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Email Notifications help send notifications to your form respondents around the globe in different time zones. They help users to keep a track of important details such as order receipts, reference numbers, supporting documents, invoices, etc,. which can be referred to over a period of many days.    
You can set up email templates to notify yourself and your team when a new form entry is received or when an existing record is updated. You can also send personalized emails to your respondents to acknowledge them, include a summary of their responses in the email, provide more information about your product or service by including useful links , attaching documents, inserting images, etc. and maintain communication with them to build a strong customer base. 

Email Notifications    

You can trigger conditional email notifications based on the form responses submitted, attach form submissions as PDFs for reference, include a link in the email for the respondents to edit their responses and do much more.

Setting up an email template

You can create email templates to notify when a form entry is added or an existing record is updated.
To set up an email template,                                                  
  1. Navigate to Settings and select Email & Notifications > Email.

    Click Configure

  2. Go to New Record/Updated Record tab as requiredand click Configure.

    New Record
    If you configure your template under the New Record tab, an email notification will be triggered when a new form entry is received. A maximum of two email templates can be configured under New Record. For example, you can configure one template to notify yourself and one to notify the respondent.

    Updated Record: 
    If you configure your template under the Updated Record tab, an email notification will be triggered when an existing record is updated. A maximum of two email templates can be configured under Updated Record.

  3. Select a From address. Learn more about the different From address options if you wish to change the default From Email Address

  4. If you wish to display a From Name in your emails, you can configure it by clicking Add From Name in the right, next to the From address section. 

  5. To send emails to the users within your organization, search for their email address in the To section. 
    To send emails to your respondents, you must include an email field in your form to collect their email address, then click the    (merge) icon in the To section to include this email field from your form. To send emails to the form respondents in privately shared forms, select the Added Email ID.
    You can also send emails to non-Zoho Forms users by entering their email address.

  6. If you wish to route the responses to your email to a different email address instead of your From address, click Add Reply and to send a copy of the email to your team or non - Zoho Forms users and keep them in a loop, click Add Cc in the To address section and enter their email addresses. Like earlier, you can click on the    icon next to the respective sections to include the email field from your form. To keep the form respondents in the loop in privately shared forms, select the Added Email ID option.
    Note:  You can include up to 20 recipients in the Reply-To field.

    Email Template

    Note : You can include up to 50 email addresses in the  To  and  CC  sections respectively. You can send emails to a maximum of 70 recipients in total, including To and CC addresses.
  7. Enter a Subject and draft the email content in Message

  8. You can merge values from your form responses in the subject line and message by clicking the  icon and selecting the required fields. 
    You can choose to include all the form fields in the email message by clicking the merge icon and selecting the All Fields option under Form Summary.
    If you wish to exclude the form fields that are left empty in the email message, select the Non-empty Fields option.
    If you are configuring to trigger emails when a record is updated, you can choose to include the fields that are modified in the email message by selecting the Modified Fields option. 
    Note:  Form Summary options (All Fields, Non-Empty Fields, and Modified Fields) can be included only once in the email message.

    Under the   option, you can include images by clicking     links  by  clicking    , and tables by clicking    , as well as attach documents by clicking    and format the text in the Message.

    Email template-subject

  9. Further down, you can choose to include attachments, form submission as PDF, merged documents, and a link to edit the form response in the email notifications:

    email template- attachments

  1. The Notify Form Respondent option while configuring the Email Notification template for New Record is not available for the users who have not selected the option earlier. To send emails to the form respondent or to keep them in the loop, select Added Email ID in the To address or in the CC for privately shared forms.
  2. While configuring the Email Notification template for Updated Record , you can send the email to the user who updates that particular entry by selecting the Notify user who edits form response option and to the form respondent by selecting Added Email ID in the To address or in the  CC  for privately shared forms.
Once you have saved your email notification template, you can see the summary of the email template. 
You can create and customize multiple email templates to suit your diverse communication needs by clicking + New Template in the top-right corner. For example, if you need to send an email to both the respondent and the admin about the form submission, you can configure distinct templates with relevant details in separate emails to keep everyone informed.

Template summary

Changing the From Address

While configuring an  email notification template, the From address will be the form owner's email address by default. You can change it to add a secondary email address , or  use the email address of your colleagues' (Sender Email Address) if they are a part of your Zoho Forms organization  or any Zoho group that you are admin/moderator of as the sender address.

If you are planning on changing the default From Address, keep note of the following pointers:
  1. Use a valid email address that exists. Using an invalid email address or an email address that does not exist may result in email notifications sent being flagged as spam.
  2. Use an email address that corresponds to your website domain to avoid your emails being treated as spam.
  3. It is advisable that you do not use free email service providers as your From Email. Some email servers may categorize emails from these providers as spam.
  4. Refrain from using the email address of your form respondent as the From Email. 
Note : If  you choose  as the From address, you can only add users within your organization as recipients. The Reply-To address will be the form owner's email address which cannot be changed.

