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Zoho Forms
Every business, big or small, needs to scoop up data at some point. Data helps businesses understand their customers, and figure out what's working and what's not. It's like having a map to guide you through the business journey.
Transform the time-consuming “ collect, stack, and enter ” paper form workflow into “ capture, store, and process ” paperless approach with Zoho Forms and simplify data collection.

Why Switch to online forms?

Switch to online forms

Here are some disadvantages of using paper forms for your business:

More information needed = More paper needed
Collecting data in person is time-taking and tiresome
Papers can be easily misplaced
Potential for incorrect data format
Having to manually check for unanswered fields

Advantages of online forms

Why do you need a form builder?

To create custom and professional web forms quickly with drag and drop fields
To create better user experience by simplifying the form filling process with conditional rules
To embed data collection forms in your website and generate leads with no coding knowledge
To collect payments seamlessly using secure payment gateways
To auto-generate documents merged with form responses such as invoices, interview call letters, etc.
To nurture your leads with confirmation emails

... and the list goes on!

Who is Zoho Forms for?

Zoho Forms is for anyone who wants to efficiently collect and manage data. Every form has different needs and with our easy-to-use, advanced, feature-rich form builder, creating beautiful, and functional forms is a walk in the park, with no downloads, no coding knowledge, or installations required. You can build a form, share it, and start collecting data in just a matter of minutes. We understand how important your time and productivity are to you, so our prompt customer support ensures you're never left in the dark. Using Zoho Forms, you can easily create forms ranging from registration forms to payment order forms. HR managers, market researchers, sales representatives, event planners, NGOs, and educators use Zoho Forms to design beautiful forms from scratch.

Build interesting forms without breaking a sweat, simplify data collection and capture leads to your business now! 

Mobile Form Field Travelling -Zoho Forms

Key Features in Zoho Forms

30+ Field Types

Field Types

Each field in the form maker has customizable properties that help distinguish your forms. These fields are designed to protect your respondents' privacy and any sensitive information.
Form Templates

Pre-built templates

Pick from a collection of pre-built form templates that suit your business need. Preview and select the form template for your case, and customize it to fit your requirements.

Custom Themes

Create Custom Forms - Zoho Forms

Looks do matter! To generate the responses that you intend to collect, grabbing your audience's attention is crucial. Customize form components to your liking and make each element work seamlessly with your web page's design and aesthetic.  You can apply your brand's style to your form and impress your website visitors. Include logo and images, modify the fonts, alter the field label's color and add other styling effects to your form. With our exceptional  theme builder, design customization can be done without having to write any code at all. You can translate your  form into  multiple languages and share them globally.

Custom Domain

Custom Domain
Give your form URL a unique identity by  using your company's domain or subdomain.  Maintain brand consistency and ensure your form's authenticity across several mediums by allowing respondents to recognize the company and brand name backing a form.

Payment Forms

Multiple payment Gateways

Create secure and efficient payment forms. Safely collect payments from customers in your choice of currency with the help of secure payment gateways . Provide an option for your customers to pay for their order by choosing any of the multiple payment gateways provided in your form.

Skip logic
Conditional Logic Form Builder - Zoho Forms
Redirect your respondents to the relevant question or page based on their answers. Set rules to hide irrelevant information in the form, and provide a customized form filling experience for each respondent.

Save and Resume
Resume Form Builder - Zoho Forms
Give your respondents the freedom to save partially filled forms and complete them at their convenience. Ensure that no data is lost so form filling is an easy task instead of a tiresome one.

Share Forms

Share easily accessible   Embed forms

Reaching out to your audience via the right platform is vital to generate responses. You can  embed a form in your web pages,  share  a link of the form in your websites and social media sites,  send it via email campaigns or  share it with your teammates privately within your organization . Regardless of the type or version of the web browser and the device used by your audience, they will be able to view and submit a form without any disruption.  Share forms on multiple platforms and collect data with ease. Embed forms on your website using various easy embedding options. 



