Field Types | Basic Fields - Zoho Forms

Basic Fields

In your form builder, Basic Fields lists the fields that your form will need to collect basic information from your respondents.

List of Basic Fields

The fields listed in the table below are available under Basic Fields.
The table column headers denote the following:

FIELD NAME: Specifies the name of the fields in Zoho Forms.
EXAMPLE: Gives an illustration of a real-time form.
DESCRIPTION: Defines each field and its properties.
VALIDATION: Conditions such as Mandatory, No Duplicates, Allow Negative Value, etc. can be applied to validate fields.

Single Line
Single Line field example

  1. Single line text with the specified character limit.
  2. Range: 0 - 255 characters
  3. You can collect field responses in a specific format.  Learn more

Multi Line
Multi Line field example

  • Text of multiple lines with specified text length.

  • Range : 0 - 65535 characters

Number field example
  • Numbers within a specified range.

  • Choose the number of digits, minimum, and maximum values.

  • Range : 0 - 18 digits

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates
  1. Allows Negative Value

Decimal field example
  • Obtain decimal numbers in a specific format and decimal places.

  • Range : 0 - 50 digits

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates

Name field example
  • Collect name in your forms.

  • Name elements : Title, First, Middle,  and  Last.

  • You can set individual name elements as mandatory.

  • You can choose the Input Type (Any Character, Letters Only, Letter and Numbers) in which respondents can enter the Name.

  • You can choose to hide the labels of name elements.

Element-level Mandatory
Address field example
  • Collect address in your forms.

  • Address elements :
    Street Address, Address Line 2, City, State/Region/Province, Postal/Zip Code,  and Country.

  • You can set individual address elements as mandatory.

  • You can also set a default country either by selecting a country from the list or by the IP location of respondent.

  • You can select the countries to be displayed in the Country element.

  • You ca n choose to hide the labels of Address elements.

Element-level Mandatory

Phone field example

  1. Collect phone numbers and choose the number format from the Field format dropdown list.
  2. You can choose to include the  Country Code and the desired countries to be listed.
  3. You can also set a default country either by selecting a country from the list or by the IP location of respondent.
  4. You can include a phone number input confirmation field to let respondents re-enter the phone number for confirmation.
  5. Choose the number of digits, minimum, and maximum values in Range .
  6. Range: 5 - 15 digits
  7. You can allow the entry of special characters (+, -, (), and space.) Special characters are excluded from the digit count as set in  Range.

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates
  1. Include phone input confirmation
  1. Allow only numbers

Email field example

  1. Get an email address from users using this field.
  2. You can include an email input confirmation field to let respondents re-enter the email address for confirmation.
    confirm email

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates
  1. Include email input confirmation

Date field example
  • Obtain a date within the specified range.

  • Choose Autofill Date of Response to prefill the Date field with current date.

  • You can configure customized date settings. 

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates

Time field example

  1. Get time values in the desired time format and the minute intervals. 
  2. Choose Autofill Time of Response to prefill the Time field with the current time.

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates

Date-Time field example

  1. Collect date values within a specific range and  time values in the desired time format.
  2. Choose  Autofill Date-Time of Response  to prefill the Date-Time field with the current date and time.

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates

Decision Box
Decision Box field example

  1. Allow users to indicate their agreement to an option.
  2. You can also set a default status in the decision box.
  3. State represents the user's agreement or disagreement.
  4. You can customize the  State Display Message       depending on the checked/unchecked status, which will be used in email notifications, Zoho Sheets integration, Google Sheets integrations, reports, all entries, approvals and tasks.
  5. If you have configured to pre-fill the decision box state from the current form to the redirected form / website, the decision box state of the current form will be applied to the redirected form /website. Refer to the FAQ.

Dropdown field example
  • Insert a dropdown list in your forms. Add as many choices as you want, and alter the choice labels as you wish.

  • In the dropdown list, you can also create  multiple groups and group the choices under each group.

