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Form Analytics


Basic Analytics

Once the form is shared and responses start coming in, Zoho Forms provides simple built-in analytics for each form. Use the analytics reports to get information on your form's online activity and analyze your form's performance. Examine form view traffic by date and region, number of submissions, record form errors, and monitor conversion rates all in one place.

To check your form's basic analytics,
  1. Go to the Home page (Forms listing page).
  2. Click the Analytics link below the form name.

    Analytics navigation

In the Analytics page, you can obtain the following information:

Basic Analytics

Form Views

The number of people who have viewed your form is the Form Views.
You can choose to view form views either in Monthly or Yearly format.
Form Views by Region, you can see a map indicating where your traffic comes from. It shows the number of form views by location.


This section provides the number of entries received through your form. 
Similar to the Form Views, the Submissions section also has a Monthly and Yearly view, and a map showing the numbers of entries by location.

Error Score

Error score gives the number of times that an error was thrown while your respondent tried to submit the form.

Conversion Rate

This tab shows the rate of conversion of views into entries. It gives the percentage of people who have viewed the form and ended up filling it. Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the form Submissions by the Form Views.

Advanced Analytics

Zoho Forms offers advanced analytics features that provide deeper insights into your form submissions and user interactions from desktop and mobile devices. These features help you understand user behavior, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
To access the advanced analytics, click Switch to Advanced Analytics on the top-right corner of the Analytics page and click Switch Now in the pop-up.
Here, you have 3 tabs:
  1. Form Metrics
  2. Deep Insights
  3. Drop-off Count

Form Metrics

Under Form Metrics, you will find an overview of the key performance indicators related to your form submissions. Here, you can visualize and compare data across categories to identify trends and make informed decisions.

In addition to the Form Views, Submissions, Error Score, and Conversion Rate that you have in the basic analytics, you will also find Starts under Form Metrics.


Starts gives the number of times the form has been viewed and started to be filled out by users. It gives you insights into how many users initiated the form-filling process, which is valuable in understanding user engagement and interest in your form. By monitoring the Starts, you can assess whether your form is successfully attracting user attention and driving initial interactions.

Graph Comparison 

Click the toggle on the top-right corner of the graph to enable graph comparison.
You can compare Starts to Form Views and Submissions to Form Views in a graph. A graph comparing these metrics provides a visual representation of user behavior throughout the form interaction process. It helps you identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement. 

Graph comparison
  1. Form Views vs. Starts: With this comparison, you can visually assess how many users who viewed the form also initiated the form-filling process (starts). For example, if Starts are significantly lower than Form Views, it might indicate that users are not finding the form compelling enough to engage with.

  2. Submissions vs. Form Views: This comparison gives you a clear indication of how effective your form is in converting form views into completed submissions. 
For instance:
If Starts and Form Views are close, but Submissions to Form Views is low, you might need to focus on optimizing your form's user experience to encourage more conversions.
If Starts are low compared to Form Views, it might indicate that users are encountering barriers to starting the form, and you can explore ways to make the form more engaging.

Desktop & Mobile - device stats

Under this section, you can view form stats from desktop and mobile separately. This provides insights into which platform is performs better in terms of user engagement and conversion.

Device stats

Under the Form Views tab, scroll down to find Form Views - Desktop & Mobile.
Form Views - Desktop & Mobile: Here, you can analyze the number of times your form has been viewed on desktop and mobile devices separately.
  1. Understand which platform drives more engagement
  2. The data can reveal user preferences for accessing your form. Understanding whether users prefer desktop or mobile helps you tailor content and interactions to their device of choice. 
Form Starts - Desktop & MobileHere, you can analyze the number of times users have initiated or started filling out your form on both desktop and mobile devices separately.
Under the Starts tab, scroll down to find Form Starts - Desktop & Mobile.
This helps you understand which platform is more effective at capturing user interest, prompting them to begin the form-filling process.

