from the date selected in the "From Date" field in the Date field properties. This means that the respondent cannot select a To Date that falls within 5 allowed days from the Start Date.

    Date starts from
So, if a holiday falls within the range of dates allowed by the "From Date" and "To Date" constraints, it will not be available for selection. 

Managing the Global Holidays Lists

To update the holiday lists, view the usage of the lists, publish them to your organization, create translations of the holiday names, or delete the holiday lists:
  1. In your Zoho Forms account, click the  icon in the top-right corner to access the Control Panel.
  2. Click Global Holidays List under Customization.

Updating a Global Holidays List

At any point of time, if you wish to add more holidays or remove any added dates or date ranges from a holiday list,
  1. Hover over the holiday list that you wish to update.
  2. Click the Edit icon corresponding to the list as shown.

    Edit List

  3. Make the required changes to the dates or date ranges and click Update.

Viewing the usage of a Global Holidays List

To know the forms that are associated with a Global Holidays List,
  1. Hover over the holiday list for which you wish to view the associated forms.
  2. Click the Usage icon (next to the edit icon) as shown.


  3. In the pop-up, you will see the list of forms that are associated with that holiday list.

    Holiday List Form Association

Publishing a Global Holidays List to your organization

You can share a holiday list that you have created with the users in your Zoho Forms organization so that it can be associated with their own forms to ensure that forms within your organization are using the same set of holidays, maintaining consistency and accuracy across different forms. This avoids the need to re-create the same set of holiday lists by members of your organization.
To publish a holiday list to your organization,
  1. Hover over the holiday list that you wish to publish to the organization.
  2. Click the Publish to Org icon as shown.

    Publish To Org

  3. Click Yes to continue.
  4. Once published, the list will be represented by an icon to indicate that it's shared with the organization.

    Published List with Icon

  5. If you wish unpublish the holiday list to your organization, click the Unpublish to Org icon as shown.

    Unpublish List
If a holiday list published to the org is associated with forms created by the users in your organization, the association of those forms to that holiday list has to be removed before you can unpublish the list.

Translating holiday names to another language

You can show up the holiday names in the picker of the Date/Date-Time fields in a language that corresponds to a translated form. This is useful when you have created multilingual forms using the Language Translation feature. You can translate the holiday names to a language that your form is translated into and when you share the translated form, the holiday names will be displayed in the same translated language.
To translate the holiday names,
  1. Hover over the holiday list that you wish to translate.
  2. Click the Translate icon as shown.

    Translate List

  3. Select the language that you wish to translate the holiday names into from the dropdown and click Translate
  4. You will see the translated version of the holiday names. You can edit the translations manually if you wish to and click Save.
    The list of the languages that the holiday names have been translated into can be seen as shown.

    Language Translation settings
  5. If you have modified a holiday list after saving the translated holiday names, you will have to re-translate the modified holiday names for the changes to reflect in the corresponding live translated form.
    To re-translate holiday names, click the edit icon corresponding to the language that you wish to re-translate into, click Edit manually, make the changes and click Re-translate.

    Translation settings

  1. You can translate the holiday names to a maximum of 10 languages.
  2. Ensure that the holiday list is translated into the same language as the translated form. This ensures that the translated form loads with the holiday names displayed in the same translated language.
  3. If a form is shared in a language that doesn't correspond to the languages the holiday list has been translated into, the holiday names in the Date and Date-Time field calendars of the form will be displayed in the default language.
  4. The option to translate a holidays list to other languages is supported only in our paid plans.

Delete a Global Holidays List

To delete a global holidays list that you have created,
  1. Hover over the holiday list that you wish to delete.
  2. Click the delete icon as shown.

    Delete List

If the holiday list that you wish to delete is associated with any forms, you will have to first remove their association with the list before you can delete it.

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