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Form Building

  1. Why is the decision box checked state not getting pre-filled in the redirected form?

    If you have configured to pre-fill the decision box state from the current form in the redirected form, check for the following cases:

    Case 1:
     If you have customized the State Display Message of the Decision box in both the current and redirected forms, make sure that the State Display Message is the same in both.

    Case 2:
     If you have customized the Decision box’s State Display Message in the current form but not in the redirected form, the checked state will be pre-filled in the redirected form only if the State Display Message is set to true for checked state and false for unchecked state in the current form.

  2. How to change the name and address delimiters that appear in the email notification summary?

    You can customize the name and address delimiters under the form's Settings > General > Delimiters. Make the changes and save.

  3. How to allow files of large size to be uploaded?

    By default, you can allow files of size upto 20 MB to be uploaded using the File Upload field.
    To allow file uploads above 20 MB (upto 1 GB),


    1. Upgrade to our Premium or Zoho One Enterprise plan.

    2. In your form builder, go to Settings > Manage Form Attachments.

    3. Choose Zoho WorkDrive and select the Manage Manually option to create and manage folders manually.

    4. Once you set up your team in Zoho WorkDrive, select the desired folder to map the attachment fields to it and click Add.

    5. Select the Allow Uploads above 20 MB option to allow uploads up to 1 GB. When you select this option, the attachments will not be processed by Zoho Forms and will be directly stored in the configured Zoho WorkDrive folder.

    Form attachments of any size will not be supported in PDFs, Merged Documents, Email attachments, and Integrations.

  4. How to change the position of the field label?

    Click your Form Title to access the Form Properties. 
    Under Label Placement, select if you want the field labels in your form to be placed at the top, to the left, or to the right of the fields.

  5. How to autofill current date and time while respondent fills the form?

    Add a Date-Time field from the Basic Fields to your form. In the Properties of the field, select Autofill Date-Time of Response option under Initial ValueFurther, if you do not want your respondents to edit the autofilled Date and Time, enable the Disable Field option under Visibility.

  6. How to restrict the size of files that my respondents can upload to the form?

    Under the field Properties of the File Upload / Image Upload field, enter the Max size (in KB or MB) as required in File Size.

  7. How to allow only certain file types to be uploaded?

    Under the field Properties of the File Upload / Image Upload field, give the file types that you wish to allow in File Size.

  8. How to push the file uploads that failed to be stored in Zoho Docs?

    You can use the Re-push option available in the All Entries section of the form to push the failed file uploads into Zoho Docs. 
    Navigate to the All Entries section of the form and select Attachment Failed Entries in the filter.

    From the list of failed entries displayed, select the entries that you wish to push again and click Repush option to push the failed entries to Zoho Docs.

  9. How to change the name of the PDF generated in form's name?

    By default, the PDF of form submission is generated in the name of the form. If you wish to customize the name to suit your requirement better,


    1. In your form builder, navigate to Settings > PDF Settings.

    2. Click Customize under Customize your PDF.

    You can give the PDF a name of your choice under 
    Name your PDF.

  10. How to customize the order in which form fields appear for approval to the approvers?

    Sometimes, the fields that give the most relevant information may need to be positioned ahead of other fields so that the approver does not miss on the critical details before approving a record. To achieve this, you can change the order in which the form fields appear to the approver for approval irrespective of the position of fields on your form.


    To customize the order,

    1. In your form builder, while you configure the Level of approval under the Approvals tab, you can drag and drop the fields and position them as required under Field Permissions.

    2. You can also give the approver the permission to edit fields by changing the default Read permission to Write next to the desired fields.

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