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Workplace Automation: Use Cases

Numerous processes in just about any workplace, regardless of the nature of business, can be streamlined to reduce the workload on employees and cut down on additional costs. With Zoho Forms' automation features, you can automate the regular, mundane, time-consuming tasks, giving your employees more time to engage in activities that require human involvement. Automating tasks in your business also ensures the efficiency and compliance of various workflows. Explore the advantages of automating your business workflows and some of the businesses that can use workflow automation.

Simplify these tasks at office

Every business has tedious jobs that are time-consuming, monotonous, and tedious, but are supposed to be error-free. These jobs when done manually are prone to errors. Identify tasks that are frequently performed and take a long time to complete manually. Evaluate whether the identified tasks can be automated, and if not, break the workflow down into granular tasks to find out which ones can be automated. Once you have discovered the workflows fit for automation, choose the software features that can automate them.
This article will help you understand some of the use cases where Zoho Forms can automate workflows to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Data Entry of Employee Records

Assume you have a large number of employees, and manually keeping all of their data, including personal information, department, emergency contact information, and so on, will be inconvenient. While an Employee Details form simplifies collecting this data from employees, managing the form responses in a sheet is also simple by auto-populating them into spreadsheets in real time, using the Zoho Forms integration with Zoho Sheet/Google Sheets.

Zoho Sheet Integrations - Zoho Forms   

 You can even sort and consolidate form responses into reports by applying custom filters.

Leave Approval Process

At some point, every employee in an organization will have to go through the leave application and approval process. Having an approval process within your organization becomes essential to approve certain documents, applications, invoices, budgets, purchase orders, discounts, vacation time, etc. To streamline the manual approval processes that you already have and make them more efficient, and easier to manage, you can automate the repetitive approval processes by building appropriate forms and setting up an approval process.

Expense Approvals

An organization's expense approval process should be simple and efficient. Trying to accomplish the approval process through spreadsheets is unreliable and time-consuming. When managers or the finance team fail to approve expenses on time due to manual processes, it frequently stymies the work of various teams and results in a lack of funds to purchase supplies.

Zoho Forms' Approval workflows will help you automate the expense approvals. 
Create an Expense Report Form. 

Set up Approval Levels (Manager Review, Finance Review, etc.) to automate stage-by-stage approvals.

Signature Workflow of Legal Contracts

Digitize your paperwork by using Zoho Forms - Zoho Sign integration to customize your HR agreements, sale of goods contracts, etc., and let your forms handle the hassle of collecting e-signature from business signatories. With this automated process, your documents will be approved with legally binding signatures in a matter of seconds. You can now close business deals more quickly than ever before by getting the approval of multiple collaborators on a single document in an orderly manner.

Signed and completed sales agreement

Invoice Generation

Instead of manually creating invoices for each form submission in your payment form, you can automatically generate unique invoices with each form submission and attach them to the email notifications sent to your customers.
Select from a variety of pre-designed Zoho Writer templates or create your own custom invoice template. Then, auto-populate these templates with form responses with the Document Merge feature. You can create a unique invoice number for each invoice generated as well with the Unique ID field.

Document Merge

You can even get merged documents signed and verified by multiple members of your organization using Zoho Sign, after the document merge process is configured with Zoho Writer. In a few straightforward steps, you can list the emails of teammates who need to sign a document or receive a signed copy of it, and your documents will be mailed to them all automatically.

Document Merging

Employee Onboarding

Say, you have your business running in different locations and the onboarding process for new hires varies by location, manual onboarding and the back and forth paperwork can become a real pain. Using Zoho Forms to automate and streamline the onboarding process can make your life a lot easier.

  1. Employees can fill out the online forms remotely.
  2. Redirect each form on submission to the next form to be filled by the employee automatically. 
  3. Prefill the data once filled by employees in all the forms so the employee doesn't have to enter the details a second time.
  4. Auto-validate form fields with customized error messages to ensure that there are no data entry errors.
  5. Display different form fields based on different options selected by employees to create a personalized flow for each employee with Field Rules.
  6. Get employee signatures on important forms with the Signature field.
  7. Set the form span to restrict form access after a specific date/time.
  8. Auto-generate PDFs of important form submissions and attach them to the emails triggered.

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