Zoho CRM Integration | Add New Record to Zoho CRM module - Zoho Forms

Adding a new record to a Zoho CRM module

Using the Zoho Forms - Zoho CRM integration, you can automatically push your form responses into Zoho CRM modules each time a new form entry is received. You can also trigger certain actions in Zoho CRM such as Workflow Rules, Assignment Rules, etc. while pushing the form entries.
New lead added in C

Integration Setup

To push your form entries to Zoho CRM,

  1. Navigate to the  Integrations tab and click Zoho CRM from the left menu.

  2. Click Integrate.

  3. Select the required Zoho CRM Module and Layout to which you want to push your form data.

  4. Map all the mandatory Zoho CRM fields to the corresponding Zoho Forms fields. To map more fields, click + Add fields.

  5. While integrating your form with a module, you can configure a Lookup filter to look for existing fields in Zoho CRM that match the response of a form field under Lookup Mapping
    Note: Lookup Mapping section is available only when you have added the Lookup Field in Zoho CRM.

  6. If you have attachment fields in your form, you can map them to the respective Zoho CRM attachment fields under Attachment Mapping. View the list of supported attachment fields that can be mapped.

    Zoho CRM Integration Setup

    Note: A form attachment field can only be used once  for mapping. That is, while integrating your form with Zoho CRM, you can only have one instance of mapping a form attachment field under Attachment Mapping or Attachment & Signature.

  7. If you have a Subform in Zoho Forms, you can map the Subform fields to the corresponding Subform fields in Zoho CRM.

  8. Once all the fields are mapped, you can select the necessary actions to be performed in Zoho CRM when your form data is pushed.

  9. Click Integrate to save your settings.

Supported Modules

You can integrate your forms with the following Zoho CRM modules:

Standard Modules:
Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Potentials, Campaigns, Cases, Solutions, Products, Price Books, Vendors, Events, Tasks, and Calls.

Custom Modules:

Zoho Forms can be integrated with all custom modules in Zoho CRM.

Supported Attachment Fields

S. No
Zoho CRM Attachment Field
Supported Zoho Forms Attachment Fields
Record PhotoImage Upload
Image UploadImage Upload, Signature
File Upload
File Upload, Image Upload, Signature

Supported Field Types

These are the Zoho Forms fields that can be mapped with the respective fields in Zoho CRM. 

S. No
Zoho CRM Field
Supported Zoho Forms Fields
Single Line
Single Line, Multi Line, Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Unique ID, Dropdown, Radio, Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Matrix Choice, Image Choices, Number, Decimal, Currency, Slider, Rating, Formula, Date, Time, Date-Time, Referrer Name, IP Address, Terms & Conditions, Language Code, Geolocation, Added Email ID, UTM Campaign Details, Payment Status, Payment Currency, Payment Transaction ID
Multi Line
Single Line, Multi Line, Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Unique ID, Dropdown, Radio, Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Matrix Choice, Image Choices, Number, Decimal, Currency, Slider, Rating, Formula, Date, Time, Date-Time, Referrer Name, Terms & Conditions, Language Code, Geolocation, Added Email ID, UTM Campaign Details, Payment Status, Payment Currency, Payment Transaction ID
Single Line, Email, Added Email ID
Single Line, Phone
Pick List
Single Line, Dropdown, Radio, Matrix Choice, Image Choices, Terms & Conditions, Language Code, UTM Campaign Details, Payment Status, Payment Currency
Multi Select
Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Matrix Choice, Image Choices, Language Code
Date-Time, Added Time
Number, Slider, Rating
Currency, Payment Amount, Formula, Number, Rating, Slider
Decimal, Formula, Payment Amount
Decimal, Formula, Payment Amount
Long Integer
  Number, Slider, Rating
  Decision Box
  Single Line, Website

Trigger Actions in Zoho CRM while adding a new record

While pushing form data to Zoho CRM, you can choose to trigger certain actions in Zoho CRM.
Trigger Actions in Zoho CRM

Automation & Process Management

This option triggers your Workflow Rules, Blueprint, CommandCenter, Approval Processes, and Review Processes configured in Zoho CRM while pushing form entries.

