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UTM Tracking

  1. How do I check if my UTM Tracking setup is correct?
    1. Right-click on your website and click  Inspect
    2. Navigate to the  console  and type:
      ZFLead  - if you have used the Basic Tracking Code.
      ZFAdvLead  - if you have used the Advanced Tracking Code.
    3. Press Enter. If you see an error,  ZFLead/ZFAdvLead   is not defined,  re-check your setup and make sure that you have placed the Tracking Code in the footer of all the pages.
  2. Why is the UTM Tracking setup not working in my website created using Wix website builder?  

    While configuring the  HTML Settings  in Wix website builder, make sure to enter the website URL under the  Website Address  option (not under the Code option).

  3. Why is the UTM Tracking setup not working in my website created using WordPress?  

    1. Right click on your website and click  Inspect .
    2. Navigate to  Elements  if you are using Chrome, Edge, or Safari browser. If you are using Firefox browser, navigate to  Inspector .
    3. Search for the iframe tag containing the public URL of the form as shown.
    4. Check if the public URL is in the following format:
      src="https://forms.zohopublic.com/testing/form/ContactForm204/formperma/ThEJ9a4NotojZ-HxyN2cUWxSfGoVkO26JJ9JPhPDl9E"   with  src  as the attribute as shown in the above image.
      1. Add  class="no-lazyload",  if you are using  Smush  plugin.
      2. If you are using any other plugin, add the domain  zohopublic.com  in the Plugin settings to avoid lazyloading for Zoho Forms iframe.
      3. If you are still unable to resolve the issue after following the above steps, add  class="skip-lazy".  Check with WordPress to remove lazyloading for iframe.
  4. After setting up UTM Tracking, why do I see  forms.zohopublic.com/referral  as the source or medium instead of the UTM parameters configured?  

    Use the Advanced UTM Tracking code provided in Zoho Forms to track the source along with the form submission. Refer to  help  for more details.

    Case 1 : If you are redirecting your form to the default Thank You page,

    1. In your form builder, navigate to  Settings  >  Acknowledgements & Redirects  Google Analytics.
    2. Click  +Tracking Parameters  as shown to map the UTM parameters.

    Case 2 : If you are redirecting your form to a custom Thank You page,
    1. In your form builder, navigate to  Settings  >  Acknowledgements & Redirects  >  Redirect To.
    2. Select the  Prefill field values in website URL  option and map form fields in URL parameters as shown.

  5. How do I track referral URLS?

    1. In your form builder, navigate to  Share  >  Track Entries  >  UTM Tracking .
    2. Click  + Custom Parameters,  add  referrername  as shown, thenclick  Proceed .
    3. Click  Get Tracking Code  under  Website Tracking  and copy the code under  Advanced Tracking Code .
    4. Paste the code in the footer of all the webpages below the </body> tag.

  6. Why is UTM Tracking not working for a form that is embedded on my webpage using the downloaded HTML & CSS code provided?

    You must enable UTM Tracking before downloading the HTML & CSS code of the form.

  7. Why are the UTM values populated invalid?

    Make test submissions in a new incognito window and check if valid UTM values are populated

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