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Google Tag Manager

  1. Why is my event showing up in GTM Preview but not in Google Analytics reports?

    If your form is embedded in a website, make sure that you have followed steps 3 and 4  here .
    Otherwise, if you have a standalone form, publish Google Tag Manager(GTM) once again and check. Make sure that you have configured Universal Analytics tag, as we do not support the others yet.

  2. Why is my event showing up in Google Analytics reports but not GTM Preview mode?

    Check if the domain is enabled for debugging in GTM Preview window.

  3. Why is my tag not getting triggered even though the event is visible in GTM Preview mode?

    Make sure that you have executed the below steps:

    1. While configuring the custom event trigger, check if you have set the  Event Name  as given in Zoho Forms. For example: zf_submitform, or set a custom event name as zf_* and select  Use regex matching .
    2. In the  Preview  mode, click the required event and click the Tag that is not getting fired to view the Tag Details. Here, we can check the trigger that is not getting executed.

    3. Navigate to the  Data Layer  part of the event to see the data received from Zoho Forms.

    4. Verify the variables received with the variables shown under Firing Triggers in Step 2 to find where the discrepancy lies.

  4. Why is my event not getting fired while embedding a form in my website?

    Preview  using only the form, before embedding it into the website and check if the event is getting fired.
    If it is not getting fired, re-check the configuration you have set up.
    Otherwise, if it is getting fired standalone, make sure that you have followed the steps given  here .

  5. How do I achieve goal conversion using GTM?

    Follow the steps given in the help document  and configure goal conversion in your Google Analytics account using the steps below:

    If you have a Universal Analytics Property configured:

     1. Setup an Event goal in Google Analytics.
     2. Under  Goal details , set the conditions as per the tag configuration you have set up and save.

    If you have a Google Analytics 4 event configured:

    There are 2 ways to do this:

    In your Google Analytics account, go to Configure >  Events. Under  Mark as conversion , switch the toggle next to the event that is the most important (For example: submit_form).

    Alternatively, go to  Configure  >  Conversions  and click New conversion event . Enter the new event name (For example: thank_you_page_visit) and save.

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