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Advanced Form Rules


With Advanced Form Rules, you can configure rules with a combination of AND/OR connectors between multiple condition groups and automatically trigger emails, assign tasks, decide on the Thank You page to be displayed or redirect the respondents to another form or a website.
Let's look at Advanced Rules with a simple example.

If you wish to stay in touch with your potential lead and educate your lead about your product, you could have a Form Rule as:

Ask us anything is Not Empty OR (Know more about us is Yes AND Email is Not Empty), 

  1. Assign a task to the relevant person from your organization.
  1. Send an email to the respondent with an attachment of your organization brochure 


Configuring Advanced Form Rules

To configure a combination of rules with AND/OR connectors together,
  1. In your form builder, navigate to Rules Form Rules.
  2. Click Configure Now to configure a new rule.

    Click Configure Now

  3. By default, the rule configuration in the New Rule pop-up will be in the Basic Form Rule format. To switch to Advanced Rules, click the Switch to Advanced Rules option in the top-right corner (You will find this option in the New Rule pop-up if this is your first Form Rule after clicking Configure Now).

    Switch to Advanced Rules

    Note: When you switch to Advanced Rules, all of the Form Rules that you will configure for your form for New Records as well as for Updated Records will be in Advanced Rule format. Learn more about switching from basic to advanced rules.
  4. In the If section, define your conditions by choosing your form fields and the criterion they must satisfy. To add more than one condition, click the icon. You can use the AND/OR connectors to connect your conditions together. You can switch between the connector as required by clicking them.
  5. Click +Add Sub-group / +Add group to define more conditions with AND/OR connectors to suit your logic.

    For example: If Ask us anything is Not Empty OR (Know more about us is Yes  AND Email  is Not Empty )

    Rule configuration

  6. You can see a summary of the logic you used to build the criteria under Rule Expression.
  7. Under Then, you can choose to perform the following actions if the defined conditions are satisfied:

    Redirect respondents : Redirect to a Thank You Page, another form, or website
    Assign a task to a user : Assign tasks to the users within your organization
    Send email notification
    Send SMS notification
    Push Notification to Mobile

    Select the Actions to be performed

  8. Once you have configured the rule(s), click Add and view the rule summary.

    Rule Summary


  1. The option to redirect respondents to another form or a website is not available for an Updated Record.
  2. Form Rules for Updated Records are available only in our paid plans.
  3. Advanced Rules are available only in our paid plans.
  4. You can add only up to 5 groups within a group.
  5. You can add only up to 20 conditions within a group in a rule.

Rules are case-sensitive which means the conditions trigger actions only when the case of the text in the defined condition matches the case of the respondent input. Check out an example to understand this better.

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