Automate multiple workflows quickly and easily with our integrations. Trigger actions based on the responses you receive and increase productivity without breaking a sweat with our app integrations for online forms.  By integrating Zoho Forms with an online app, you can automatically push your form's data to that app. Moreover, the data pushed from Zoho Forms will be able to trigger various actions and automated workflows that you have set up in your online tools. Explore our various integration options to discover how integrations will help you increase your productivity.

Email Notifications Push Notifications - Overview

Send instant notifications , messages and redirect respondents to pages upon form submission. Maintain correspondence with your respondents by following up form submissions with confirmation emails, messages.

Tracking and Goals

Tracking and Goals

Review form performance with features specific to analytics, tracking and goals. Track form submissions that came through a website or an ad campaign with UTM parameters. Measure completed form submissions as goals in Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel and analyze your campaign's success.

Responsive Forms
Preview form

Conquer every screen size with responsive forms that automatically adapt themselves to different screen sizes and browsers in all device s. Provide a great form filling experience with forms that automatically adapt themselves to different screen sizes and browsers in all devices.

Export Reports
Data Form Export
Consolidate the data received in tabular columns, and  export form submissions as documents. Easily share copies of these documents with the rest of your team via email or print to ensure everyone stays in the loop while working collaboratively.  With Zoho Forms, you will be able to view and edit the entries under a single roof easily. With the added benefit of generating  reports , you can analyze data and gather actionable intelligence. You can schedule and send reports of the form entries to recipients at regular intervals.
Zoho Forms also provides a built-in analytics for each form where you can find out about the page views, submissions, error score, and conversion rate.

Basic Analytics

PDF of Form Submission
PDF of form submission in Thank You pagePDF of form submission in email notifications
Form entries can be converted into downloadable  PDFs . You can also choose to attach these documents in the emails that you send to your respondents.

Multi-Level Approval Process

Levels of Approval

Set up a multilevel approval system to process form submissions and automate subsequent workflows efficiently.  Configure multiple levels of approval   by adding designated approvers from your organization to approve or deny the form entries received.

Auto-Assign Tasks within your team

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to your team members to view and analyze form submissions together and split workloads. Set edit permissions to task owners, thereby allowing them to update specific fields.

Merge Documents

Merge documents

Merge form responses to create custom documents. Configure your forms to send respondents emails containing attachments of online invoices, tickets, passes, and receipts once a payment has been made and a submission is successful.


GDPR   SSL   Encryption   CAPTCHA OTP Verification - enter mobile number   Double Opt-In  

Your privacy is important to us, and data security is our top priority.  Explore the various spam control and privacy features.

Zoho Forms offers a plethora of features that we could go on and on about. Go through our User Guide   to learn everything there is to know about setting up an online form and use Zoho Forms to its fullest potential.

Build your first web form

Creating a form should be simple and easy with our form creator software that's designed to accommodate users with no coding experience. With our dynamic drag-and-drop interface, even building a complex form is effortless. From a collection of 30+ fields available in our form builder, pick the fields of your choice and ask your audience the right questions. Moreover, you can customize the properties of every field that you use. These fields are optimized to protect the privacy of your respondents and safeguard any sensitive information.

Check out:
  1. Getting Started with Zoho Forms
  2. Automation features available in Zoho Forms

Our mobile app advantage

As a pioneer in mobile data collection, Zoho Forms' mobile app helps you in creating forms and gathering data when you are on the move. With the mobile app, you can access and edit the forms that you've created online, and vice-versa. With the capability of offline data collection, you never have to worry about missing out on collecting data again! Here are a few advantages of our mobile app:
Create forms and efficiently collect data offline using our mobile app.
  1. Capture photos using your phone's camera and upload them to your form.
  2. Autofill form fields by scanning QR codes and barcodes with your phone.
  3. Use the mobile app to collect signatures on your forms.
  4. Capture the coordinates where your form is being filled in, to autofill the address field.
  5. Convert your mobile device into a standalone kiosk and collect data at events, using Zoho Forms.


Say goodbye to paperwork!
Goodbye to paper work

Sign up for your free-forever Zoho Forms account now. If you have advanced requirements, explore our low-cost  pricing  plans and subscribe to a plan that meets your expectations.

Online forms

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