  • You can change the Dropdown style to include a search option for quickly finding the required option in the list. To do this, go to the Themes tab > Customize Form > Form tab > Fields > Dropdown List > Type 2 style.

Radio field example

  1. Get a single answer from a list of choices.
  2. Choose the number of choices, choice labels, and customize the field appearance.
  3. To change this field as a dropdown list, choose  Dropdown from the  Field Type dropdown.
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice field example

  1. Get a single answer from multiple choices.
  2. Choose the field size, number of choices, and alter the choice label.
  3. You can also specify the choice limit. 
  4. To change this field to Checkbox field type, select  Checkbox from the  Field Type dropdown.
Checkbox field example

  1. Get multiple answer choices from a list of options. Specify the field type, number of choices, and alter the choice labels.
  2. Customize field appearance from  Show data  in the dropdown.
  3. To change this field to multiple choices, select  Multiple Choice from the  Field Type dropdown.

Website field example
Capture the website address in your forms using this field.
Currency field example

  1. Get the exact payment amount and specify the currency. Choose the decimal format and the decimal point numbers.
  2. Range : 0 - 50 digits

  1. Mandatory
  1. No Duplicates

File Upload
File Upload field example

  1. Accept multiple files from users.
  2. By default, files of all formats can be uploaded into the field. If you only want to accept files of the desired format, enter the format in  Allowed File Type .
  3. Choose the number of files (both minimum and maximum) that can be uploaded and specify each file's minimum and maximum size.
  4. Choose to select the file upload size limit in KB or MB.
  5. File Upload Limit : Up to 5
  6. Maximum size allowed:  20 MB/20480 KB
  7. To allow file size above 20MB (upto1GB): Upgrade to our  Premium or Zoho One Enterprise  plan and configure to store the file attachments in Zoho WorkDrive.  Learn more

Image Upload
Image Upload field example

  1. Allow your users to upload an image using this field. You can specify the image type, size, default camera mode, and timer options.
  2. Image Upload Limit : Up to 5
  3. Maximum size allowed : 20 MB /20480 KB 
    Learn more

Section field example

  1. Create new sections in your form. 
  2. Enter the required field label.

Page Break
Page Break field example

  1. Create multi-page forms using this field.
  2. Enter the page title and the field navigation from the Navigation Options.

Slider field example

  1. Insert a slider for rating.
  2. Specify the minimum and maximum ranges.

Rating field example

  1. Allow different types of ratings in your forms.
  2. Choose from our different rating types and count.

Description field example

  1. Add a description to your forms with text of any font, style, and color with any alignments. 
  2. Insert hyperlinks and images.

The Unique ID field will not be visible to the respondent.

  1. Track form submission through a unique identifier. Customize it by entering the starting number, prefix, and suffix values. 
  2. Field values can also be prefixed or suffixed. Learn more                                     

Single Line

If you are looking to collect field responses in a specific format (for example, an ID number which is a combination of alpha-numeric characters), you can use the Entry Format option in the Single Line field.
To use this option,
  1. Go to the Properties of the Single Line field.

  2. Under Entry Format, enter the format in which you wish to receive the responses using the below denotations:


    Uppercase letters


    Lowercase letters


    Any letters (case insensitive)




    Alphanumeric characters

    @  #  $  %  ^  &  *  (  ) -  _  +  =  \ |  :  '  "  ,  .  / Space

    Special characters 

  3. To accept any of the above mentioned characters as input from respondents, you must prefix  \  with these characters as shown:
\W  denotes the alphabet W
\w   denotes the alphabet w
\L   denotes the alphabet L
\d  denotes the alphabet d
  \*  denotes the character *
  \\  denotes the character \

Check out the following examples to understand better:

If you wish to collect driver's license number with one alphabet followed by 12 numbers (Eg: S-514-778-616-977), you must enter the pattern as follows in the  Single Line field Properties :

Entry Format - Example 1


If you wish to collect the Employee IDs of respondents in the format:
ZYK-pm-0497 (ZYK - 2 Lower case alphabets - 4 Digits)

