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Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout payment gateway configuration

If you have selected Stripe Checkout as the Payment Gateway, follow the below steps:

Account Information

  1. Under Account Information, enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key.
  2. Select the required Currency in which you wish to receive payments.
  3. Enter the Payment  Amount. You can either set a fixed amount for payment or autofill the Payment Amount with a value from a form field.
  4. Enter Your Product Name that will be displayed to your respondent on the Stripe Checkout page. For example, if you give your product name Zylker Store, it will be displayed in the payment page as shown.

    How Product Name is displayed while making payment

  5. Under Payment Option(s), you can either choose the payment method from the available options or from automatic payment methods.
    1. If you choose Select payment methods, you can select the payment methods that must be listed for customers to pay from the list of payment methods enabled in your Stripe dashboard.
    2. If you choose Use payment methods configured in Stripe, all the payment methods enabled in your Stripe Dashboard > Settings > Payment methods will be displayed. 
  1. If you choose ACH Direct Debit as the Payment Method, there can be delayed success notifications. If you have enabled the Workflow option with this payment method, it might take 1-2 business days to receive a payment success notification.
  2. If you choose Afterpay / Clearpay as the Payment Method, ensure that you collect Name and Address under Shipping Information.
Note: Ensure that the selected Payment Methods are available for the chosen Currency. For example, Ideal is not supported for USD.

Webhook Configuration

  1. Under  Webhook Configuration, copy the Webhook URL.
  2. In your Stripe account's dashboard, navigate to Developers > Webhooks.
  3. Click Add an endpoint  and paste the copied Webhook URL under Endpoint URL
  4. Provide a Description and select the Latest API version (2020-08-27).
  5. Select the following events to listen to:
  6. Click Add events and then click Add endpoint.


  7. Once the webhook is enabled, click Reveal under Signing secret  and copy the secret.
  8. Now, in the Payment Settings of Stripe Checkout in your form builder, paste the copied Signing Secret under Webhook Secret.
  1. Payment status via webhooks will be updated as long as your webhook is active.
  2. Payment status will not be updated if there is any mismatch in the Signing secret entered.
It is sufficient to configure one webhook for Zoho Forms, even if multiple forms are linked to the same Stripe merchant credentials.

Payment Information

Under Payment Information, specify the details to be shown on the Stripe dashboard:
  1. You can change the default Description and include form responses in the description by clicking the   icon.
  2. Under Mail Receipt to, you can select the required Email field from the form fields. Stripe will send the receipt of the transaction to this email address.

Shipping Information

Under Shipping Information, you can include the Name and Address of your customer by mapping them to the corresponding form fields. If you choose to include shipping details, then both the Name and the Address fields are mandatory. 

Customer Information

Under Customer Information, you can include the Email, Name, Address, and Phone Number of your customer by mapping them to your form fields. A new customer with these details will be created in your Stripe account each time a payment is received via Zoho Forms. 
Note: This is a mandatory step for Indian users accepting international payments. Learn more
You cannot set up both Stripe and Stripe Checkout as payment gateways for the same form.
If you wish to change the brand and color of the Stripe payment page, 
  1. In your Stripe dashboard, navigate to Settings > Product Settings > Checkout and Payment Links.
  2. Under Custom Options > Appearance, go to Branding Settings to upload your brand icon or logo, and set colors.
You can also include details about your store policies and support contact information on the payment page.
When configuring payment gateways, sensitive information like secret keys and tokens are encrypted before they are stored in our database and are never exposed to other third party apps.

Stripe or Stripe Checkout?

Stripe payment gateway lets respondents directly enter their credit card details on the form whereas Stripe Checkout redirects them to the Stripe website that displays the various regional payment methods (if you have enabled the regional payment methods while configuring the payment gateway). This is more likely to contribute to higher conversions by meeting the respondents' payment preferences and reducing their effort of manually entering their credit card information.
Using Stripe Checkout, you can support alternate payment methods making it simpler for your customers to make payments. The regional payment methods supported with Stripe Checkout as your payment gateway include:
  1. Cards : Lets you accept card payments (credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets). Learn about the card brands supported by Stripe.
  2. IDEAL : iDEAL is a payment method based in the Netherlands that lets customers to carry out online payments using their bank credentials.
  3. Giropay : giropay is a German payment method where customers can complete online payments through online banking.
  4. SEPA Debit : The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a European Union effort to simplify payments between member countries by  facilitating direct debiting of all € bank accounts in the SEPA region.
  5. Sofort : It enables direct and secure payments to be processed using personal online banking credentials to accept payments from customers in Austria, Belgium. It can take from 2 to 14 days to receive notification of payment success or failure.
  6. Bancontact : It is a Belgium based online payment method where customers can make payments online using a Bancontact card or a mobile app linked to a Belgian bank account.
  7. ACH Direct Debit : Stripe users in the US can accept ACH Direct Debit payments from customers who have a bank account in the United States through the  ACH payments system. It can take up to 4 business days to receive acknowledgement of payment success or failure.
  8. PayNow : PayNow is a payment method based in Singapore that allows customers to make payments through their preferred app.
  9. BECS Direct Debit (AU) : Stripe users in Australia can accept BECS Direct Debit payments from customers with an Australian bank account.
  10. Afterpay / Clearpay : Afterpay also known as Clearpay in the EU, facilitates your customers in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the US to make payments in installments for purchases.
  11. FPX : FPX is a Malaysia-based payment method. Customers are redirected to their online banking environment to complete two-step authorization in order to pay with FPX.
Learn more about the types of payment methods.

Enabling local payment methods can boost your conversions. Stripe Checkout can be extremely beneficial to users from countries where credit card usage is not common.
Every respondent's preferred payment method may differ depending on device or geography whether it's Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, or any other payment method. The inclusion of regional payment methods enhances the user experience and quickens the checkout process through your form.
In your Stripe Checkout dashboard, you can turn on Apple Pay and Google Pay under Settings > Checkout and Payment Links > Faster checkout

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