1. What applications can I integrate my forms with?

    You can integrate your forms with Google Docs, Salesforce, WebHooks and Zoho apps like CRM, Desk, Campaigns etc. Also, the Zapier integrations allow you to integrate with over 750 apps. Learn More

  2. What should I do if the data is not pushed to the integrated service after the Integration is setup properly?

    Look for the Integration Status in the All Entries section of your form and see the reason for failure.

  3. Why can't I map my Subform fields to the fields in Zoho CRM?

    The Subform field of the form can only be mapped with a Subform field in Zoho CRM. Include a Subform within the particular module in Zoho CRM and then configure the integration. 

  4. Why are form entries not pushed to Zoho CRM with the reason Invalid Data? 

    It is possible that the character limit in the mapped Zoho CRM field has been reached.

  5. How to push merged document from Zoho Forms to Zoho CRM?

    Merged Document refers to the Document Merge template configured with Zoho Writer.

    To push the merged document to Zoho CRM, you need to configure Email Notification settings and include this Document Merge template with Zoho Writer in the email notification.

    - Navigate to Settings > Email Notifications and select Attach merged document option.

    - Then, navigate to Integrations > Zoho CRM > select Attachment & Signature > Merged Document. 

    Once configured, a form entry along with the document will be pushed to Zoho CRM.

  6. Why do I see the Zoho Desk integration status as Failed - The data is invalid due to validation restrictions?

    It is possible that certain field values in your form contain special characters. Zoho Desk does not allow special characters such as '&' due to which, the records didn't get through. 
    To push the entries, navigate to the All Entries section of your form and click the edit icon corresponding to the entry to update the particular field's data. Then, you can re-push the failed entries to Zoho Desk.

  7. What to do when my integrated Google Sheet has reached its limit to add  entries from Zoho Forms?

    When the integrated Google Sheet has reached its limit, you may see the Unable to create Google Web Sheet error
     A workbook in a Google Sheet can only contain upto 5000000 cells. To resolve this, you can either remove the unused worksheets from the respective workbook in Google Sheet or create a new workbook in Google Sheet and then integrate your form with the Worksheet that is under the new workbook.

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