Form Submissions - Desktop & Mobile: Here, you can analyze the number of completed form submissions separately for users on desktop computers and mobile devices.
Under the Submissions tab, scroll down to find Form Submissions - Desktop & Mobile.
This helps you understand which platform is more effective at converting initial engagement into completed submissions.

AVERAGE TIME SPENT: This is calculated based on the duration respondents spend on the form to successfully submit the form once they start filling it up. To find the average time spent, under the Submissions tab and scroll down to find the time spent.
  1. Longer average times might suggest that respondents are carefully considering their responses or interacting with complex form elements.
  2. If users spend significantly more time than expected, it might indicate that certain sections are challenging or require more attention.
  3. A short average time might indicate that users find the form easy to navigate and complete.

Form Views by Region

Under Form Views by Region, you can see a map indicating where your traffic comes from. It shows the number of form views by location.

Form views by region

Deep Insights

The Deep Insights section goes beyond basic metrics and offers more in-depth analytics about user behavior and interactions with your forms. It helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of how users engage with different elements of your forms, enabling you to make informed decisions for optimization.
Deep Insights section covers:
  1. Field Metrics
  2. Page Metrics

Field Metrics

Field Metrics focuses on analyzing the performance of individual fields within your form, such as clicks, and starts. It helps you identify which fields are capturing user attention and where users might be facing difficulties. For instance, it could track how many users clicked on a specific field (indicating their interest) and how many of those users initiated filling out that field (start). This data can highlight which fields are attracting attention but might have issues during interaction.
You can hover over each clicks and starts count of each field to see the comparison of form views to clicks and starts. This comparison could help interpret the data. For example, if a field has a high click count but a low start count, it could indicate that users are intrigued by the field's label or purpose, but something is preventing them from actively engaging with it.

Field Metrics

The following fields are not supported:
Description, Section, Formula, fields within the Subform

Page Metrics

In multi-page forms, users navigate through multiple pages to complete the form. Page Metrics tracks the interactions with each page separately, providing insights into user engagement at different stages of the form-filling process.
Page views refers to the number of users who have accessed or viewed individual pages within a multi-page form.
You can hover over each pageview count to see the comparison of form views to page views. This allows you to instantly assess how many users who accessed the form proceeded to view specific pages. This comparison lets you observe how user engagement changes from one page to the next, which can help you optimize the flow and content of your form.

Page Metrics

Drop-off Count

Drop-off Count section helps analyze the number of times users abandon the form-filling process at specific form fields. This provides insights into the points of friction within your forms.  With drop-off count at each form fields, you can pinpoint exactly where users are abandoning the form. This helps you identify fields that might be causing difficulty for users. High drop-off counts on certain fields might suggest that those fields are less relevant or intrusive to users. With this data, you can focus on improving the design, instructions, or interaction elements of fields with high drop-off rates.
You can hover over each field's drop-off count to see the comparison of form views to drop-off count. This allows you to instantly compare how many users who viewed the form proceeded to engage with specific fields. By comparing form views to drop-off counts for individual fields, you can understand at which specific points users might be losing interest or encountering difficulties, helping you identify potential friction points within the form.

Drop-off co

  1. You can switch to Basic Analytics at any point of time by clicking the ellipsis icon on the top-right corner. However, if you switch between Basic and Advanced Analytics frequently, the data collected can turn out inaccurate.
  2. When a user switches back to Basic Analytics, advanced metrics for that form will not collected until the user switches back to Advanced Analytics.
  3. Advanced Metrics will not be collected when:
    1. Form is accessed via the link to edit form response
    2. Saved form response is resumed to be filled
    3. Form response is submitted via Zoho Forms mobile app
  4. When you switch to Advanced Analytics, any data that has already been collected using Basic Analytics will also be available.
  5. Analytics will not be tracked in Download HTML/CSS Forms

Note: Advanced Analytics is available only in our Paid plans.

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