Adding a secondary email address     

To add a secondary email address,

  1. Click your profile picture at the top right corner of the page. Click My Account.

  2. Under the Profile tab and click Email Address from the left menu.

  3. Click Add Email Address.

    Add secondary email address

  4. In the pop-up, enter the secondary email address, and click Add.

  5. Enter the OTP sent to your added email address, then click Verify.

Note: The secondary email address should not have been used to access any of the other Zoho services.

Sender Email Address              

A sender address is the From address you use to send email notifications to your respondents. You can use your colleagues' email addresses if they are a part of your Zoho Forms organization  or any Zoho group that you are either admin or moderator of as a sender address in your forms. To use your org user's email address as the From Address, you must first request their permission (Request for permission is not required if you are using a Zoho group as the sender address).       

To do so,

  1. In the top-right corner, click the    icon to access the Control Panel.

  2. Under Notification Settings , click Sender Email Address.

    Sender Email Address

  3. Click Add Sender Email and enter the users' email addresses or the group email addresses (that you are admin and moderator of) you would like to use as a sender address in your forms.

     Sender Addresses List 

  4. The users will receive an in-app notification to approve or deny your request as well as an email notification if you choose to send an email. 

  5. Once a user approves you, you can use their email address as the  From  address in your form.

Note : You can add group emails as sender addresses only if you are in the Basic plan or higher plans. If you wish to add your org user's email as the sender address, you must upgrade to the Standard Plan or higher.
You can alternatively add a new sender address while configuring email notifications by clicking  Add sender address  in the From  address dropdown. 

Managing permissions for Sender Email Address

You can manage permissions given to users in your Zoho Forms organization to use your email address. You can approve or deny new requests and revoke access for existing users under Manage Permissions.
To manage permissions for Sender Address,
  1. In the top-right corner, click the icon to access the Control Panel.
  2. Under  Notification Settings , click Sender Email Address.

  3. In the left menu, click Manage Permissions under Sender Email Address.

    Manage Permissions

  4. Here, you can find the list of users who have requested access to use your email address. 

  5. You can accept or decline the requests and revoke access for existing users.

Adding links inside an email notification

You can insert useful links inside the body of your emails to instantly take your respondents to  webpages or to  other forms,  or t o send emails to s pecific email addresses.

Link to a webpage    

Adding URLs of  webpages inside your email can take your respondents to wherever you want them to land. For example, you can provide links to webpages to give more information about your business to your respondents.
To do so,
  1. While configuring you email notification template, click the   icon in the Message section and select    icon and choose the URL option in the pop-up. 

  2. Enter the text to be displayed as a link in the email.

  3. Enter the Web address where your respondents should be redirected to upon clicking the link.

    Insert link URL

  4. Click Done.

Link to an email    

Providing a link to an email address inside your email notification allows your respondents to quickly send emails to the required people. 

To do so,

  1. While configuring your email notification template,  click the   icon in the Message section and select     icon and choose the Email option in the pop-up. 

  2. Enter the text to be displayed as a link in the email.

  3. Enter the Email address to which the respondents can send an email upon clicking the link.

  4. You can enter the Email subject to be prefilled upon clicking the link.

    For example, a user can get in touch with the support team for any queries related to the product by clicking Contact Zylker Support. They will be directed to draft an email with the To  address and the Subject prefilled.

    Insert link email

Link to a form with prefilled values    

You can make your respondents fill out another form as the next step by adding the form's link in your email notification. You can also populate values from the current form to the redirected form and simplify the form filling process for your respondents.

To add a form's link in your email,
  1. While configuring your email notification template,  click the   icon in the Message section and select     icon and choose the Another Form option in the pop-up. 
  2. Enter the text to be displayed as a link in the email.

  3. Search for the form that you wish to redirect your respondents to under Form Name.

  4. To prefill values in the redirected form, configure the field alias option for the form you have selected under Form Name. Next, while configuring email notifications, select the Prefill field values in redirected form  option.

    Insert link Another Form

Link to edit form response

When you set up an email notification workflow to send confirmation emails to your respondents, you can include a link to edit their submitted responses within the email. To do so,
  1. While configuring your email notification template,  click the   icon in the Message section and select     icon and choose the Edit response option.
  2. Enter the text to be displayed as a link in the email.

    Edit response

The email will now include a link for the respondents to edit their form response.
Note: The option to include a link to allow respondents to edit their responses in the email notifications will be enabled only when  you select Yes  to Allow Respondents to Edit Their Response under Response Settings.

Alternatively, you can include the link to edit response by selecting the Include a link to allow respondents to edit their response while configuring your  email notification template.
edit form response

Trigger emails based on form responses

You can configure form rules to trigger email notifications when certain conditions are met. You can set up workflows and send different emails based on form responses this way.
You can use this option to:

  1. Send personalized emails to each of your respondents based on their form responses.
  1. Send emails to the selected members of your organization based on the respondents' input.

To send emails based on conditional workflows, configure Form Rules under the  Rules tab and select the Send Email action.

Learn more about configuring the conditional email workflow option.

Check out the tips on writing effective emails.

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