Attachment & Signature

This option pushes attachments associated with each form entry to the selected Zoho CRM module. The following attachments can be pushed from Zoho Forms to Zoho CRM:
  • Signatures

  • File upload/ Image Upload field attachments

  • Merged documents (only the documents sent via email notifications can be pushed to Zoho CRM)

  • PDF of form submissions 

    You can choose to push the Default Template, Custom Template(s), PDFs sent in form submission workflows, and PDFs sent in approval process as attachments to Zoho CRM.

    • If you choose PDFs in form submission workflows, the PDF template sent to the respondent after submitting the form (for example, the PDF downloaded from the Thank You page, or any PDF sent via email notification) will be pushed to Zoho CRM as an attachment. 

    • If you choose PDFs in approval process, the PDF template sent to the respondent along with the Final Approval Email will be pushed to Zoho CRM as an attachment.
      Attachments pushed to Zoho CRM

Note: If you have configured to store your file attachments in Zoho WorkDrive using Manage Form Attachments, only the attachment link from Zoho WorkDrive will be pushed to the Zoho CRM module.


This option pushes form entries to an approval list of the selected module in Zoho CRM instead of adding them to the module directly. You can manually approve these records in Zoho CRM to add them to a module or discard the spam entries. 

Capture GCLID (Google Click ID)

This option determines the information regarding the Google Adwords advertisement that brought a Lead/Contact to your website. Capturing GCLID is necessary to obtain the Google Ads information right inside your Zoho CRM account. 
  1. Select Capture GCLID under Actions.
  2. Copy the Tracking code from the pop-up and paste it in all the web pages of your website, right before the </body> tag.
     The GCLID is passed to Zoho CRM along with the pushed form data. 
The tracking code keeps a record of the GCLID even if the visitor navigates to other pages before filling up your form.

Upsert Record

This option lets you update existing records in Zoho CRM with new values. Upon selecting this option, if a record with identical value exists in Zoho CRM, it will be updated with the new values. If not, a new record will be created in Zoho CRM. You can arrange fields in the order of preference for upsertion. 

Upsert Record

Here's how upsert works:

For example, you arrange an Email field before a Company field. When a form is submitted with the Company as Zylker and Email as rebecca@zylker.com,
  1. First, it is checked if the email rebecca@zylker.com exists in Zoho CRM. If it does, then the mapped fields get updated to the record associated with that email address.
  2. In case the email address rebecca@zylker.com does not exist in Zoho CRM,  it's checked if the company Zylker exists. If it does, then the mapped fields get updated to the record associated with that company name.
  3. If none of the field values exists, then a new record with all the mapped details is created in Zoho CRM.
  4. You can also choose to overwrite existing values in Zoho CRM with empty field values from Zoho Forms or exclude empty values while upserting a record under Upsert Preferences.
  5. Click Done to save your preferences.

Note: Only the fields that are configured with 'do not allow duplicates values' in the respective module of your Zoho CRM will be displayed in the Upsert Record option in Zoho Forms.

Assignment Rules

This option triggers the Assignment Rules configured in Zoho CRM when form entries are pushed to a Zoho CRM module. 
To do this,
  1. You must first configure assignment rules for the selected module in Zoho CRM under Setup > Automation > Assignment Rules .
  2. All the assignment rules configured in Zoho CRM for the selected module will be displayed when you select Assignment Rules action while configuring the integration.
  3. Select an Assignment Rule to be triggered with each form entry. 

Tag Records

This option lets you add a Tag name to the records that are pushed to Zoho CRM from Zoho Forms. You can create a new tag by selecting Add Input Manually or use form responses to tag records. You can also enter existing tag names created in Zoho CRM to associate pushed records with that tag. 
You can choose if the new tag should overwrite the existing tags of a record or append to the existing ones while updating the record.

Tag record

Set Alert on Integration Failure

Once your integration settings are saved, you can choose to receive an email alert if the integration fails.

To do so,

  1. Click Set Alert in the top-right corner.
  2. Configure the email alert template as shown and click Save. Configure Email Alert on integration failure

  1. To stop receiving email alerts on integration failure, click Remove Alert.
  1. The option to set an email alert on integration failure is available only in our paid plans.
  2. You can send email alerts to a maximum of 5 users within your organization.
  3. An email alert will be triggered only on the first occurrence of integration failure every 24 hours.

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