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Embed a form as a Lightbox pop-up

Lightbox form is a pop-up that overlays the webpage, when the user engages with your webpage . This helps in drawing the attention of your website visitors to the form. For example, if you require your customers to subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates about your products and the discounts on them, you can use a Lightbox email subscription form on your webpage which shows up after the user has spent a certain amount of time on the website.

Check out a quick video on customizing lightbox pop-up form for your webpage.

To embed your form as a Lightbox pop-up on your webpage,
  1. In your form builder, navigate to the Share tab > Embed > Lightbox.
  2. Click Get Started.

    Get Started
  3. In the pop-up, you can customize the height and width of the form in px to suit your website by selecting the Set Pop-up Dimensions option under Display Settings. A scroll will be provided if the form is long.
  4. Under Advanced Properties, you can set the placement of the lightbox form on your webpage from the Position dropdown.
  5. You can choose an Animation style (Slide-In / Fade-In) for the lightbox form while it loads on your webpage. 
  6. You can also customize the look of your form by adding color to the border of Lightbox pop-up using the Apply Border & Color option.
  7. Under Launch settings, you can choose when the Lightbox form should pop up on your webpage from the options under Pop-up Launch Criteria.
  8. You can additionally choose to pre-load form as the website loads and keep the form hidden until the selected Pop-up Launch Criteria displays your Lightbox form. Enabling this option will prevent any form loading delays when the website loads.
  9. You can choose to have a Pop-up Launch Button on your webpage which will show up the Lightbox form when clicked.
  10. If you wish to prefill your Lightbox form and add referrers to track sources,
    1. Configure Field Alias for the fields in the form that you wish to prefill.
    2. Select the Include URL parameters option.
    3. Map the Parameter Names ( denoted by the configured Field Aliases/ Referrer Name to  track the source from which the form was filled ) to the Parameter Values that are to be prefilled.

      Lightbox pop-up customization

  11. Click Get Code and click Copy Code
  12. Paste the copied code to the HTML of your webpage.

Pop-up Launch Criteria

Pop-up Launch

On Page Load

Choose this option if you want the form to load and show up simultaneously with your webpage. The form will be loaded and displayed as soon as the website loads. For example, you can show your visitors a Sign Up form to get a time-sensitive discount on signup in your online store page as soon as the page loads.

On Page-Exit Intent

Choose this option if you want your form to show up when a visitor decides to leave the page in order to re-capture the attention of visitors abandoning your webpage. For example, if a visitor leaves your blog page due to a shortage of time, you can show up a form to get their email address and send a PDF copy of the important details on your website to their email for future reference.

On page exit

After a  Time Span

Choose this option if you want your form to show up after the user has spent some time and engaged with your webpage. Enter the delay in seconds after which your form has to show up over the webpage. For example if you have Sign Up form, it would be appropriate to give the visitors some time to engage with your website before requesting for their details. Choose a time when your visitors will have been influenced by your content and will not be annoyed by your pop-up form.

After a time span

Based On Scroll Percent

Choose this option if you want your form to show up after the user has scrolled to a certain percentage of the website. Scrolling through the content could indicate a visitor's interest on your webpage and choosing to show up the form after they have scrolled to a certain portion, can fuel their interest. For example, you can find the point/section of your website where the user would have received necessary details from the content and show up your Subscription form when the user scrolls down past that point.

Based on scroll percent

You can  track referrals to know which website your respondents found your form from and also  prefill your embedded forms to make the form filling experience simpler for your website visitors.

How to embed a form with webcam option in Image Upload field?

If your embedded form has an Image Upload field, respondents will not be able to capture pictures using the webcam. To allow this, you must include the following in the embed code:
  1. allow="camera"
  2. ?zf_enablecamera=true
For example:

Enable webcam for an embedded form

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