You must enter the pattern as follows in the Single Line field Properties:
Entry Format - Example 2

If you wish to collect a Product Code in the format:
Wd-36-fp\6546 (Wd - 2 Digits - 2 Lower case alphabets \ 4 Digits)

You must enter the pattern as follows in the  Single Line  field Properties:
Entry Format - Example 3

Alternatively, you can generate a format in which you wish to receive the field input. To do so,

  1. Click the Generate Format option in the right corner of  Entry Format under Properties.

  2. In the pop-up, enter an example in the desired format.

    For example: If you wish to collect the PAN of your respondents in a format with the first 5 characters being alphabets, followed by 4 numeric values, and ending with an alphabet, you can enter an example of the format as shown:

    Format Generator - Example 1
    Note: If you wish to have a static content in the format, you must enclose the content in curly braces {}.

    For example, {ZYK} - 123 will generate the format  ZYK - ddd.
    Format Generator - Example

  3. Click Generate.

  4. Click Use Format to use the generated format under Entry Format.

    You can customize the default error message  Entry does not match the required format under 
    Settings Custom Messages > Field Validation Messages  to help your respondents enter the response in the required format.

We recommend that you include a description of the desired format in the field Instructions  to help your respondents enter the response in the required format.

Image Upload  

Using this field, respondents can capture an image using their smart phone or upload images from their gallery or computer to a form.

Image Upload Field Properties

To configure an  Image Upload field,
  1. Add the Image Upload field from the Basic Fields to your form.
  2. Under Properties, enter the name of the field in Field Label.
  3. You can enter the minimum and the maximum number of images that can be uploaded to the field under Image Upload Limit.
  4. You can enter the minimum and maximum size allowed for an image under File Size.
    To allow image size above 20 MB (upto 1 GB): Upgrade to our Premium or Zoho One Enterprise  plan and configure to store the file attachments in Zoho WorkDrive. Learn more
  5. You can select the allowed formats of images under Allowed File Type.
Respondent can either upload images from their device or use the webcam to directly take pictures by clicking .

  1. Respondents must turn on the camera permission on their browser if they wish to use their webcam to capture pictures.
  2. Respondents can capture images using webcam only in .png format.
  3. If your form is embedded on a website, the respondents will not be able to capture pictures using the webcam. To allow this, you must include the following in the embed code:
For example:
While embedding using iframe

<iframe frameborder="0" style="height:500px;width:99%;border:none;" allow="camera " src=' ?zf_enablecamera=true" ></iframe>

While embedding using JavaScript

js embed code

While embedding as Lightbox pop-up

lightbox embed codd

For a mobile app user,
  1. Select if you wish to allow users to capture images using the Front Camera or Rear Camera under Default Mode.

  2. To allow users to upload pictures from their gallery, select Use Photo Gallery.

  3. To allow users to capture images using both front and rear camera modes, select Switch between Camera modes.

  4. To set a timer to capture images, select Use Timer.

  5. To compress the size of the captured images, select Enable Compression.

Unique ID   

With this field, each form entry will be assigned a unique ID to help uniquely identify each entry.
To do so,
  1. Add a Unique ID field from the Basic Fields to your form.
  2. Under Properties , you can enter a numeric value for the unique ID sequence to start with in Starts From.
  3. You can include the field responses as Prefix or Suffix to the Unique ID.

    Unique ID Field Properties
The unique IDs assigned to the form entries can be viewed under the Unique ID column in the All Entries  section of your form.
  1. Unique ID field supports a maximum length of 250 characters. If the prefixed or suffixed field responses make the character count exceed the maximum limit, the Unique ID will be trimmed to 250 characters.
  2. Fields supported to be added as Prefix or Suffix to the Unique ID: Single Line, Number, Decimal, Phone Number, Name, Address, Date, Date-Time, Currency, Slider, Rating, Time, DropDown, Radio.
Check out how you can make the Unique ID field visible in your form's PDF copy.

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